Gucci Beauty: classic perfumes, powders and cosmetics

Gucci – While the clothing division of the brand, currently under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, enjoys great popularity, Gucci has just removed itself from the make-up market. Nevertheless, the label has some products in the beauty sector, which are not to be despised. In addition, there are real classics among the perfumes.

“Be bold, be bright, be beautiful” – Gucci Beauty

This is the slogan with which the brand advertises its own beauty range. Gucci focuses primarily on products that underline the natural appearance and the individual character.

Video #GucciBeautyNetwork: Perfect Imperfections

Time and again Gucci stands out from the crowd. So also with the commercial for Gucci Beauty. As usual, the unique models present themselves in front of the camera with a vintage touch, quirky and colorful. What others call a beauty flaw, Gucci celebrates quite shamelessly.

Make Up by Gucci: Powder, Lipsticks, Gloss and more

You have to hand it to Gucci: They don’t skimp on packaging design when it comes to make-up either. The products are packed in tubes and pans in retro style and make visually really what! But also the content is right, so we present you here the best products of Gucci Beauty.

Under the direction of Alessandro Michele, the beauty department was also overhauled, with the aim of adapting the make-up products to the retro-inspired style of the brand. Social media appearances also follow this pattern.

Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière Face Gloss: The all-round talent

Matte make-up finishes are increasingly taking a back seat to the dewy editorial look. Gucci also wants to see natural reflections and healthy skin. Minor blemishes are not a big deal. After all, it’s all about being yourself. This is also the aim of the Face Gloss.

A transparent gel, which can be used for lips, cheeks and eyes alike to bring these quite simply to the radiance. The texture is oil-free and suitable for all skin types.

Gucci Poudré de Beauté

Gucci offers both gentle mattifying powders in 6 shades, as well as a variety of bronzers that are similar in light texture. The powders and bronzers come in a golden pot with pink or blue lid. The packaging looks extremely noble and ensures that the little eye-catchers are particularly suitable as a gift.

The powder has a smoothing effect and leaves a silky finish, but should not dry out the skin too much. Good news for all with rather dry skin. Nevertheless, the powder is suitable for all skin types.

The powder is particularly well suited for touch-ups in between. However, whether you want to wear a powder of this price range in your handbag and risk breaking, you better think twice. The high-quality packaging offers protection, but it is still a powder.

Video Gucci Mascara and Eyebrow Pencil: Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Missing

Minimalism seems to be the tone of the make-up range, because for the perfect eye make-up you can only buy two products from Gucci. These put the focus above all on the basics. In delicate pink with gold accents present themselves:

  • L’obscur Mascara
  • Crayon Définicon Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil

Furthermore, Gucci convinces with the appealing packaging and focuses on the essentials. The message is clear: It does not take much to underline your natural beauty. Small flaws are what makes us unique.

Of course, the older range can be found occasionally in perfumeries, but these products no longer belong to the current range of the brand.

Video Lipsticks and Balms by Gucci: Color Finally Comes Into Play

After the assortment was reduced by colors in the area of blusher, eye shadow and Co., you will find a large selection of lipsticks. The brand offers a total of 6 finishes, from subtle lip balms to festively glittering lipsticks. Here, special attention was paid to diversity.

This is especially evident in the nude lipsticks, which are offered in colors for deep to very light skin tones. Cool and warm tones in red, pink and nude. A few purple and orange lipsticks are also included. There is clearly a focus on variety here. Age doesn’t matter at Gucci either, as you can see in the commercial for the matte lipstick range.

Gucci Vernis à Ongles: Vintage inspired nail polishes

Gucci’s nail polishes come in 5 colors. Schwaz, nude, green, red and a light blue. Again you find the general vintage theme. So Gucci stays true to its style. The colors are reminiscent of the interior design of the 70s.

With flowered Foutons and colorful painted phones, toasters, refrigerators and whatever else found itself in the apartments. Unfortunately, they do not have the variety of colors that can be found in lipsticks, for example, but Gucci offers unusual colors in this small selection.

Gucci perfume: floral fragrances for women & men

Gucci has been playing in the perfume market for a long time. However, they understand it in their assortment rather to put on quality and less on quantity. In the following we have collected the most popular Gucci fragrances for men and women to make your choice a little easier.

Gucci Guilty: Popular men’s and women’s perfume

Actually, the perfumes come quite innocently in simple black and gold bottles. But the fragrances have it in themselves. Not for nothing they are one of the best sellers. Especially the women’s fragrance in golden packaging is highly sought after.

The men’s fragrance would 2020 generalüberholt and Punktet with new fragrance notes:

  • Hot chili (spicy)
  • Orange blossom (soft citrus)
  • Cedar wood (resinous-woody)

This makes the character of the fragrance and combines in the nose to an outstanding, spicy-fresh perfume which, in the style of Gucci, lets the thoughts wander to the rock stars of the 70s. Jeans, T-shirt and guitar, that’s all it takes to accompany this scent. Flannel and leather also go well with the scent. The spicy chili gives it a sharpness that would also suit a suit, but definitely allows an association with something rougher, untamed men.

