10 Questions With German Model Isabel Monsees

Quiz Interview with Isabel Monsees – Isabel is one of the most promising modelf of this past few years. She is walking the runway and working with the best brands, appearing on the covers of the most prestigious magazines and being the face of the most influential campaigns. From Germany, she models all over the world no-stop. Today on Fiv we asked her a quick quiz about modelling and her personal career.

Isabel Monsees

Isabel Monsees is a young german model that is currently dominating the international scene. Her beautiful and distinctive face makes her appear in all kinds of work, from editorial to catwalk. These 10 quick questions will help you get to know her better!

How do you start your modelling career?

Isabel: I started my model career when I walked a show for a fashion design university and Spin, my model agency, discovered me and checked if I am interested in becoming a model. 

Do you remember your first job?

Isabel: Yes, it was on a tennis court and so much fun! 


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How can you describe yourself as a model? 

Isabel: I describe myself as independent, good organized and very focused. I love to work on myself and be focused on my dreams. 

Do you think you have something that made you a special model?

Isabel: I think every person has something special! So yes i think I am special as a model with my hair color and also my tooth gap. 


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Any special routine of the casting?

Isabel: Getting a good sleep and waking up early. Also a good breakfast is super important for me and taking a rest whenever I can. 

Luck or discipline, What do you think is more important in a model?

Isabel: I think both is really important in this industry. Luck is for sure a factor but discipline is what you can influence! For being a model the discipline is always the one that keeps you going and that let you move on in this job, Discipline is making you stronger.

Do you have any job in your whole career to stand out? 

Isabel: I think All my jobs i did were incredibly cool. Being in different Vogue magazines is amazing and also walking for so many designers on the runway in New York, Milan, Paris and London. Being booked exclusive for Prada and also for Burberry. I could keep going but I think these are very cool. 


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Do you have any dream job as a model? 

Isabel: I would love to work for Chanel. As a German model I am a big fan of Karl Lagerfeld and wanted to work with him since I am a little girl. Since I didn’t get a chance I would still love to work with Chanel as a brand

Will you fight until you get it?

Isabel: Of course I keep trying and working hard for it until I get it. 

Can you give some advice for young models?

Isabel: Be yourself and keep going. Ups and Downs are Normal and critic also. Don’t be naiv and always stay positive. 


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