Sweatpants: Cool styles for autumn

Sweatpants are so comfortable and popular that there is a special international holiday for them. Their appearance has become extremely versatile. Many designers such as Stella McCartney also integrate them into their collections. But not only on the catwalk, but also in everyday life you can wear the comfortable trousers wonderfully. Now autumn is coming and you’re wondering how jogging pants go with your transition wardrobe? We’ll show you here.

Casual and comfortable through leisure

Hardly any other garment is as casual as sweatpants. Nevertheless, with the modern variants, the so-called Track-Pants, you don’t have to stay on your home couch anymore. Take it for a walk, go shopping, have a coffee or something similar. What goes well with that?

  • Sneakers, Boots or Espadrilles
  • Legere tops like sweatshirts or cardigans
  • Biker or jeans jackets
  • Gymbags or fringe pockets

For the transitional period, for example, a simple dark model and a Norwegian sweater are suitable. Also cool: Denim jacket, slogan shirt and Chelsea boots. If a cool wind is blowing, just put on your jacket. If the sun shines again with its last strength, you tie it casually around your hips. You don’t want to let the autumn weather ruin your mood? Then you can grab a bright red version with white rally stripes. In addition bright sneakers and shirts and ready is a colored fight announcement on cloudy autumn days! Many more ideas on how to fashionably combine the cozy pants can also be found in this free jogging pants guide (German).

With sweatpants off to the office

Pleated trousers and blouse or sheath dress and blazer – these are classics that always go in everyday working life. Track pants are a helpful means against boredom in the business wardrobe. That’s what you style her best for:

Fragrance Tip!

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  • Pumps
  • Blazer
  • Blouses
  • Trench or dark coat
  • Simple jewellery like a watch or a bracelet

How about a pair of black pants with pumps and a Glencheck blazer, for example? Alternatively, match the typical colors of autumn by wearing track pants with trench coat and pumps in beige or earth tones. Many more ideas how you can combine jogging pants in business can be found here.

There’s something to celebrate? But please in sweatpants!

For a wedding, don’t wear a dress, put on sweatpants? With elegant track pants this really works and is even more practical in autumn. Because you don’t freeze so quickly on the cool pew or when the sun suddenly gives way to a few strong gusts of wind. All you need is an elegant model, for example made of flowing satin, eye-catching high heels and a chic top. The obligatory clutch fits to track-pants as well as to the cocktail dress. So you can easily become an eye-catcher without stealing the bride’s show. But even if you are invited to a birthday party, a date or simply want to celebrate with friends, you can try out a sweatpants outfit:

  • High shoes or chic ballerinas
  • Clutches or filigree shoulder bags
  • shirt blouses
  • Shirts with sequins
  • Roll cantilever tops
  • Flowing cashmere sweaters

Finish off with a few styling rules

Why do we love modern sweatpants so much? They are a symbiosis of comfort and style. To make your autumn look really trendy, you should follow a few general tips.

Dos Don’ts
+ combine casual variations with chic uppers and shoes

Wear figure-hugging tops with very loose jogging pants

– put on broken or faded models

– Choose sports accessories or tracksuit jackets

Videos – How to create styles in sweats