Nereus: high fashion underwear for men

Nereus: The new high fashion underwear brand from model and influencer Fabian Arnold. The promise of Nereus is to offer unique fits and distinctive designs made from the highest quality materials. Nereus aims to unleash true strength from within. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the key to unleashing your full potential. The designs offer a unique feel that surpasses that potential.

Unique feel for more strength

The company combines tradition, extensive textile know-how and strategic partnerships at production level. In addition to fashion, Nereus strives to build a platform on which to create a community that stands for aesthetics and exclusivity. The brand wants to create a community that comes together and inspires each other.

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Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA


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The first collection: “Half God Half Human”.

Nereus products are named after Greek gods or other celestial themes of Greek mythology. The first collection was inspired by ancient Greek architecture and art, especially the ornate patterns known as frets.

The collection includes two designs: one black and one white. These designs embody and express divinity and humanity in a unique way.


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Uranos: The white design for purity

In the first generation of Greek mythology, Uranos rules over the world. He embodies heaven and symbolizes the purity of the sky. Nereus has incorporated these ideologies into the design of his white underwear. The white fabric in the design represents the purity and divinity of Uranos.

With these ideologies in mind, one feels connected to Uranos and is helped to unfold one’s divinity as half human, half god.


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Erebos: The black design for strength

In contrast to Uranos, Erebos embodies the shadows and darkness. A significant figure in the primordial Greek deities, Erebos was included in the first collection of Nereus. His name was chosen to represent the black design of the brand.

The color black is often associated in culture with individuality and strength. The black design is captured as the embodiment of darkness and conveys an aura of uniqueness and strength.


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Fabian Arnold: Founder of Nereus

Here you can find the exciting interview with the founder of the brand Nereus, Fabian Arnold. This interview is about his experiences in entrepreneurship, his unique personal style and his impressive brand.

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