45 Fashion quotes from Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel & Co.

Fashion Quotes – Those who are interested in fashion and trends also follow their designers. With the time, famous fashion quotes of fashion designers exist, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Coco Chanel & Co. We collect for you the best sayings and quotes of these. Whether Victoria Beckham, Yves Saint Laurent or Audrey Hepburn. They all left their mark on the fashion industry. Above all, Karl Lagerfeld is known for his honest manner and sharp tongue. The fashion tsar stands for absolute glamour and noble couture. As Chanel’s chief designer, Lagerfeld creates new collections, but also the exclusive presentations of the house in Paris and worldwide. Chanel was founded by Coco Chanel. An icon of the fashion world and the inventor of one of the most popular fashion pieces: The “little black man”. She has helped to shape the modern woman and also the one or other eternal fashion quote.

Karl Lagerfeld – The best sayings and quotes

Karl Lagerfeld was born in Germany and died at the age of 85. He was a famous designer, artist and fashion icon. No fashion designer was as celebrated as Karl Lagerfeld. Almost 24 hours a day Lagerfeld designed for Chanel, Fendi and his own brand, with up to 15 collections being released each year. His passion for fashion was awakened by a Dior fashion show in 1950. Four years later, Lagerfeld was hired as Pierre Balmain’s assistant, and from then on he had a formative influence on the fashion world. At that time he was 17 years old. As an artist he worked in various media, including photography and film.

As probably one of the most famous designers, Karl Lagerfeld has a large number of formative quotes and sayings. Here we have listed the best quotes of the famous fashion designer for you, which should be familiar to everyone by now.

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  • “I was never under pressure. Stress – I don’t know what it is. I only know rhinestone”
  • “If you wear sweatpants, you’ve lost control of your life.”
  • “Never use the word ‘cheap. Nowadays, anyone can look chic in cheap clothes (which the rich also buy). You can find good design in every price level these days. You can be the smartest person in the world in just a t-shirt and jeans, it’s up to you.”
  • “I love shoes. I’m no fetishist, but yes, I love shoes”
  • “You have to walk as if you were entering the most chic restaurant, convinced that you are the most beautiful and elegant woman in the world – which is the case.”

Coco Chanel – She invented the little black one

“I do not do fashion. I am the fashion.” – One of the most famous quotes from Coco Chanel. Her story is the classic, American story: Dreaming of success, from dishwasher to millionaire – Coco made it! From rags to designer tweed. Her life is a real drama.

Chanel was born on August 19, 1883 in abject poverty. She was born to unmarried parents. When her mother died, little Coco had to go to an orphanage. Fortunately, Catholic nuns raised her so she could make the best of her misery. She worked with fabrics and created her own designs. Today the style icon is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. Here are some of her most common sayings.

  • “I don’t do fashion. I am the fashion.”
  • “A man may wear what he wills- he remains but an accessory of the woman.”
  • “The most beautiful thing in life is free. The second most beautiful thing is quite expensive.”
  • “I cannot understand how a woman can leave the house without having made herself pretty. She might meet her fate on this very day.”
  • “I judge people by the way they spend money and I advise all women: Never marry a man with a purse for loose change.
  • The bravest action of all is still to think for oneself. Loud”
  • Because money is a sin, it must be squandered”

Alesandro Michelle – The Gucci Designer

Alessandro Michele was born in Rome, where he grew up with an appreciation of visual stimuli through the artistic influence of his parents. He studied costume design at the Academy for Costume and Fashion in Rome. Michele then began working at Fendi under Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, where his talent for designing leather goods was already evident. In 2020 Tom Ford hired him at Gucci to design bags, where he has been working ever since. He soon took over the Associate Design position from Frida Giannini and became to one of the most famous designers in the world. Here are some fashion quotes:

  • “I guess we must be dreaming.”
  • “My ideas for Gucci were crazy, but they were the only ones I had. I was sure they’d fire me after the first show.”
  • “I love to give a voice to things that aren’t very visible”

Yves Saint Laurent – Fashion quotes from the designer

Yves Saint Laurent died on 1 August 1936 in Oran, Algeria and died on 1 June 2008 in Paris. He is a famous French fashion designer, known for his popularization of everyday women’s trousers.

After graduating, Saint Laurent pursued his career as a designer of theatre costumes and women’s fashion in Paris and attended a fashion school for a short time, where he won an international design competition. Shortly afterwards he was discovered by Christian Dior and was hired as an assistant in his company of the same name. From then on he became known for his unique designs and made a name for himself worldwide. Here are some well-known quotations listed.

