Fashion style: Which fashion style suits you? Boho, French chic, vintage & co.

The world of fashion offers an almost infinite variety of styles and trends, from timelessly elegant to casual and rebellious. But which fashion style actually suits you and your individual expression best? Choosing the right fashion style can not only influence your outward appearance, but also boost your personality and self-confidence. In this article, we […]

Capsule wardrobe style: What does capsule wardrobe mean? Minimalist look

Capsule Wardrobe – The art of minimalist fashion! The capsule wardrobe, also known as the minimalist wardrobe, is a fashion style that aims to reduce the number of items of clothing in favor of versatility and functionality. In this article, we will take a closer look at the capsule wardrobe, how to recognize it and […]

French Chic Style: What does French Chic mean? Ladies, gentlemen, outfits!

French Chic – The art of French elegance! French chic, also known as Parisian style, is a fashion style known for its elegance, naturalness and femininity. In this article, we will take a closer look at French chic, how to recognize it and which occasions this style suits best. Which style suits you? Get ready […]

Vintage style: What does vintage mean? Women, men, outfits! Timeless charm

Vintage fashion – a journey into the past of elegance. Vintage fashion, a timeless fashion style that aims to re-purpose garments from decades past. In this article, we will explore the world of vintage fashion, how to recognize it and which occasions this unique style suits best. Which style suits you? Get ready to discover […]

Preppy style: What does preppy mean? Ladies, gentlemen, outfits! Looks from the elite universities

Preppy style – A look at the classic American fashion style. Preppy style, also known as American school style, is a fashion style associated with education, prestige and tradition. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at preppy style, how to recognize it and what occasions this style suits best. Which style suits you? […]

Bohemian style: What does boho mean? Women, men, outfits! Natural looks

Bohemian style – A look at the casual and natural fashion style! Bohemian style, also known as boho style, is a unique fashion style known for its emphasis on comfort and naturalness. This style embodies freedom, joy and peace and is strongly inspired by non-conformism. In this article, we take a closer look at bohemian […]

Fashion styles for every taste – these looks are still popular

The fashion world is so diverse that even dandies and fashionistas don’t always know what to wear. People with little knowledge of fashion find it all the more difficult to decide on a look. Fortunately, there are fashion styles that are easily achievable and timeless. Let’s take a look at some of them here. Bohemian […]

The men’s fashion of today: elegance knows no boundaries

Men’s Fashion Today – What is men’s fashion and should it continue to follow typical gender roles? Never in history has fashion been so eagerly discussed as it is today. Generally speaking, elegance is no longer bound to certain rules as it once was. Everyone is allowed to design their own set of rules today. […]

Ted Baker Videos: Designers, Highlights & Features

Ted Baker – The Ted Baker brand is known for its high-quality, classic yet modern clothing, accessories and footwear that stand out for their fine details, creative patterns and unconventional color combinations. Ted Baker is also known for telling a unique story with each product, often interspersed with puns, fun details and double meanings. In […]

Adidas videos: Commercials, DAME TIME and Sustainability

Adidas – Adidas is one of the most recognized and popular brands in the world of sports and fashion. For decades, the company has built a global presence and has become an icon in the world of sports. In this article you’ll find interesting videos from Adidas: effective commercials, exciting mini-series and various sustainability projects […]

Abercrombie & Fitch Videos: Store openings and styling tips

Abercrombie & Fitch – Abercrombie & Fitch is a lifestyle brand characterized by casual styles, high-quality materials and its universally known moose logo. The brand is especially known for its screaming events and attractive models. In this article, you’ll get some insights into the unique concept of store openings and learn how to style the […]

Sporty and elegant: These garments belong – hoodie, track pants, suit pants & Co!

Sporty and elegant – There are numerous people who like to dress in a sporty way and one of the reasons for this is that sportswear is both comfortable and functional. However, many of us don’t know how to create a sporty look that not only comes across as casual, but also elegant. That’s a […]

Sustainable fashion in winter: Fair fashion, compiling a Capsule Wardrobe & Co. – Our tips!

Sustainable fashion in winter – fair fashion has long been on the rise! Fair working conditions, fabrics from ecological cultivation and resource-saving production and delivery are in the foreground. Here we show you how to get through the cold season in a sustainable yet stylish way. Plus: All the benefits of an environmentally conscious Capsule […]

Alexander McQueen – Visionary, provocateur and exceptional talent

Alexander McQueen – an exceptional talent who shocked the fashion world not only with his innovative, creative and above all provocative designs, but also with his suicide at the age of just 40. His eccentric collections shocked and delighted, but the British fashion star had it anything but easy. His shy, sensitive nature and various […]

Ebay Classifieds: Fashion, Insider Tips, Buy & Sell

On eBay Classifieds you can find cool fashion trends as well as technology, cars, books and much more. How the app actually works and how you buy items, what dangers you should watch out for, and why eBay Classifieds is a real insider tip for clothes, you will learn in this article. The app is […]

Vinted: Push your wallet with the Vinatage app

Have you fallen in love with an item of clothing that’s sold out? Or you are looking for branded clothes and vintage treasures? Then you’ve probably heard of Vinted. Find out how to sell your clothes or find new treasures and much more in this post. The app is also suitable for IOS and Android. […]