Boxer shorts for men – find the right style

Boxer shorts for men: All you need to know

Almost every man is familiar with them, because they are one of the absolute basics in the men’s wardrobe. We are talking, of course, about boxer shorts for men, which are part of the daily outfit for most. Boxer shorts, or briefs, pants and underpants for men are a popular garment that provides both comfort and support.

The name “boxer shorts” derives from their association with boxing. In the 1920s, boxers were often seen wearing wide, airy pants that allowed freedom of movement and comfort. These pants eventually became known as boxers and found their way into the mainstream of men’s underwear.

Different styles for every type

There are different types of boxer shorts, including tight, wide, and premium options. Factors such as fit and waistband height play an important role in choosing the right boxer shorts.

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Tight boxer shorts

Tight fitting boxer shorts, also called trunks, have a shorter leg cut and a tighter fit. They are tighter fitting and provide good support and control. This type of boxer shorts is ideal for men who prefer tight-fitting underwear or wear tight pants, as they do not show easily under clothing.

Wide boxer shorts

Wide boxers have a more generous cut and offer more freedom of movement. They are looser and usually have a longer leg length. Wide boxer shorts are comfortable and offer good ventilation. They are especially popular with men who prefer a looser fit or want more comfort.

Premium boxer shorts

Premium boxer shorts are high quality underpants that are often made from high quality materials. They can be made of cotton, modal, bamboo viscose or other fine fabrics. These boxers often offer a better fit, durability and a more luxurious feel against the skin.

Patterns and colors

Boxer shorts are available in a variety of patterns and colors. From plain designs to eye-catching patterns, checks or stripes, there is something to suit every taste and style.

Waistband height

Here you can find some information about the different waistband heights. Which one fits you best?

  • Low waist: Low waist boxer shorts sit lower on the hips. They offer a modern and sporty aesthetic and are well suited for men who prefer a more revealing fit. This type of boxer shorts is ideal to be worn under low waist pants.
  • Medium Waist: Medium waist boxer shorts are the most popular choice among men. They sit at the natural waist and provide balanced coverage and fit. This waistband height is suitable for most body types and is often used as everyday underwear.
  • High Waist: High waist boxer shorts extend above the natural waist for added coverage and support in the abdominal area. They are especially comfortable for men who want more tummy control or prefer a higher fit. This waistband height can also provide benefits for men who want more warmth and insulation.

Questions? What else you need to know!

Do you have any other questions about boxer shorts? Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the popular men’s underwear.