Solo travel: On the road in your own van – Interview with Anni

Solo travel with Anni! The Travel-Influencer gives tips for your next vacation! Anni comes from a village of 300 inhabitants where she grew up on a farm. Her passion is traveling through nature alone with her dog in her own van. On Instagram, the content creator shares her favorite topic, traveling, with her nearly 130,000 followers every day.

Experience as a travel content creator

Solo travel is all the rage! Looking for tips and experiences for your own adventure? Anni tells you about her experiences as a content creator, her life in a van and gives tips for travel newbies who also want to travel alone. In this interview, you’ll find ideas and inspiration for planning your own solo trip. Find out all this and more here!

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Germany - Spain - USA

Adventure: farm, own van & mental health

FIV: Hello dear Anni, thank you for taking the time for this interview! Please tell us something about yourself first.

Anni: My name is Anni, I am 28 years old, I come from a village with 300 inhabitants, I grew up on my grandparents’ farm and after my training as a hotel manageress I moved to Munich for a total of 6 years, where I was able to turn my passion into my profession.

I love to travel solo with my dog and self extended Van Elmo and share a lot on social media about (solo) travel, being brave, mental health and also the topic of relationships and feeling good.

Be free! Advantages of solo travel

FIV: You like to travel alone. What advantages does that have for you and what excites you most about traveling solo?

Anni: I’m always spontaneous and can do exactly what I feel like doing. You are absolutely unbound and free in your approach.

FIV: Do you ever feel lonely on your solo travels? If so, how do you deal with it?

Anni: I actually never feel lonely, not only because I usually have my dog with me, but also because I enjoy just being by myself.

At home on wheels: Travel with van

FIV: On Instagram, you’re usually seen traveling in your van. How do you deal with the fact that traveling in a van often means limited access to internet and electricity?

Anni: It actually grounds me a lot and after every van trip I appreciate everything that we take for granted at home even more. Always electricity, hot water, it is why around you, everything can be done faster.

With the van, I am where I feel most comfortable: in the middle of nature.

Experience with roof tents: The advantages

FIV: In which places did you particularly enjoy camping and why?

Anni: It doesn’t matter where, as long as it’s in nature. However, I have fallen very much in love with Norway and Sweden.

FIV: In one of your posts you show how you spend the night in a roof tent. What are the advantages here compared to a conventional tent?

Anni: A roof tent has many advantages, it is high up and you don’t have to be afraid of animals coming into the tent. It is more stable, it fits on almost every car and you have a 1A view of everything around.

Tripod as an aid: producing content alone

FIV: You are an independent content creator. How do you produce your content when you’re out on your own?

Anni: I always have my tripods with me, it all takes longer but I love to film and photograph. My camera tripod even has a name: Ramon.

FIV: You have almost 130,000 followers on Instagram. Have you already been able to motivate some of your subscribers to give solo travel a try?

Anni: Yes, and there is really nothing better for me than reading these grateful messages. Inspiring people to spend time with themselves and appreciate nature is really great and I find it very fulfilling.

Choosing itineraries: Planning or spontaneous?

FIV: You have traveled to many different places. How do you choose your itineraries?

Anni: To be honest, my motto is usually: “Planless is the plan”.

Mostly I have a destination and everything else on the route I plan spontaneously. Even if I plan everything through, I usually throw it around again and plan differently than planned.

Tips for solo travel

FIV: Do you have any tips for people who also want to travel alone but are still unsure?

Anni: Don’t think too much, just do it! Be brave and get out of your comfort zone!

FIV: Finally, without further ado, what are your top 3 solo travel destinations for novice travelers?

Anni: Austria, Sweden and Norway

Editor’s tip: Read more about Austria, Sweden and Norway here.

FIV: Thank you for this interesting interview! All the best on your travels!

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