  • “The most beautiful thing a woman can wrap herself in is the arms of the man she loves. For those who are not so fortunate, I am here”
  • “A lady does not wear clothes. She allows dresses to be worn by her.”

Anna Wintour – Editor-in-Chief of Vogue

  • “It’s incredibly important to take risks. I believe that research is important, but ultimately you have to work with your own instinct and feeling and take these risks. You have to be fearless”
  • “I worked for Harper’s Bazaar. They fired me. I recommend that everyone gets fired. It’s an experience you can learn a lot from.”
  • “One should not worry too much about what the competition is doing or what other people in the industry are doing. You have to have a real vision.”
  • “It’s all about timing. If something’s too soon, no one understands. When it’s too late, everyone forgets.”
  • “I firmly believe in finding a great team that I trust and that follows its own instincts. A team works better when it feels freedom and trust.”
  • “Mode goes in only one direction – forward. I’m convinced I feel the same way.”

Quotes from designers

  • “To dress well is a matter of good manners.”
    Tom Ford
  • In the fashion world, people talk exclusively about the future. The internet and social media have changed everything. The old system is collapsing, many people find this horrible. They want everything in fashion to stay the same, just as if smartphones had never existed. I don’t think so. “Never has fashion been more exciting than it is today.”
    Donatella Versace
  • “Style for me has nothing to do with fashion. Style – that means having the courage to have your own character and to admit your own personality.”
    Tom Ford.
  • “Always walk as if three men were walking behind you.”
    Oscar de la Renta
  • “The greenest thing you can do in fashion is to buy great fashion that you will wear for years!”
    Michael Kors.
  • “I can’t concentrate in flat shoes.”
    Victoria Beckham
  • “I love the rather twisted version of what reality means to me. Because reality is just reality.”
    Marc Jacobs.
  • “Elegance doesn’t stand out, but it will be remembered.”
    Giorgio Armani
  • “Lagerfeld is the sixth Fendi child.”
    Carla Fendi

Quotes from actors

  • “From head to toe wrapped in love – because this is the only label that never goes out of fashion.”
    Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the city)
  • “A woman may only show so much as to arouse his imagination.”
    Audrey Hepburn.
  • “It just needs some simple outfits. Otherwise there’s no secret – the simpler the better.”
    Cary Grant, actor
  • “You can’t find a style A style finds you.”
    Keith Richards
  • “One of the worst mistakes in my life is getting a haircut.”
    Jim Morrison
  • “I’m not interested in contributing to the fashion world. I just want to be five years old. I loved clothes even before I knew anything about the f*** fashion world. And I will not let the fashion world ruin anything.”
    Kanye West

Other fashion quotes from famous people

  • “Man kann nie zu gut gebildet oder zu gut gekleidet sein.”
    Oscar Wilde, Dichter
  • „Wenn du nicht besser als deine Konkurrentin sein kannst, dann zieh’ dich wenigstens besser an.“
    Anna Wintour, VOGUE
  • “Wenn du dir nicht sicher bist, ob es dir steht, dann sieht es nicht gut aus.”
    Scott Omelianuk, Mode-Journalist
  • “Fauen ziehen sich überall auf der Welt gleich an: Um andere Frauen zu ärgern.”
    Elsa Shiaparelli
  • „Stil ist eine Art zu zeigen wer du bist – ohne sprechen zu müssen.“
    Rachel Zoe
  • „Ziehe dich immer an, als würdest du deinen ärgsten Feind treffen.“
    Kimora Lee
  • „Wer auch immer gesagt hat, Geld könne Glück nicht kaufen, kannte wohl nicht die richtigen Geschäfte“
    Bo Derek
  • “Was ist das? – Ein Kleid. – Und wer sagt das? – Calvin Klein.”
    Cher Horowitz
  • „Bei Unsicherheit: Rot tragen!“
    Bill Blass
  • “Gestern? Niemals. Ich schaue nicht nach links oder rechts. Ich blicke nur nach vorne und verfolge mein eigenes Empfinden.”
    Pierre Cardin
  • “Wenn Leute sich auf der Straße nach dir umschauen, dann bist du nicht gut angezogen, sondern entweder zu steif, zu knausrig oder zu modisch.”
    Beau Brummel, Socialite
  • “Ich mag schöne Kleidung, egal ob sie eher zweifelhaft ist oder nicht.”
    David Beckham, Fußballer