Quite differently it is there with the women’s fragrance counterpart. (we are not talking about the new Gucci Guilty pour femme, but the classic Gucci Guilty in the gold bottle) This is much more floral:

  • Lilac (flowery)
  • Pink pepper (spicy)
  • Amber (warm-woody)

Give the fragrance its character. Especially lilac is unmistakably present from start to finish. A bit of spice is lent by pink pepper and a bit of warmth brings the amber into play. All in all, however, Gucci Guilty is a fairly restrained floral fragrance that fits into many everyday situations, making it a great companion for everyday life, whether in the office or out for coffee with girlfriends: Gucci Guilty fits.

The top 3 women’s fragrances from Gucci

To simplify the selection of a new fragrance, we would like to introduce you to the 3 most popular perfumes from Gucci. Especially when it comes to choosing a fragrance to give away, it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. That’s why we have compiled a list for you that gives an overview of the most popular fragrances of the label and break down the main features of the fragrances for you:

  • Gucci Bloom
  • Gucci Flora
  • Gucci Bamboo

Of course, Gucci Guilty is also at the forefront. But these women’s fragrances are particularly popular.

Gucci Bloom – Jasmine, tuberose and iris adorn this floral bouquet. This perfume smells powdery and playful. If you had to compare it to a piece of clothing, it would probably be a short, pink tulle dress. With puffed sleeves, but without bows, because Bloom is not too sweet. Just soft, feminine and flowery.

Gucci Flora or Flora by Gucci – Roses and sandalwood are at the heart of this sweet floral perfume. The fragrance is a walk on the beach during the sunset. Warm, golden and a hint of freshness characterize Flora.

Gucci Bamboo – The fresh floral fragrance is created by bergamot, lilies and a touch of sandalwood and vanilla. The scent is pleasantly fresh and not intrusive. An everyday fragrance that is also suitable for the office.

Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme: modern men’s fragrance

In classic Gucci fashion, this pleasantly woody fragrance is distinguished by floral notes that are cleverly intensified at one end and warmed up at the other. The core is formed here:

  • Violet (floral-soapy)
  • Bergamot (tart citrus)
  • Tobacco (warm-woody)
  • Black pepper (spicy)

The result is a perfume that is particularly suitable for everyday life and the office, because it gives restrained freshness and spiciness.

Video Memoire d’un Odeur: Unisex fragrance with Harry Styles

That Harry Styles is no friend of gender norms he shows again and again in his music, his red carpet appearances and photo shoots like the one with US Vogue as the first male cover model of the magazine.

This, of course, makes him the perfect promotional face for Gucci’s first unisex fragrance. Harry Styles and Gucci have had a close relationship for some time now, with Styles dressing Gucci for the MET Gala in 2019. The label’s rock-legend aesthetic is a great fit for the British musician’s image.

So it just makes sense that he also graces the advertising campaign of the mineral fragrance. The universal fragrance formula is characterized by:

  • Camomile (clean-floral)
  • Musk (mineral-tart)
  • Woods (warm)

Chamomile, chamomile and again chamomile is the first thing you smell, then this is slowly warmed up by woods. Since the fragrance is neither particularly sweet, nor particularly tart, but fresh-mineral and clean comes along women as well as men can wear it. A special highlight is also the bottle, which was modeled on the bottle of the 1993 Gucci Eau de Gucci and with a few changes today again with new content on the shelf.

Throwback: Gucci in the wild 70s and 80s

Gucci strives for the 80s vibe. And rightly so, because the brand celebrates one success after another. So what could be more fitting than to take a little look into the past to get to know Gucci as a brand as well as make-up looks and beauty routines of the eighties a little better.

Video Fashion Show: Gucci Prêt-à-Porter SS 1986

Long, layered necklaces, structured blazers with dropped edges, checks, and the incredibly popular fitted silhouette created by the then uber-modern blouse-skirt combo. This was Gucci in the eighties. Back then, the label was an essential part of the Italian dolce vita. Gucci stood for the exclusive lifestyle that was established in the sixties and seventies.

It wasn’t until the early nineties with Tom Ford and Dawn Mello that Gucci established what is now generally referred to as porn chic. At that time more scandalous than one might think today, they started to design short dresses, which could be found for example at designers like Calvin Klein and reminded of those dresses, which one wore only under his clothes until then. Scandalous but also successful.

Today, Gucci tailors clothes that are dubbed post-gender chic and are reminiscent of the rock stars of the 70s and 80s. However, as you can see, this style is not necessarily based on the Gucci collections of the past, but rather represents its own era of the house of Gucci.

Video: Authentic 1970s Make Up Tutorial

After we have taken a look at the brand in the seventies and eighties, we will now talk about make-up at that time, so that you can get an idea of what Gucci beauty products and their marketing are inspired by. Maybe the products will fascinate you even more afterwards, because you can definitely find the spirit of the seventies in them.