Fashion style: Which fashion style suits you? Boho, French chic, vintage & co.

The world of fashion offers an almost infinite variety of styles and trends, from timelessly elegant to casual and rebellious. But which fashion style actually suits you and your individual expression best? Choosing the right fashion style can not only influence your outward appearance, but also boost your personality and self-confidence. In this article, we will explore different fashion styles and help you find the one that best suits your lifestyle and taste. Get ready to discover your personal fashion identity and define your own style! Your little FIV fashion guide.

Bohemian style

Emphasizes comfort and naturalness, uses natural materials and accessories such as hair bands and straw hats. Make-up is optional, no specifications for hairstyles.

Capsule Wardrobe

Minimalist style in which versatile items of clothing are combined in the closet, neutral tones and simple designs are important. The focus is on functionality.

French chic

Elegant and natural style from France, emphasizes beauty in a subtle way, uses typical French colors and discreet make-up.

Street style

Casual urban style, with extravagant garments and accessories, expresses the dynamism and versatility of city life.


Timeless fashion style, emphasizing individuality and originality, inspired by past decades, deviating from the mainstream.


Associated with education, prestige and tradition, it includes classic garments such as blazers, chinos and polo shirts.


Combination of country and rock, inspired by the 1950s, eye-catching and nostalgic, characteristic features for women and men.

Romantic style

Feminine, playful and dreamy, using dresses, skirts and floral patterns, gold or silver accessories to match the femininity.

Sustainable Style

Sustainable focus, value on fair working conditions, sustainable materials and environmentally friendly production, shows attitude towards climate and environmental protection.

Gothic style

Gothic style is characterized by dark colors, Victorian influences and often dramatic elements. It is often associated with a preference for black clothing, lace and dark accessories.

Punk Style

The punk style is rebellious and provocative. It often includes destroyed jeans, leather jackets, studs and eye-catching hairstyles. It is an expression of non-conformism and subculture.

Minimalist style

The minimalist style focuses on simplicity and functionality. It uses clean lines, clear colors and minimalist designs to create an elegant and simple look.

Boho chic

A further development of the bohemian style, boho chic combines the freedom and naturalness of the bohemian style with a certain sophistication and elegance. It often uses flowing fabrics, floral patterns and vintage elements.

Skater Style

The skater style is inspired by skater culture and includes comfortable, casual clothing such as T-shirts, jeans and sneakers. It is a relaxed and youthful style.

Military style

The military style uses elements from military clothing, such as camouflage patterns, boots and utility jackets. It radiates strength and robustness.

Ethnic style

Ethnic style refers to the fashion and traditional clothing elements of different cultures around the world. It is often colorful and rich in patterns and textures.

Sporty style

The sporty style is inspired by sports and fitness clothing. It often includes leggings, jogging bottoms, trainers and sportswear and is comfortable and functional.

Retro style

Retro style refers to fashion from past decades and can encompass a wide range of styles, from the 1920s to the 1990s.

Fashion style by personality

Functional, trend-conscious or close to nature – find your style!

Fashion style Your personality
Bohemian style Free-spirited, close to nature, relaxed
Capsule Wardrobe Tidy, practical, minimalist
French chic Elegant, understated, sophisticated
Street style Trend-conscious, self-confident, dynamic
Vintage Creative, unique, nostalgic
Preppy Classic, tradition-conscious, chic
Rockabilly Expressive, nostalgic, lively
Romantic style Romantic, delicate, dreamy
Sustainable Style Environmentally conscious, socially committed, modern
Gothic style Dark, dramatic, avant-garde
Punk Style Rebellious, provocative, non-conformist
Minimalist style Simple, functional, elegant
Boho chic Free-spirited, creative, relaxed
Skater Style Casual, youthful, relaxed
Military style Strong, disciplined, robust
Ethnic style Culturally interested, colorful, diverse
Sporty style Active, comfortable, functional
Retro style Nostalgic, creative, versatile