The perfect summer look works this year with Espadrilles – styling tips

There are some shoes that represent casualness, sun, beach and sea as well as a relaxed attitude to life like hardly anything else. These include Espadrilles, which are experiencing a real fashion revival again this year and are scoring with a variety of facets.

Why summer and espadrilles are simply inseparable

The carefree feeling of life in the South, expressed in a shoe: these are espadrilles with their soles made of plant fibres such as hemp or jute. The shaft is mostly made of linen or cotton, this year there are also manufacturers who rely on leather. In any case, these are materials that are simply ideal for warm summer days. They can even be worn barefoot, most fabrics and leather are breathable and very pleasant to the skin.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Espadrilles are simply slip shoes and have no closure, making them very uncomplicated. On short distances and in dry and warm weather they are the perfect summer companion. They are also perfect for the holidays, after all the lightweights can be stored very well in the case and do not need much space.

The variety of models brings a wide range

While a few years ago the Espadrilles were mostly single-coloured and simple, this summer the shelves of the shoe brands contain numerous variants of Espadrilles (German). In addition to the classics in numerous colours, models with a wedge heel now score points. These have the advantage that they can also be worn very well by women who are not used to high heels. The continuous sole and the stable wedge heel guarantee these Espadrilles wedges a safe gait and optimum wearing comfort – even on different surfaces such as lawns, cobblestones and sand or lawns. Every woman is not only safe, but also comfortable on the go and shows a relaxed feminine touch in her outfit.

Another facet of this year’s models are also those with laces. These can be looped over the ankle and a part of the lower leg and score with a very feminine touch. Espadrilles, which are cut out like ballerinas in the forefoot area, can also be found in shoe shops. The result is a perfect mix of practical shoes with a touch of girl feeling.

Espadrilles style correctly

There are numerous models with different colours and styles. Perhaps this raises the question of how these can be combined correctly and well. The answer is simple, because the trendy summer shoes are best worn with light summer dresses or ankle-length trousers. Models with wedge heels are particularly suitable here, which make the foot visually slim and direct the view to the ankle.

Espadrilles with glitter effects and a small wedge heel are also very well suited in combination with a wide chiffon skirt for a summer barbecue party. The most suitable models are those in natural colours with a floral pattern and straps that extend from the heel to the cuffs. This optically lengthens the legs and creates a casual summery look. If you like it a bit more sporty in your outfit, you can also wear these shoes with a sporty outsole. It consists of a mix of bast and grooved rubber, which ensures a perfect stand on the lawn. Happy prints such as starlets or polka dots are very well suited here, which can be worn perfectly with a look of white shorts and light blue polo shirt.

Special look due to extravagant material

To style themselves for a relaxed fashion stroll in the city, fashionistas now reach for espadrilles made of fine leather. These are available in the natural colours beige, brown or black, as well as in light pastel colours. In addition, many models score with extras such as rivet trimming and platform soles. In addition, an elegant sheath dress is a daring break in style, but also a real eye-catcher this summer. Something special are Espadrilles made of satin, which shimmers and thus fits very well for a festive and at the same time casual look. Golden creoles and a black jumpsuit are a perfect match and make you feel good in summer. If you are looking for romance, Espadrilles is the right choice for you. Because the choice then simply falls on models with lace trimming, which with a tube jeans and a shirt with lace trimming result in a perfect look.

Correct care

As casual as the shoes may seem in summer, they are also sensitive to care. Basically Espadrilles are made to slip in barefoot. If it is particularly warm, however, cotton boots can also be worn underneath. These absorb moisture and minimize odour nuisance. We always recommend barefoot soles. If they are dirty and stink, they can be washed easily. If the espadrilles have to be cleaned, moisture or wetness must be used sparingly. The soles dry very slowly. It is therefore better to ventilate the shoes regularly. Coarse impurities or dust are removed with a brush. If actual stains are present, the textile can be cleaned with a soft cloth and soapy water. However, subsequent drying should not take place under direct sunlight.