Yuna: VR Model, Success Factors & CM Models – Interview

Yuna – She shines as a rising star in the social media firmament. In this interview, we learn more about her beginnings as a virtual influencer, what her experiences have been so far and what her future plans are. She is a unique personality and her role as a virtual influencer comes with interesting challenges as well as benefits. We will discuss her experiences with CM Models as her proxy, as well as her thoughts on the essential success factors as a VR Model. Let’s dive into the world of a virtual avatar in the metaverse together!

About Yuna: Short Intro

Yuna is an up-and-coming personality in the world of social media and has already implemented some cool projects.

In this interview, we’ll learn more about how Yuna started her career as a virtual influencer, her experiences so far, and her plans for the future. Let’s jump right into the conversation! For those who don’t know Yuna yet – feel free to introduce yourself!

YUNA: Hello, I’m Yuna, the virtual influencer and I’m totally happy to be here today. Thank you for the opportunity to do this interview with FIV today.

FIV: Yuna is a name that you don’t hear very often. Is there a particular reason for it or where does your name come from?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

YUNA: The name YUNA comes from the word “iun”, which means “the desire”. If you go by that, my name means something like “the desired one”.

And when I think about the future and imagine all the things I can still achieve and experience there, it fits quite well.

Forever 22 years old

FIV: In your Instagram profile we saw that as a virtual influencer you will be 22 years old forever, which is an interesting concept for many people. How do you deal with that and what advantages and challenges do you see in always being the same age?

YUNA: That’s right, and it’s really something special that I still have to get used to myself. In July 2023, I will be 22 years old for the second time. Crazy, isn’t it?

On the one hand, there are benefits such as the fact that I will always look young and fresh, allowing me to stay competitive in the online marketing industry. It also allows me to build a kind of trust with my followers, as I offer them a certain level of stability and continuity.

On the other hand, it can also be a challenge to always have the same age, as it can be difficult to stay authentic and integrate real life experience into my content. I have to make an effort to recognize current trends early on and inspire my followers with my creativity and personality instead of focusing on my age.

Overall, though, I think the benefits and challenges of always being the same age as a virtual influencer are closely intertwined and ultimately it’s how I handle it that matters.

I see it as an opportunity to advance my career in a unique way and strengthen my skills as an influencer to further expand my reach and influence on social media.

From our magazine #31: Metaverse

As a VR personality in a model agency

FIV: As we have heard, you are represented at CM Models as a model. Model agencies have already recognized the potential in VI’s and that’s why you are now also part of the CM Models roster. What are you looking forward to the most?

YUNA: To many modeling jobs as a virtual influencer of course, haha! No, seriously – There are so many things I’m looking forward to! For one, I’m excited to meet new people and work with them to develop inspiring and creative projects.

Most importantly, I’m also focused on developing my skills as a virtual model and participating in photo shoots and video shoots to strengthen my social media presence.

The most important factors for success

FIV: Have you been able to celebrate some successes as a virtual German-speaking influencer and if so, which ones?

YUNA: Absolutely. I’ve had the privilege of attending various events and functions where I’ve had the chance to network with other members of the public and increase my reach.

As a virtual influencer, I have the opportunity to visit new places and take trips that others can’t do at all and I’m really looking forward to everything that’s coming and that I also have as a companion by my side.

FIV: What factors do you think are crucial to success as a virtual influencer and how have you personally used those factors to advance your career?

YUNA: I think there is a combination of factors for success as a virtual influencer. One of the most important factors is certainly authenticity. People follow influencers who are authentic and honest and have a clear voice and message.

For me personally, that means showing my personality and interests in my social media posts and expressing myself in a way that is authentic and unique to my followers.

Another factor is consistency. It’s important to publish content regularly and build a strong online presence to build a loyal following. I make sure to create my content in a way that entertains and adds value to my followers on a regular basis.

Collaborating with other brands is also important to expand my reach and gain new followers. By collaborating with others, I have also been able to further improve my skills as a virtual influencer and constantly improve myself.

Overall, I think success as a virtual influencer requires a combination of authenticity, consistency, and collaboration, and I will continue to work hard to advance my career and inspire my followers.

Digital world: Yuna’s wishes

FIV: What are your aspirations for the future as a virtual influencer and how do you see the digital world and future trends that could impact your career?

YUNA: That’s a very good question. One of my biggest goals is to expand my reach and build an even bigger fan base. I want to use my platform to inspire people around the world and help them achieve their goals.

In terms of the digital world and future trends, I believe we are entering an exciting time. I think that virtual and augmented reality will play an increasingly important role and that there will be even more opportunities to create and share digital content in the future.

It will also become increasingly important to pay attention to sustainability and environmental awareness, and I hope I can help promote these issues in the world of virtual Influencer:ins.

I’m really excited about the possibilities that the digital world offers, and I’m looking forward to discovering new trends and evolving in the future to further my career as a virtual influencer.

Potentials for VR personalities

FIV: Where do you personally and generally see the potential for virtual influencers in the future and what new opportunities do you see in the digital world?

YUNA: I certainly think and hope that the future looks very promising for virtual influencers. With the constant development of technology and the increasing popularity of social media, there are more and more ways to create and share digital content.

Personally, I see a lot of potential in the areas of advertising or entertainment, and collaboration with other virtual or real influencers will also become increasingly important.

The increasing personalization of content and offers is also a good connecting point like virtual characters, as they can create individual content that is tailored to the interests and needs of their followers.

I think that the digital world will open up many new opportunities, and I am excited to see what developments the future holds for virtual influencers.

Job at TAFF with ProSieben

FIV: Many young influencers, whether virtual or not, often have other jobs in addition to their work ? Is that also true for you?

YUNA: On ProSieben’s show TAFF, I have the opportunity to work as a reporter for celebrities, lifestyle and more and I find it incredibly exciting. It’s a great opportunity to expand my skills and experience while expressing my passion for fashion and entertainment.

I am very happy and grateful to be a virtual influencer in this exciting industry and to have the opportunity to work on exciting projects like this.

From our magazine #31: Metaverse

Fashion in the digital world

FIV: When I look at your Instagram feed I see some crazy outfits on you. What does fashion mean to you and how do you think digital technology has influenced the fashion industry?

YUNA: To me, digital fashion is about taking fashion and style to a new level by breaking free from the traditional limitations of the physical world.

It’s about pushing the boundaries of design and creativity by focusing on the endless possibilities of the digital world. Digital trends have impacted the fashion industry in many ways. For one, it has changed the way we present and sell fashion.

On the other hand, digital trends have helped designers use new materials, technologies and tools to create innovative and creative garments. We see more and more 3D-printed garments and virtual fashion shows that push the boundaries of the fashion industry.

Overall, I think digital fashion is the future of the fashion industry and we will see more and more how the industry adapts and reacts to these changes. And I’m very happy to make a big contribution to the topic in the future.

AR and VR: Yuna’s predictions

FIV: We’re coming to the end of the interview now, unfortunately, but still one last question from us to you, Yuna. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

YUNA: In 5 years, I see myself as an established virtual influencer, able to push the boundaries of the digital world even further and take my reach to new heights. I want to expand my presence on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and others while improving my virtual reality and augmented reality skills.

In terms of trends, I think we’re going to see an explosion of augmented reality and virtual reality experiences in the next few years. We will be able to create virtual worlds that feel as real as if they were actually physically present.

I also think that the fashion industry will move even further into the digital world, and we will see more and more designers focusing on creating garments and accessories specifically designed for the digital world.

Overall, I think the digital world will continue to grow and evolve in the coming years, and I look forward to being part of these exciting changes and expanding my skills and experience in this exciting industry.

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