ZOEVA: Interview with Zoe Boikou, beauty products for a fresh look – “Less is more”!

ZOEVA – Be curious about an exclusive interview with Zoe Boikou and exciting insights into some of the products that help you to conjure up the trendy “less is more” look on your face – for natural freshness! Want to learn more about the ZOEVA brand? Here you can find an article about the founding history and the success cocktail of the brand.

“Less is More” Make-Up

Naturally beautiful – The “less is more” makeup trend has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Unlike heavy, heavy makeup that alters facial features and often looks unnatural, the minimalist look accentuates your natural beauty. This look focuses on flawless skin, light eyebrow accents and a subtle lipstick or lip gloss.

Another advantage of this trend is that it is easy to implement and requires less time. Using only a few products results in faster application and application. So perfect if you’re in a hurry in the morning!

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Many people also prefer this look for health reasons. By avoiding heavy makeup, pores become less clogged and skin can breathe.

The ZOEVA make-up products are ideal for this. Natural, fresh colors and light textures help you to convince with healthy radiance! In this article we present you ZOEVA products, which should not be missing in your makeup bag!

Zoe Boikou in an interview: Exciting insights

In this interview we spoke with the founder of the successful beauty brand ZOEVA. The beauty brand has become an international force in recent years. We are excited about the insights that Zoe Boikou will give us into the genesis and success of ZOEVA. Look forward to an exciting conversation!

ZOEVA: meaning behind the name

FIV: Zoe is part of the name of your brand. Can you tell us the exciting story behind the name ZOEVA?

Zoe: ZOEVA is a symbiosis of two names: my name, Zoe, means “life” in Greek. Eve was the first woman in the Garden of Eden and is emblematic of femininity and feminine grace.

Aiming high with Ebay: How it all began

FIV: We heard it all started with ZOEVA on Ebay, what was the very first product you sold and is that product still available for purchase from ZOEVA today?

Zoe: My sister Barbara and I were born in Greece, but came to Germany with our family when we were very young. As sisters, we are inseparable. Our mother, a loving and strong woman, had a great impact on us and raised us to be confident, independent women. She also inspired us to live our dream, which eventually became ZOEVA.

The idea for ZOEVA was born when we realized that there were no affordable, high-quality makeup brushes on the market. We started in our own four walls, with very limited financial means at the time – but with a lot of passion. At first, we only sold on eBay, but then things progressed quickly. Now we have a portfolio of more than 300 products that we sell all over the world. My first product was a powder brush – a bestseller that we still have in our range today.

ZOEVA brushes: what makes them so special?

FIV: Many who hear ZOEVA immediately think of the incredible brushes. What makes ZOEVA’s brushes so special and different from others?

Zoe: With our products we want to encourage women to become aware of their individual beauty and live it out every day. It is our great concern to give every woman (or man) the opportunity to buy high quality products at an affordable price.

Each ZOEVA brush is a small work of art. Our brushes are created in at least 30 production steps, with unique precision craftsmanship and a great deal of attention to detail. Their high quality and shape retention make them an all-time favorite in every makeup kit.

Sourced from sustainable forests, our wooden handles are lacquered six times to make them extra durable. The brush hairs are knotted by hand. Our special pressing process ensures that the handle and brass ferrule remain permanently connected.

A look into the future: What now?

FIV: What are ZOEVA’s plans for the future, especially in terms of launching new products or expanding into new markets?

Zoe: For the next 10 years: To help as many women as possible through our various charity projects and to establish the ZOE Foundation. We also want to attract new customers worldwide with whom we share our love for makeup.

Integration of values

FIV: ZOEVA is known for its ethical and sustainable products. How do you implement these values in your company?

Zoe: One of our Brand Pillars is Affordable Luxury. For me, this is about much more than price alone. It’s about appealing to all the senses and making it possible to experience the little luxuries in everyday life. Our customers should feel the love and passion that goes into our products. About the affordable price, I just want to make these products accessible to as many people as possible.

Zoe Boikou: Her absolute must-haves

FIV: From brushes to makeup, ZOEVA has everything stylists and makeup enthusiasts love and need. What are your must-haves for a successful “less is more” make-up?

Zoe: Moisturizer, mascara and bronzer are my must-haves in my daily beauty routine. My favorite ZOEVA products are the Brow Jeanie – an eyebrow gel, the Ooh Lalash Lenght & Lift Tubing Mascara and I love the combination of my Velvet Love Lipstick with matching lip liner, which gives the lips extra contour. I even created my own signature color: a soft nude pink. Everyone who sees this color says: that’s Zoe! And of course, Suntorini Matte Bronzing Powder, for a naturally tanned, as if kissed by the Greek sun skin.

For applying my foundation, I choose the ZOEVA 104 Foundation Buffer. The soft synthetic hairs of the brush glide smoothly over the face, creating an even foundation. I accentuate and contour my cheek area with the ZOEVA 127 Blush & Contour Brush – a real multitasker from our range that perfectly places blush and bronzer thanks to its beveled shape. When it comes to eye make-up, it can be quick: I choose the ZOEVA 228 Crease Definer, which applies and blends eye shadow super easily.

ZOEVA x “Less is more”

From innovative brush sets to luxurious lipsticks, ZOEVA has a variety of products that are appreciated by beauty enthusiasts around the world. Here are a few of the top products you definitely don’t want to miss! Conjure up your perfect “less is more” look for the hot summer with these products!

Velvet Love Blush Powder

This velvety-soft powder blush gives your cheeks a fresh and healthy glow that lasts all day. Whether with a shimmering or matte finish, the intense shades give your look a long-lasting freshness. Application, blending and intensification are child’s play and promise a high color payoff.


  • Formulated with more than 91% natural ingredients.
  • Enriched with squalane, hyaluronic acid and pomegranate fruit extract for a fresh and healthy-looking complexion.
  • Available in 6 shimmer and matte shades.
  • Vegan & cruelty-free.

Velvet Love Matte Hyaluronic Long-Lasting Lipstick

A modern, luxurious lipstick collection with velvety-matte texture and nourishing ingredients makes your lips shine. Thanks to the highly pigmented colors and specially treated hyaluronic acid, the lipstick achieves intense and long-lasting results that plump, nourish and moisturize your lips. A single application is all it takes for a comfortable and intense hold that lasts all day. The color delivery can be varied as desired and can be built up effortlessly to achieve the desired look – whether natural, or yet a little stronger for the evening!


  • Enriched with hyaluronic acid for moisturized, nourished and instantly plumped lips.
  • With nourishing oils for healthy looking lips and instant nourishment.
  • Available in 12 shades
  • Vegan & cruelty-free.

Perfect Pair: Velvet Love Lip Liner X Matte Hyaluronic Long-Lasting Lipstick

Complete your lip look with the ZOEVA Velvet Love Lip Liner to convince with perfect lip contour!

The Artists Brush Set: Completely vegan!

15 vegan face and eye brushes in a brush pouch made of undyed, FSC-certified paper – handmade and with great attention to detail! ZOEVA’s brushes are more than just tools – they are an extension of your creativity and expression. Each brush is designed with the utmost care and precision to give you a seamless and effortless makeup experience. The high-quality materials and fine craftsmanship ensure that each brush is long-lasting and durable.

Get inspired by more products on the official ZOEVA website and secure your must-haves for summer 2023!