The men’s fashion of today: elegance knows no boundaries

Men’s Fashion Today – What is men’s fashion and should it continue to follow typical gender roles? Never in history has fashion been so eagerly discussed as it is today. Generally speaking, elegance is no longer bound to certain rules as it once was. Everyone is allowed to design their own set of rules today. We are in an age of redefinition.

The elegance in the change of time

Elegance followed clear rules for the longest time. Those who belonged to a certain social class were practically prescribed how they had to dress. There was hardly any individuality, and variations for one’s own combinations were rare. Elegance was thus a relatively rigid concept, defined from the outside and not really permeable.

Today’s current trends challenge the concept of elegance. It is no longer about following certain norms, rather the person behind the clothes comes to the fore. Individuality becomes the expression of elegance. How does one decide on a certain style and how does one succeed in finding a clear line for oneself despite the most extensive elimination of rules?

A good reference point for men today are their own idols. What makes them, how do they dress, what accessories do they wear? The stars wear every outfit consciously and often work with expensive style consultants. If you want to know what’s hot, it’s best to do some research on the Internet or take a look at a magazine.

Versatility is the key

Reinventing yourself every day – the best way to do that is with a wardrobe that is as colorful as possible. The men’s fashion from Ragman shows how it can be done. Classic, modern and sometimes a little crazy – and everything in as many combinations as possible. That’s what the wardrobe of the modern gentleman is all about. The only thing that runs through the variety of garments is a recognizable, individual style that is free of laws and rules.

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The goal of fashion today is to consciously transgress boundaries on a small scale. Gender roles are broken up and deliberately played with. Unisex fashion plays a leading role in today’s definition of elegance. Of course, every fashion-conscious gentleman moves on a fine line here, because quickly their own experiments look like a costume or a disguise. As is so often the case, less is more. Traditional fashion, the elegance and gender roles may and must even be questioned, but in doing so it must not come to a persiflage. The person behind the fashion must still prevail, so the modern gentleman must not hide behind his experimental fashion style.

The role of accessories

In fashion today, accessories are more and more the most important element. They give the outfit a direction and complete it. As with clothing, accessories, such as a wristwatch, may be combined at will. However, it is important that each accessory takes on a role. The more practical an accessory is, the better it fits into the outfit.

Men’s fashion today is hardly definable and is in an important phase of discovery. Everyone is invited to experiment and redefine themselves. It takes courage, but it’s worth the leap over your own shadow.