Mio Mio Mate: 8 drinks for the summer – Our test winner!

Mio Mio Mate – caffeinated, tasty, refreshing. Everyone knows mate and everyone loves refreshing drinks. We in the FIV Magazine editorial team also have our favourite drinks, but especially from the Mio Mio range it was hard to decide. Find out our test winner here. 8 Varieties Mio: Number 7 blows us away We’ve tasted […]

Merklinger Grill & Wooden Oven: Meat, Pizza, Bread and Made in Germany – Tip from the Grill World Champion!

Merklinger Grills – The days are getting longer and longer, summer is approaching. What is there better than to spend a relaxed summer day or a cozy night together with the family. Since the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the right catering should not be missing. Experience a unique taste experience […]

Must Haves 2021 – How to make spring really stylish

Must Haves 2021 – The first rays of sunshine come out, the winter clothes are packed away, the spring season begins. That’s when the question arises: “What do I wear now?” We want to introduce you to the best trends and most important must haves of the spring season 2021. With these tips and tricks […]

Sylt holidays: travel, places, beaches and holiday apartments for your trip

Sylt: The island of Sylt is considered an absolute hotspot for the rich and beautiful. Here you meet a wealthy society and accordingly high is also the price to make here vacation. However, if you are still interested in Sylt, you will find everything you need to know about the island here and also find […]

Everdure Grills: charcoal grills and gas grills in an aesthetic design

Everdure Grill by Heston Blumenthal – A unique design. In close collaboration with designers and engineers, Heston has developed a stylish, modern grill series. The combination of the latest technology and aesthetic designs makes each model a real eye-catcher. But an Everdure by Heston Blumenthal barbecue is not only something for the eye, it is […]

The Big Green Egg: Luxury ceramic grill for baking, smoking and cooking

The Big Green Egg Grill – Reliable quality and patented ceramics for gourmets and lovers: This is what the seven “evergreens” promise. Anyone who has ever seen one of the Eggs will probably have wondered what it is at all. Yes, the green ceramic eggs differ in appearance from other grill manufacturers. But the Big […]

Napoleon Grill: Rouge (425, 525), Prestige, … – Models in test & alternatives

Napoleon – the company’s flagship is probably its expertise in gas and infrared, combined with an eye for innovative and environmentally friendly models. The “green way” of grilling, is in the foreground here. Whether in the garden, on the roof terrace or on a luxury yacht – Napoleon Grill equips you with grills that fit […]

Broil King Grills: Meat, fish and vegetables – Smoker and gas grills at a glance

Broil King: The Canadian brand is one of the best-known barbecue manufacturers and stands for pure luxury. The high-performance barbecues not only impress with their functions that make the heart of every barbecue enthusiast beat faster, but also convince with their simple, but high-quality design. Did you know that the company originally manufactured vacuum cleaners […]

Weber Grill: Tradition combined with the latest technology – models in test

Weber Grill – A brand full of tradition, combined with the latest technology. When you think of Weber, you probably think of the famous kettle grill in black high gloss. But Weber has been convincing for decades with many more models. Whether charcoal, gas grill, smoker or electric grill, here every grill lover gets his […]

Off-White: Videos and Runway Highlights – Trendy High Fashion, grungy Streetwear & Virgil Abohl

Off-White videos from the runway – printed shirts and statement accessories. Virgil Abohl and his fashion giant Off-White have managed to do what many have tried to do in the past – successfully combine haute couture with street cool. You can tell how popular the brand is just by looking at the list of stars […]

The most famous brands to shop online

Dresses, pants, T-shirts and much more, you can now easily buy a few clicks on the Internet. The trend of online shopping is getting bigger and bigger. Since many people, by the job, families, obligations and friends have little time to go shopping in the city, one orders nowadays rather everything home. Online you often […]

Kosta Williams: Model, Art Director, Style & Fashion Connoisseur

Kosta Willims – Turning a hobby into a profession. This is something 33-year-old Kosta Williams would never have dreamed of. From a small Instagrammer who posts posts about fashion to an international model and professional in the field of fashion and lifestyle. Even the online mail order company Zalando won’t let this influencer get away […]

Sebastian Schmidt Interview: All-round Designer, Instagram & Chef – The Modern Man

Sebastian Schmidt Interview – Finished his studies as a Germanist and now world-famous as an all-round designer? The modern man makes the hearts of all women beat faster. But maybe also those of the men? As a dog lover he travels around the world with his bitch, but he only soars in the airplane and […]

Is it still allowed to take a holiday at the campsite? – Camping in summer 2020

Camping in summer 2020 despite Corona – For months, the Corona virus has been raging, dominating our daily lives and practically everything around us. It’s hard to avoid the topic because news practically overwhelms you with it. Constant changes and thoughts of easing make it hard to follow everything clearly. In the article you will […]

Holidays in Austria: Vienna, Graz, Gmunden & Co

Austria is a particularly diverse and varied country and is therefore the perfect destination for adventure seekers. Cities such as Vienna or Salzburg impress thanks to their historic, magnificent charm and the many small picturesque villages on the many lakes and mountains convey a feeling of peace and home. This almost makes you wonder where […]

Holidays in Switzerland: Lucerne, Basel, Zurich & Co.

When you think of Switzerland, the image of an overpriced hotel and an unaffordable coffee probably comes to mind. But if you know how, you can enjoy your holiday in Switzerland on budget. Of course, a trip to Switzerland can’t match the budget of a weekend city trip, but we’ll show you how you can […]