Holiday in Norway: Explore Oslo, marvel at the fjords & experience nature

Holiday in Norway – Scandinavian flair, coastal fjords and mountains – The Kingdom of Norway has a lot to offer. From Germany, you start your journey via Hamburg and through Denmark, until you reach the Scandinavian regions. Besides hiking and skiing you can experience the beautiful nature, drive from island to island and enjoy culture, music and good food in the cities. Read more about the major cities of Oslo and Bergen in our article, as well as the stunning fjords in the country. Learn about the Norwegian islands Lofoten and get an impression of the fishing village Reine. Have fun on your next holiday in Norway!

Norway: Cities, fjords and northern lights

Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country that has a lot to offer. Besides the breathtaking nature between fjords, forests, mountains and the sea, you can marvel at the northern lights in winter. You are not the type for outdoor activities? No problem, because in Norway you will find beautiful cities and villages like Oslo, Bergen and Flåm that are a must-see. Oslo and Bergen are great for your next shopping trip and museums will teach you about the country’s culture. Experience the simple Scandinavian flair and explore Norway with us!

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Norway on the map: Scandinavia

Here you can see Norway on the map. The country borders Sweden and is located in the north of Europe, which can be commonly called Scandinavia.

Getting there: What you should know before your vacation

Before you travel to Norway, there are a few things you should know. It is important to know that Norway has kept the Norwegian Krone (NOK) as currency. So you will need to change your currency before you can relax on holiday. Although credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere, in the smaller, more rural provinces you should always carry some cash for emergencies.

Climate: From temperate to polar climate

Furthermore, you should know about the weather in Norway. The country has a temperate climate in many regions that can be visited all year round. However, many areas should rather be visited in summer, as winter is very dark and gloomy and light rarely comes through.

  • West: lake climate; high precipitation rate, cool summers and mild winters
  • East: dry climate; cold winters, warmer summers
  • North: Polar climate; No sun in winter

Here you will find a current overview of the weather in Norway:

Facts: What else you should know about the country

  • In Norway there is right-hand traffic
  • Norway has a very high cost of living
  • There is a very well developed internet network in Norway
  • Alcohol may only be purchased from 18, spirits from 20

Oslo: City trip to the capital

Norway’s capital Oslo is located on the south coast of the country and is characterized by culture and green spaces. Due to a variety of museums, the city is always worth a trip, both in good and bad weather. In the city centre you will find historical buildings and a super shopping mile that invites you to stroll around. The numerous restaurants invite you to try freshly caught fish and on the peninsula bordering the city you can even find real Viking ships from the 9th century!

Map: Explore Oslo in one day

Oslo is a great city for the ultimate city break! To take in every sight on your trip, we’ve laid out our favorite route across the city so you don’t waste time planning. The route includes a mix of shopping, dining and sightseeing and takes you on a historical journey through the beautiful city.

Here you find again briefly the intermediate stops of the route:

  • Start: Akershus Fortress
  • Oslo Opera House
  • Shopping mile
  • Royal Oslo Castle
  • Vigelandsanlegget Sculpture Park
  • Norsk Folkenmuseum
  • Vikingskipshuset Museum

Check out our route through the city on this map!

Tour: View of the shopping mile in Oslo

Do you love fashion and bring a piece of clothing from every city as a souvenir? Then Oslo will make your shopping heart beat faster. Besides local brands and fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M, you’ll also find luxury brands like Acne Studios and Louis Vuitton. There’s something for every fashion lover!

Luxury brands are right up your street? Then find out about your favourite brand and learn all about the latest brands in our XXL brand guide.

Bergen: holiday resort and metropolis

Bergen is the second largest city in Norway and just as worth seeing as Oslo. What is special about Bergen? The city is located in a valley, surrounded by seven mountains, whose peaks offer a beautiful view over the city. Here you can go hiking or skiing. Sport is not your thing? No problem, the funicular Fløibanen takes you to the viewing plateau of Fløyen.

Bergen is also the gateway to Norway’s largest and most famous fjords, which are a real must-see. As well as stunning nature, Bergen boasts beautiful, colourful wooden houses and winding streets that are home to a strong music scene and many famous composers such as Edvard Hagerup Grieg.

Map from fjord to fjord

First of all – a fjord is an arm of the sea that reaches far into the country. The Hardangerfjord, the Trolltunga and the Sognefjord are the three largest fjords in Norway. Bergen lies right in between them, making it the perfect starting point for a tour through the Norwegian wilderness, towards the fjords. Our insider tip: The fjord village Flåm is located northeast above Bergen and offers a wonderful idyllic and homely atmosphere. If you have a lot of time, you can take the Flåm Railway, which is considered one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world.

Stops along the way:

  • Start: Bergen
  • Hardangerfjord
  • Trolltungafjord
  • Sognefjord

This route takes you right past the biggest fjords in Norway!

360° view over the Sognefjord

This breathtaking fjord is not only the largest in Norway, it is also the longest and deepest fjord in Europe. Other, smaller side arms lead away from it, which in turn flow into smaller fjords.

Lofoten: Island hopping in Norway

The Lofoten Islands offer natural spectacles at their best. During the long winter months you can marvel at the fascinating northern lights. In summer, on the other hand, it never gets dark, not even at night! Especially outdoor fans will love these islands, as the unique landscape between mountains, small villages and the sea invites you to explore and hike. Due to the relatively mild climate, despite the northern location, the Lofoten Islands are considered a year-round destination, as you can experience the islands in winter as well as in summer in a very special way.

Map: The Lofoten Islands in the North of Norway

The Lofoten Islands are part of the large archipelago in northern Norway and comprise the western section of the archipelago. The individual islands are connected by bridges, which make it easy to explore the entire region. Despite the many bridges, the region can only be approached by water or by air. For those who want to make the journey a destination, take the famous Hurtigruten route along Norway’s Atlantic coast by ship, which offers spectacular views of Norway’s landscape.

Reine: Idyllic village on the Lofoten Islands

Reine is a small fishing village on the east side of the Lofoten Islands. Besides the typical Norwegian red wooden houses, you can experience all kinds of things here. Especially photographers will get their money’s worth here in the early morning hours, when the rising sun bathes the mountains and the water in a magical light. Hikers can fulfil themselves on the Reineberg, from the top of which you have a breathtaking view over the village and the sea. You are not a professional mountain climber? No problem, on the mountain leads the so-called Sherpa stairs, which facilitate the ascent.

Looking for a holiday? Two more travel countries

You still haven’t had enough after your Norway trip? Here are two more countries that are great for your next holiday besides Norway. Scandinavia, Köttbullar, wellness and co., your heart will definitely go out here!


Larger than Germany, much less populated and full of untouched forests, lakes and rivers: That is Sweden. Its pristine nature and the tranquility of the country allow visitors to step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life straight into a state of absolute calm. Discover Sweden’s wonderful nature!


The Kingdom of Denmark is part of the European Union, but like many Scandinavian countries, it has retained its own currency, the Danish krone. In tourist hotspots you can still pay with the currency. Anyway, most shops accept credit cards as payment. What else you should know before your vacation in the beautiful country and what you should not miss in any case we tell you in this article.