Seokwoon Yoon: South Korean tradition meets avant-garde modernity – Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24

Seokwoon Yoon / Seoul Fashion Week – One of South Korea’s most innovative designers, Seokwoon Yoon is known for his avant-garde designs that combine traditional Korean elements with modern influences. His concept for the Fall/Winter 2023 show is all about unfinished beauty: metamorphosis. Find out everything else about Seokwoon Yoon’s new Fall / Winter collection here. Also: The runway highlights of Seoul Fashion Week FW 23/24.

Seokwoon Yoon: Autumn Winter Looks 23/34

Seokwoon Yoon always manages to combine a variety of textures and materials that are unusual and unexpected. His collections are often inspired by nature and incorporate organic shapes and movements. Yoon often translates his inspiration using the trompe l’oeil technique, creating a unique combination of art and ready-to-wear – Such is the case with his concept for F/W 2023 Seoul Fashion Week.

Metamorphosis and fashion, according to Seokwoon Yoon, definitely have some things in common. Just as metamorphosis involves progress, SEOKWOON YOON discovers beauty in the process. Once again, Yoon’s signature style can be found by means of oversized shapes, creative draping technique and unconventional twisted constructions.

Yoon’s inspiration for the new collection: the metamorphosis and its unfinished beauty

Runway: Highlights

Photo Credits: Seoul Fashion Week