Franziskaelea in interview: About Riding & Mental Health

Franziskaelea in interview – horses, horses, horses! Franziska’s passion is riding. Back when she was 11 years old she discovered riding for herself and today it is a kind of therapy, because some time ago she was diagnosed with Boderline Personality Disorder. She is a content creator and shares a lot of horse content, but also her experiences with her disorder on Instagram and TikTok with her community to encourage others. But not only that! Now she is also an author and from January you can order Franziska’s own book about Borderline on Amazon.

Franziska’s passion: horseback riding

In this interview with our magazine, we talked to Franziska about riding and mental health. We went with her to the beginnings of her riding career and asked her how she discovered riding for herself and what meaning it has for her today. She also tells us where she buys her riding clothes. Franziska loves spending time with her horse the most, which is why she can be found in the stable every day. She tells us what her daily routine is like there and which must-haves always have to be there. She also talks to us about her Borderline diagnosis and how she deals with it. She also shares tips on how to improve your mental health and tells us about her book, which you can order from Amazon in January. All this and more you can find out here in this interview!

Beginnings: First riding lesson at age 11

FIV: Hello dear Franziska, we are glad that it worked out with the interview today. We are happy to start now. First of all, we would like to talk about your passion for riding and its beginnings. How did you discover riding for yourself?

Franziska: When I was 11 years old, my mother came home from work one day and said that one of her customers was raving about horseback riding. She then arranged a riding lesson for herself, my sister and me. That was when I sat on a horse for the first time and it was incredibly fun.

“Riding is a kind of therapy”

FIV: How nice! In addition, riding also plays a big role on your social media channels. There, your followers can see that your horses bring a smile to your face. What do you personally associate with riding?

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Franziska: For me, horses are a kind of therapy. I associate it with peace and quiet, but at the same time with adrenaline, love for the animals and feelings of happiness. There is hardly any other activity where you are so focused on the animal moving underneath you that you don’t have the chance to think about the rest of the world. It’s a great opportunity to switch off and develop together with a living creature and even achieve athletic goals if necessary. This gives me an incredible amount of joy! In addition, riding is much more strenuous than it looks from the outside and keeps me fit in everyday life.


Riding clothes: Riders Deal, Loesdau, …

FIV: It’s really great to hear what’s behind riding for you and what you associate with it. Where do you prefer to buy your riding clothes?

Franziska: Very different. I order a lot online at Riders Deal, where there are always the best deals, and in stationary retail we have Loesdau and Krämer nearby. You can find everything you need there. My favorite brands are PS of Sweden, HV Polo, Eskadron and Equestrian Stockholm.

Everyday in the horse stable – The everyday life

FIV: Also, you can be found every day at the barn with your horse Fleur, so we’re interested to know: what does your daily routine at the barn look like?

Franziska: Fleur always gets an apple, a carrot or a banana from me as a welcome. Then we usually go grazing or for a walk – if the pastures are open, I often put her out again. In the morning she comes with the guide service already on’s paddock or if necessary on the meadow. Then I always take a lot of time to groom her and get her ready for riding or lunging – all accompanied by numerous cuddles, of course. After training I am busy with cleaning up, cleaning hooves & horse & preparing food for the next day. After Fleur has eaten, she is allowed to go out again and just be a horse for a bit or play with her best friend. In between I like to walk Hazel in the woods a bit or help stablemates with taking care of their horses. Sometimes I also ride other horses to learn more about riding myself. Fleur is still very young and I want to become a better rider for her.

Must haves in the stable: dog

FIV: What are your must-haves that always have to go with you when you go to the barn?

Franziska: My dog – if you can call that a must have! Otherwise, I have most things stored in my locker at the stable: cell phone charging cables, dog snacks, warm clothes, outfits for Fleur and everything you need for the care of the horse. My cell phone – although I hardly have reception at the stable – is also always with me to capture special moments for my community.


Mental Health & Diagnosis Borderline

FIV: Now we would like to talk to you about Mental Health. When you were 15 years old, you were diagnosed with borderline. How did you deal with the situation?

Franziska: Note: In the clinic they said I was “developing” BPD – diagnoses are actually only allowed after 21, but the signs were clear. The diagnosis itself did not change much, I was rather glad that it all had a name and was not normal. Otherwise I would have had little hope for a happy life in the future. I went to inpatient and outpatient therapy and always tried to work on myself.

Franziska’s tips regarding Mental Health

FIV: Do you have any tips for our readers on how to improve their own mental health?

Franziska: Do things that make you happy and think long-term. The (short-term) easy way is not always the better way. I have always listened to my heart instead of the voices of reason around me and that has personally led to the best decisions of my life. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have a horse, started my own business, or let a small dog into my life as a college student. I always ask myself: does it make ME happy, or the people around me? At the end of the day, it’s just me alone with myself and having to live with my choices. Not the others. Otherwise, I can only suggest to everyone: Go horseback riding! That is the best therapy for me.

Own book: “What you do not see”.

FIV: Your book “What You Don’t See” will be published in January. Would you like to explain to our readers what your book is about?

Franziska: “What you don’t see” is a non-fiction book about borderline personality disorder and tells my story from birth. So it’s also an autobiography, so to speak. I have suffered many setbacks and had little support in life. Yet here I am, answering these very interview questions. With my book I want to encourage those affected, open the eyes of relatives and offer an exciting, true and above all honest story to all those who actively follow me. I think we have succeeded in doing that!


“What I have experienced, no one believes me”.

FIV: What inspired you to write your own book?

Franziska: In fact, I’ve often thought “no one believes everything I’ve experienced. Or “the whole world should actually know that. The desire to share my story with people had been growing for some time, and when my publisher approached me with the request for this non-fiction book, I didn’t have to think twice. The people inspired me, the therapy, the experiences and in short: life.

“E” – Franziska in three words

FIV: Last but not least, we would like to learn a little bit more about you, please describe yourself in three words.

Franziska: Honest, ambitious & empathetic. So I am an “E” lol.

FIV: Thank you very much for your time and the great interview. We wish you all the best on your way!

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