Trend handbags this season: the perfect bags for summer vacation

Summer handbag – Summer is just around the corner and with it the long-awaited vacation season. Whether it’s to the sea, the mountains or to an exciting metropolis – a perfect handbag must not be missing. It is not only a fashion accessory, but also a practical companion to safely store all the important things such as wallet, sunscreen, keys and cell phone. In this article we present you the trendiest handbags for your summer vacation this year.

Weekender: Ideal for short trips

Whether you snag your dream bag at a flea market or a Michael Kors bag sale, the Weekender is the perfect choice for a short vacation or weekend getaway. This spacious bag offers enough space for clothes, shoes and all the other essentials you need for your trip.

Materials and designs: diversity in the Weekender

Weekender are available in different materials and designs – from elegant leather to robust canvas. In addition, the large bags are particularly practical, as they often have several interior and exterior pockets to facilitate organization. Some models are even equipped with wheels to make traveling even more convenient. Thus, the Weekender is definitely a must-have for any short vacation.

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Basket bag: practical beach accessory

When it comes to the beach, of course, the basket bag can not be missing. For years it has been the ideal companion to carry all your beach essentials like towels, sunscreen, sun hat and of course your sunglasses in style.

Basket bags for sunny days and beach parties

The stylish basket bags are available in different sizes and shapes and add a relaxed and summery touch to any outfit. Plus, they often feature zippers or buttons to keep your items safe and protected from sand and water. Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or heading to a beach party, the wicker bag is a must-have for your summer vacation.

Shoulder bag: classic for wild party nights

For those who take advantage of summer vacations to enjoy the nightlife to the fullest, a shoulder bag is the perfect companion. It’s compact, practical and comfortable to carry over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to dance and have fun.

Small bag, big effect: shoulder bag for party fun

A shoulder bag also offers enough space for the most important essentials such as wallet, cell phone, lipstick and maybe even a small camera to capture the special moments. It’s best to choose a model that fits your personal style and perfectly complements your party outfits. With a shoulder bag you’ll be ready for wild party nights this summer.

Fanny packs and fanny packs: Everything safely stowed!

Do you want to have your hands and shoulders free and at the same time store your valuables safely? Then belt and fanny packs are the ideal solution. These practical bags are worn around the waist or hip and offer enough space for important items such as money, ID, keys and cell phone.

Stylish variety: belt and fanny packs for every taste

Fanny packs and fanny packs are available in different styles and materials – from sporty to elegant. They are also ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking or cycling, as they do not restrict your freedom of movement while allowing easy access to your belongings. With a fanny pack or fanny pack, your valuables are safely stored and always at hand.

Shopper: All-rounder for the city trip

If your summer vacation takes you to exciting cities, then the shopper is the perfect handbag. With its spacious interior, the timeless fashion trend offers enough space for everything you need during a city trip – be it a water bottle, a city map, an umbrella or even a small purchase.

Explore the city in style: shopper as the perfect companion

Stylish shoppers are available in different sizes and materials and can be worn both as handbags and shoulder bags. They are sturdy and practical, yet stylish and versatile enough to match any outfit. With a shopper, you’ll be well equipped to explore the sights and enjoy the exciting urban ambiance.

Ready for summer? Must-haves overview

Here again a practical and quick overview of your summer must-haves! So you do not have to think long, for which occasion the appropriate bag is necessary and have all the advantages at a glance:

Bag Perfect for Advantages
Weekender Short trips Spacious, different materials and designs, practical inside and outside pockets.
Basket bag Beach accessory Stylish, transports beach essentials, protects from sand and water
Shoulder bag Party nights Compact, practical, free hands for dancing, space for essentials
Belt / fanny packs Safety and convenience Worn around the waist/hip, secure stowage of valuables, various styles and materials.
Shopper City trip Spacious, versatile, suitable for sightseeing and shopping

From party nights to city trips: always the right bag

Whether you prefer wild party nights, outdoor adventures, beach days or city trips on summer vacation – there is a perfect handbag for every occasion. Choose from options like a classic shoulder bag for party nights, practical fanny packs for safety and convenience, or the versatile shopper for city trips. With the right handbag by your side, you’ll be well-equipped to enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest this year while staying stylish.

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