Luxury brands – Gucci, Chanel, Burberry & Co.

Clothes make the man. The dress code should not only play a role at business meetings or big parties. Women can also dress fashionably in everyday life. In 2019, the strict business look will disappear. Big brands like Versage and Gucci can be combined in a cool and casual way. With selected Accessorize and the right colors, women 2019 are the eye-catcher.

Modern women’s fashion – sporty, casual or chic

A short excursion into the world of language. Casual means translated as “casual, easy, casual”. But that does not mean leggings and training socks – welcome! With the style: smart and casual you are the eye catcher at every occasion! Classics with streetwear may sound unusual for some people, but 2019 is the look that every woman should know.

Fashion brands: luxury for everyday life

Of course, some brands are very expensive and unaffordable for many. Now creativity is required – an expensive piece of clothing can be combined with many cheaper pieces, so that in the end it is a first-class look. But also the brands themselves are dedicating themselves in 2019 to the beautiful mixture of the destroyed and classic look. Bright colours, patterns or eye-catching lettering combined with simple basics that everyone has in their wardrobe, create fashionable statements.

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Women’s fashion: Chanel, Burberry, Moschino, Versage

Gucci, Versage, Burberry and Moschino are brands that everyone knows. Also the patterns of these brands are known to everyone but maybe too old-fashioned for younger generations. Especially Die should try to get the blazer out of the closets in 2019 and combine it stylishly. Under the blazer you don’t have to wear a shirt, even classic T-shirts or sexy bras can make the outfit look casual.

Jacket: Outfit combinations with the blazer

To upgrade your outfit, you can easily combine a blazer with an everyday look. Whether casual, chic, casual or sporty, a blazer always fits. Different fashion lines, from cheap to expensive variants have blazers that always go with the trend. So the blazer or jacket becomes a jacket replacement.

Clothing: Fashionable bottoms for the woman

No matter if tight, loose, bell-bottoms, black, blue or other colour. The jeans emphasizes the casual look and fits every occasion with a blazer. Suit trousers will also be stylishly styled again in 2019. With stripes on the side, or check patterns, the business trousers look perfect for everyday life. For women who dare, the leather pants can be taken out of the wardrobe again in 2019.  Especially with animal patterns the outfit looks strong and at parties, you are the eye-catcher.

Jewellery & Accessories for your outfit

To make an outfit complete, you do not need to wear any kind of jewelry or flashy bags. It is only advantageous if the brands harmonize. For example, with a Gucci blazer, you can combine a simple belt from the brand. A Burberry fanny pack with the same lettering as the Burberry T-shirt. This makes the outfit look perfectly organized and harmonious. As the major brands often design with the same colour combinations, it is relatively easy for buyers to bring the individual pieces together. Even Versage has extravagant clothes. Nevertheless, the chic garments can be combined in a sporty way.

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