Blondbynana in interview: About the acceptance of getting older

Blondbynana in interview – Blondbynana or rather Nadine is a content creator on Instagram and TikTok and gained her fame by participating in “Big Brother” in 2003. Nadine has one goal: to make hot flashes sexy! She wants to encourage women to accept getting older and live your life the way you want for yourself without listening to what others say. She inspires with her extravagant, provocative style and dress. Learn more about the encourager here!

She makes hot flashes sexy

In this interview, we talk to Nadine about her goal of encouraging women. On her social media channels, she introduces herself as an encourager, but what exactly is that? She also answers questions about the fear of getting older and shares tips for you to accept getting older. Furthermore, she tells us about her dream to have her own show and her participation in “Big Brother” in 2003. Nadine likes to dress flashy and extravagant, so we asked her where she shops for her outfits. She also has big plans for next year, which she tells us a little bit about. All this and more about Nadine you can find out here in this interview!

Encourager – what is that actually?

FIV: Hello dear Nadine, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview today. Let’s start directly with the first question. On your social media channels, you introduce yourself as an encourager. Can you define for our readers what that actually means?

Nadine: Actually, I just live my life as I like it, previously often smiled at from the side (just on’m village) my clothing style, my hairstyles, my make up … I have always been experimental. What I want to say, I have always remained Nana, only the expectations of us women, especially now at my age, are changing. Not with me, I’m not about being rebellious, I just don’t see why I should change: I exemplify what many do not dare to do.

Afraid of getting older? No!!

FIV: If someone stands by his age, it’s you! Yet you don’t see age as a limit to doing what you want to do. Therefore, we asked ourselves whether you personally have never been afraid of getting older or whether this was also a kind of process for you?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Nadine: I really wasn’t even afraid, we’re all in the same boat.

Photo: Anastastia Kapluggin

“Acceptance is the magic word”

FIV: You’re right about that! You make hot flashes sexy and inspire many women to not be afraid of getting older either. What do you think needs to change for the general fear of aging to go away?

Nadine: Acceptance is the magic word. We often compare ourselves and when something or someone is different, we often tend to devalue them. I think we’re on the right track, I’ve already been approached a few times by very young women when I was celebrating in Cologne that they no longer fear getting older because of me or my content.

Tips to accept aging

FIV: That’s great! Do you have any simple tips for our readers to build that acceptance?

Nadine: Yes, I did – just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t overthink, am I still allowed to do that at my age – just DO IT!

“Women wilt with the years…”

FIV: Why do you think this phrase “women wither with age, men become interesting” is so ingrained in our society?

Nadine: Men don’t age better than women, it’s just socially accepted. Man divorces & marries a viiiieeeel younger woman = normal! And we have it for decades in the advertising got conveyed.

The dream of your own show

FIV: Now we would like to know more about you. You expressed the dream that you would like to have your own show. Would you like to tell us a little more about this dream, such as the subject?

Nadine: Exactly, I want to reach more women and give them the courage to stand up for themselves and their dreams, it doesn’t always have to be something big, often it’s little things like going on vacation alone or going to the cinema alone etc.. Courage to do what you just want, without thinking about what others might say or think. What do we have to lose? Friendship with yourself is worth so much more than the talk of others!

Photo: Anastastia Kapluggin

Participation in “Big Brother” in 2003

FIV: In 2003 you took part in “Big Brother”. Would you like to summarize your experiences for us?

Nadine: It’s also an experience I’m very proud to have had. At the time, I deliberately discussed only with my closest confidants whether I should do the TV format. I knew there would be plenty of headwind coming my way – there was & that’s exactly why I’m proud that I had the courage to do something, even though I knew there would be trouble coming my way. An unforgettable time inside as well as afterwards outside, which I would not want to miss.

Nadine’s outfits: sexy & vintage

FIV: Fashion is one of your passions. It’s not for nothing that you were Shopping Queen in 2021. You love to dress stylishly, but also extravagantly and provocatively. Where do you prefer to buy your outfits?

Nadine: I LOVE vintage, my winner outfit from Shopping Queen I also bought used. I love things with a story & sexy it may also be – I must always feel 100% comfortable in my clothes and exactly then I love to present myself.

Travel through Europe by van

FIV: Also, you planned to buy a van and travel around Europe by yourself. Which country would be your first destination and why?

Nadine: My first trip will be towards Italy, through Austria, to meet as many spectators as possible – because I’m not traveling alone: in my luggage are all my friends & spectators.

FIV: You are truly an inspiration to all women! Thank you again for your time and the nice interview. We wish you all the best on your way!

Photo: Anastastia Kapluggin

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