Full eyebrows thanks to Brow Lift, Microblading & Co.

Full eyebrows are the dream of many people, but unfortunately most of us do not grow the desired brows in a natural way and we have to help a little. With the various pens and pomades you can if you have the skills and the time the result herbeischminken what you long for. But not everyone has these two things and it must be helped professionally. We show you here today, what options you have to achieve fuller brows.

With make-up to full brows

Trends change all the time, whether it’s in fashion, interior design or even the beauty industry. In the early 2000s, thinly plucked eyebrows were hugely trendy, but unfortunately the hair growth can be permanently damaged and the eyebrows remain so thin forever. In the mid-2010s, bushy and unpinned eyebrows became more and more trendy and the entire market changed in that regard. Eyebrows became a huge component in makeup. Although plucking used to be enough and eyebrows were only lightly accentuated for strong makeup, it is now in the interest of most beauty enthusiasts to leave the house with top styled eyebrows. There are also a much larger amount of products available to repaint one’s eyebrows as desired. Brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills have set themselves apart from their competition in part because of their special eyebrow products. Eyebrow pomade has taken the world by storm, the darker and cleaner the brows looked in 2016, the better. Meanwhile, full brows are still a huge trend and there are eyebrow products en masse from all brands to make any look possible.

Shape your eyebrows with soap?!

With ordinary household curd soap to the perfectly shaped eyebrows? Sounds crazy at first, but it’s really simple! You wet your bar of curd soap and rub your eyebrow brush on the bar of soap until it is completely covered in soap. Make sure the soap isn’t too wet here, it’s best if it sticks a bit and gives a little resistance. Next, use the brush to shape your eyebrows with the help of the soap. After that, let them dry a bit and then you can do your makeup as usual. After drying, the soap ensures that the hairs stay in shape. The result is often similar to a brow lift, which is why it’s such a popular method.

Make-up tips from the pros

Here’s a video on how to easily repaint your eyebrows at home:

Brow Lift at home from Amazon

You can also achieve fuller brows with the help of a so-called Brow Lift. Also known as Brow Lamination. The Brow Lift permanently changes the shape of your eyebrow hairs using chemical processes to alter the structure of the hair, like a perm. The procedure is completely painless and the results last 45-60 days before needing to be repeated. First, the hair is cleaned with a cleanser so that no dirt particles are later under the plastic foil. Next, the so-called Perm Solution is applied, which softens the hair and ensures that the hair, which was previously glued into shape, stays in place and does not lose its shape. After the hair has been coated with the perm lotion, it is covered with foil and left to rest for 10 minutes before the fixative is applied and left to work under the foil for another ten minutes. The fixative regenerates the hair structure with the help of keratin and keeps the stuck hair in place. The brows are then cleansed again with the cleanser to remove residue and finally a follow up conditioner is applied to re-strengthen the chemically treated hair. You can easily do the application at home with the appropriate sets or get professional help from a beautician.

Fragrance Tip!

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With the right care to full eyebrows

In order to have a perfect eyebrow on your face in everyday life, you need a good care for your eyebrows. There are some oils and serums for the eyebrows that promote hair growth and make your eyebrows appear fuller and darker with a little patience. The serums and oils are applied at night before you go to bed, so they can work their full magic overnight. Castor oil, for example, stimulates hair growth tremendously and can ensure that your eyebrows become fuller quickly if you use it regularly. With the right care and a little patience, you can achieve your dream eyebrows without having to spend a lot of money on cosmetic products or treatments.

Microblading, Powder Brows & Co.

In order to always have pretty brows, you can also choose to have them permanently engraved on your face in the form of a cosmetic tattoo. There are several methods associated with little pain, but the best known and most popular are the Powder Brows and Microblading. With Powder Brows, a fine needle and a tattoo machine are used to place the pigment under the skin with quick stitches, just like a regular tattoo on the body. The whole device and also the result resemble a normal tattoo and are comparable, however the needle is not led so deeply. The result is eyebrows that always look like they have been painted. As an alternative, you can also have your eyebrows microbladed. Here, the colour pigment is scratched under the first layer of skin with a kind of knife that consists of several needles and imitates small, individual hairs. Microblading fills your eyebrows with real looking hairs. With this method, a second touch-up is necessary to achieve optimal results. Both of these options aren’t exactly cheap, though, and they’re also irreversible, as they are a tattoo after all, so look for a good trustworthy studio beforehand, with lots of positive reviews. The upside to this, though, is that you won’t have to worry about tweezing your eyebrows in everyday life and when you’re getting ready, as they’ll always look perfectly shaped. Only the plucking remains your task to maintain the clean shape neatly.