Men’s outfits: clothing for men – trends & tips

A gentleman knows how to dress, noble but subtle. In contrast to women’s wardrobe, which consists of countlesss items of clothing and associated accessories, men’s wardrobe only has a few basic items of clothing: trousers, shirt, jacket, sweater and a few, few accessories. While ladies can combine without limits, men have to help themselves from their wardrobe depending on the occasion – and everything should fit.

Men’s outfit: clothes, shoes, accessories

A gentleman should never appear over- or underdressed at an event of any kind. While the suit is obligatory for a business appointment, the outfit should be casual for a leisure event. On formal occasions, the dress code is usually announced in advance and if evening dress or “dark suit” is specified, it should be adhered to. For a gala dinner or a visit to the opera, it is recommended to wear a tuxedo with bow tie. If the boss invites you for a drink after work or a barbecue, chinos with a chic sweater look good.

Men’s shoes: leather & high quality

Many fashion experts say that the choice of shoes is as important for men as it is for women. A gentleman should look like he’s been skinned from head to toe. And the right shoes are immensely important. Best of all, of course, are welted leather shoes made of high-quality leather. Italian men’s shoes are also always a good choice. The Italians are pioneers in classic shoes for men and offer a wide selection. And very important: even the most expensive shoes only look good when they are polished.

Accessories: Men’s jewellery: scarf, tie & watch

The gentlemen have various components available to their wardrobe. While a bow tie, a handkerchief or braces should not be missing from a tuxedo, a neckerchief or a nice tie can look chic with a casual casual outfit. The most important thing with bow tie and tie is to tie them properly. For beginners there are models that are pre-tied and only need to be put on. However, it is nicer to watch the tricks for this on YouTube. It is not that difficult to tie a nice Windsor knot.

Tips & Tutorials for men: Clothing styles & Trends

Even though a man’s wardrobe should always be good and appropriate for the occasion, it does not necessarily have to be expensive. For high earners the choice of men’s outfitters is large, but also for normal earners they offer good deals on clearance sales or you can even outfit yourself without any problems on eBay. It is much more important that everything always looks neat and impeccable. A shirt must be clean and not wrinkled, a jacket and suit trousers must also be wrinkle-free.