Rockabilly look – how to style it like a pro

Hardly any other look has been as popular over such a long time as the rockabilly style. The style of the 50s enjoys an enduring popularity and is not only fashionable a

Statement, but expression of a whole attitude to life. Of course, the clothes are always the focus of the rockabilly look, but the accessories and the matching hairstyle are almost as important. With the right styling, the look from Grease still finds many fans today. Especially women love the pin-up look, which makes them look girly and incredibly sexy at the same time. If you’re in the mood for this look, you can also check online where there are many 50s dresses that will turn any woman into a true rockabilly star right away.

This makes the rockabilly style a hit

Saddle shoes, pumps, petticoats and Marlene jeans – these garments put rockabellas’ hearts to sleep. The look is sexy, but also includes the one
or other masculine garment, which is then adapted by feminine accessories. Showing skin is absolutely allowed in rockabilly style, for example through dresses with
heart-shaped neckline, which are made as a halter dress. Super popular are eye-catching patterns like polka dots, cherries or tropical shapes. Stiffs, skulls and sailor looks are also firmly integrated into the rockabilly scene. A must-have for the rockabilly look are high-cut pencil skirts. These can be perfectly combined with rolled up shirts. Skirts and dresses that swing voluminously are also a must. Best of all in the anyway super trendy leo print.

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The hairstyle

Also on the head must be worn matching look to the rockabilly style. Very popular are bandanas that are tied around the forehead. It looks great when the hair

are tied into a ponytail and the bangs are pinned back as a quiff. Also in the rockabilly direction are big, open curls and elaborate updos. So you can’t go wrong with high uns, quiffs, rollers and waves.

The Make Up

Characteristic of the pin-up style is a thick, black eyeliner combined with prominent, bright red lips. It is important not to give the impression of a too strong

Make Ups is awakened. A little blush, but only lightly applied, is enough to emphasize the cheeks. The eyeliner gives the impression of seductive cat eyes. Do not forget the mascara, which ensures that the look looks clear and the eyelashes are neatly emphasized. This makes for an irresistible eye look.