Stefania Cristian: Model, Actress And Creative in Interview

Interview with Stefania Cristian – In the interview with Stefania we talk about the relationship between work and private life, how to achieve your goals and a bit about mental health. How important self-confidence is to enter this world.

Stefania Cristian

Model. Influencer. Actress. Lover of her work. And lover of her life. That’s Stefania. We can see her on most of the covers, and on the most prestigious red carpets. She is an amazing woman. Everything she has she made herself. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Stefania.

Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be nice

FIV: Beginnings are not easy. How do you start in modelling?

STEFANIA: I was scouted on the street like many other girls, at the beginning I didn’t like the idea, then I embraced it and now I love my job. Beginnings are not easy, I really lacked confidence at the very beginning. Now, I am 30 and I am much more confident than before. You realise what your strengths and weaknesses are, and you are more OK with your weaknesses and you value your strengths more.

FIV: Of all of the qualities a model can have, what made you go where you are?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

STEFANIA: Be yourself. Be unique. Be nice. Belief is very important. It is like when you are riding a horse and you want it to go to the left, you look to the left first and then pull the horse’s head. As a human being it is the same thing: wherever you put your attention is probably where you are going to find yourself.

Her Position Is Her Personality

FIV: You are now more than a model, you are a reference and an influencer. Looking back in time, did you see yourself in that position?

STEFANIA: I have the freedom to express myself and it doesn’t matter if somebody’s going to pay me or not because I choose to do things that I embrace, that I feel passionate about for whatever reasons and I create my freedom around that. My position right now is my personality and is what it will always be.

A Superwoman Became A Supermodel

FIV: So active on Instagram, we can see that you have the perfect model life.

STEFANIA: There is no doubt that I love my life. Doing what you like makes you happy and happiness is contagious. I don’t believe in perfect life, or perfection.

FIV: But we all have the same question, is model life always as good as it seems?

STEFANIA:  Being a model is not easy, is a hard job and it’s all about you. Taking care of your skin, diet, being on time, etc. And then you have to be a superwoman, because you never know what the day is reserved for you on the day of the shooting. Always be prepared for the worst or the best! A real supermodel! Also you have to take the risk, it’s the only thing that will define the next career move.

Changes In The Industry By Stefania

FIV: You were modelling for a long time. Would you say the modelling industry had changed in the last few years?

STEFANIA: Modelling before was more individual, nowadays it is a collective thing. Before we believe in the idea of a muse, today we don’t have that anymore.

“My Work And My Life Are The Same”

FIV: Working all over the world, you must know exactly how the industry works. What do you enjoy most about being a model and a public person?

STEFANIA: I have been traveling and I used to live in many places. My work and my life are the same thing to me. I don’t have a life on one side and work on the other side. I wait for the moment when I will build a family and feel the same, I know I am very strict when I am making choices.

Stefania: A Model In Making

FIV: You worked for the best brands that a model can work with. Can you describe to us the most exciting moment of your entire career?

STEFANIA: I wish! Not really, but I am still a model “in the making” I think… Let’s see what the future has reserved for me. There were lots of exciting moments and many others are on the way.

Vivienne Westwood: Stefania’s Dream Work

FIV: Among the few brands you haven’t worked for, what would be your dream to work for?

STEFANIA: Of course, I would love to be involved in more projects and have more covers. I would love to work with the fabulous Vivienne Westwood, such an inspiring woman, also for big houses such as Chanel or Hermes, so creative and inspiring brands, as much as many others.

Tought Times As An Opportunity

FIV: Do you have some advice for new models?

STEFANIA: You can look at these tough times as an opportunity to get closer and learn from each other. There are so many things that pop up and never settle for less.

FIV: Thank you so much Stefania for this time with FIV! We wish you the best.