ZOEVA: Zoe Boikou, Founding Story & Brand Success Cocktail

Make-up brushes? Most people immediately think of ZOEVA. From Ebay to one of the most successful brands in the beauty scene. In this article, you’ll learn all about founder Zoe Boikou’s cocktail of successes and how she managed to make the brand big – be curious! ZOEVA: All about the brand German brand ZOEVA is […]

FIV Issue #27 with Riccardo Simonetti: Glow Up! + Berlin Fashion Week Looks

FIV Magazine #27 – In this issue #27 we have for you, all about Riccardo Simonetti’s new show Glow Up in ZDFneo! We also have the looks of the Berlin Fashion Week. Everything for your spring / summer outfit in 2023. We were on site and show you the collections and looks, directly from the […]

Riccardo Simonetti in an interview: About “Glow Up” – New Show on ZDFneo

Riccardo Simonetti in an interview – entertainer, bestselling author, model, activist and presenter! He has entered the media world with his successful blog and is one of the most popular TV faces in Germany. He has written three books “Mama, ich bin schwul”, “Mein Recht zu funkeln” and “Raffi und sein pinkes Tutu”, with which […]

Glow Up (Season 1) with Riccardo Simonetti: Jury, candidates, challenges! + broadcast dates

Glow Up – Our cover story in FIV Magazine #27 is Riccardo Simonetti’s new show. He is an icon for a whole generation. He speaks from his heart and only pursues projects that he stands behind one hundred percent. Riccardo has one goal: to find Germany’s best make-up artist. To achieve this, Riccardo and his […]

Fragranze: niche perfume fair Florence! Vlog, 5 fragrances + secret tips

Fragranze Perfume Fair in Florence – One of the hotspots for new fragrances and creations, especially in the field of niche fragrances is Florence. Niche perfumes give your carrier the feeling of being something special, because they are created away from the 0815 creations. I visited the Fragranze perfume fair for you! In the video […]

Make it LOUD! Make-up Collection: Created by Ivana Santacruz

Ivana Santacruz – An own collection is always something very special, even for celebrities. But the very first, own collection is something really unique! Just like the first make-up collection by Ivana Santacruz. For the very first beauty collaboration, “singer and musician Ivana Santacruz embodies her bold personal style with sensual nude shadows, extravagant false […]

Bye-bye, winter: 7 tips to make your hair shine again

Bye-bye, winter – Dry air and low temperatures, which usually prevail in the cold season, demand a lot from our hair. That makes it all the more important to care for it properly and give it all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and a beautiful appearance. We’ll show you how to give your […]

Hand care tips: Products, hand creams & tips for soft hands

Hand Care Products – Your hands are rough and chapped and you are looking for the right hand care products to nourish your hands so that they look soft and well cared for? Then you will find tips here to choose the right hand care for you. Because there are many different hand creams and […]

Facial cleanser: The best facial cleansers for all skin types

Facial cleansing – The very first and most important step of a good facial care routine is a good facial cleanser. In order for creams, serums and masks to penetrate the skin well, the face must be cleansed down to the pores. That’s why it’s essential to use the right facial cleanser for your individual […]

Face care routine: morning and evening routine for well-groomed skin

Facial care routine – The most important thing for clear, radiant skin is to use the right facial care, tailored to your skin type. In order for your makeup to sit perfectly on your skin, your skin needs to be well cared for. In this article you will learn what an evening and morning routine […]

Ivana Santacruz X bh cosmetics: the first make-up collection of the famous dancer

Ivana Santacruz X bh cosmetics – To all beauty fans, pay attention: Musician and influencer Ivana Sanatacruz has just launched her first own makeup collection with BH Cosmetics. The brand bh cosmetics stands for high-quality cosmetics and is known for its successful collaborations with influencers like Marvyn Macnificent. In this article we give you an […]

Hair care tips: Avoid hair damage & tips for healthy hair

Hair care tips – You dream of beautiful, long and healthy hair? You already use the right care in your hair care routine and are looking for more tips to care for your hair? In this article you will find valuable tips on how to avoid hair damage and what else you can do for […]

Hair care routine: routine & tips for all hair types

Hair Care Routine – Is your hair brittle, lackluster and breaking quickly? Then you’re probably not using the right products for your individual hair type. Because curly and wavy hair has very different needs than straight hair, so it’s super important to use the right products. In this article you will get important tips on […]

Cherry Smoothie Recipes: Banana, peach, apple – 5 tips

Cherry Smoothie Recipes – Sweet and bright red, cherries taste especially good with almonds, banana, blackberries, raspberries, apple, mango, green tea, sweetened lime juice and even kefir. This is a Russian drink made with milk. Cherries contain vitamins A, B and C, as well as magnesium for muscles and calcium for bones and teeth. Getting […]

Smoothie: recipes, ingredients, delicious vitamins – apple, banana & co.

  Smoothie Recipes: Everyone loves fruit, small, large and of course everyone in between. Why is clear, healthy, delicious and full of vitamins and minerals. Perfect for breakfast, stressful everyday life and as a little energy kick after work. To make it quick, we’ve collected the best smoothie recipes for you here, for the most […]

Berry smoothies: blueberry, raspberry & co. – the freshness kick in everyday life

Berry Smoothies- Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries & Co. These little fruits often sweeten our day! With lots of vitamins and nutrients, berries of all kinds are considered a real immune system booster and a real super food in the kitchen. So that you get your daily kick of freshness, we have compiled recipes for berry […]