ZOEVA: Zoe Boikou, Founding Story & Brand Success Cocktail

Make-up brushes? Most people immediately think of ZOEVA. From Ebay to one of the most successful brands in the beauty scene. In this article, you’ll learn all about founder Zoe Boikou’s cocktail of successes and how she managed to make the brand big – be curious!

ZOEVA: All about the brand

German brand ZOEVA is an internationally popular cosmetic brand and has established itself as one of the leading brands in this beauty industry. The brand prides itself on not only offering makeup products, but also a message of self-love, strength and individuality that is shared by its community.

History: How it all began

The ZOEVA brand was founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou, a then 22-year-old woman from Germany with Greek roots. Zoe had been interested in makeup and beauty products since childhood and recognized a gap in the market for high-quality, yet affordable makeup brushes.

She then began her research and came across products from Canada that were made under the guidance of Korean brush masters in a Chinese factory. She was thrilled with the products and began selling the brushes on Ebay to share her find with others. Through positive customer reviews and recommendations on beauty blogs, her small business idea quickly gained popularity and she decided to officially launch the ZOEVA brand.

“Ebay initially provided me with a great and, most importantly, straightforward platform: I wanted to keep the prices for my brushes low. The feedback was very positive, the first brushes sold out from now on.” – Zoe Boikou

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Over the years, ZOEVA expanded its range with other products such as eyeshadow palettes, lip products and facial care products. The brand became popular with consumers around the world and won numerous awards for its innovative ideas.

Features: Brand success cocktail

“With our products, we want to encourage women to be aware of their individual beauty and live it out every day.” – Zoe Boikou

At ZOEVA, make-up is nevertheless much more than a mere beauty product. It is an expression of individuality, strength and especially self-love. The community and the mutual strengthening and inspiring is in the foreground of the brand.

In addition, other key success factors include:

  • High quality
  • Affordability
  • Aesthetic packaging
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Good marketing concept

High quality

ZOEVA attaches great importance to quality and ensures that their products are made of high quality materials. The brushes are made of synthetic fibers that are soft and durable. The eyeshadow palettes contain a wide range of colors and textures that are easy to blend and long-lasting.


Although ZOEVA products are of high quality, they are still affordable and offer excellent value for money. This makes them accessible to many people.

Aesthetic packaging

ZOEVA is known for its aesthetically pleasing packaging and creative product names, often inspired by art and culture. This gives the products an extra appeal and makes them a popular gift.

Commitment to sustainability

The brand strives to promote sustainability and animal friendliness in its production. Many of its products are vegan and animal-free, and the brand strives to use environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Good marketing concept

ZOEVA has made a name for itself in the beauty industry and is recommended by many makeup artists and influencers. Boikou was one of the first to recognize and capitalize on the opportunities of social media. These recommendations have helped the brand become known to consumers around the world.

ZOEVA YouTube: Zoe Boikou about the brand

In this YouTube video you get an exciting visual insight into the brand ZOEVA, from the founder herself.

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