Litkovska: fringed dresses and masculine suits – Berlin Fashion Week AW23/24

Litkovska / Berlin Fashion Week – The latest collection of LITKOVSKA titled “Vesnianka” is a tribute to traditional Ukrainian spring songs. For this collection, the designer also wanted to combine couture with a bold statement. Several pieces are embellished with an embroidery of a heartbreaking poem called “Prayer of a Ukrainian Patriot”.

Litkovska: Autumn Winter Looks 23/34

In terms of visual aesthetics , Litkovska remains true to his raffined,art-inspired chic. Weightless fringe dresses and crocheted accessories sit alongside tailored, masculine suits and elaborate gowns. Litkovska ‘s styles areunited in their diversity: solemn and down-to-earth, androgynous and feminine, with perfect lines and charmingly chaotic silhouettes, they embody youthful energy in a modest, intimate way.

Runway: Highlights

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

Photo Credits: Finnegan Godenschweger