Camping in Norway: On the road with the roof tent! Camping, hiking and freedom

Camping Norway – The Scandinavian country of Norway in Europe is best known for its unspoiled nature. Camping in this is one of the travel tips par excellence. If you prepare well, camping is actually quite easy and an absolutely unforgettable experience, especially if you are traveling in your own car with a roof tent. You can spend the night in the untouched nature of Norway, in the mountains or at the fjord. Here you can find tips, routes and places for camping in Norway and watch the first videos.

Starry skies, cold nights and northern lights

You want to experience the natural spectacles of the country in the far north of Europe? The best way to do that is a camping vacation. You can swim in glassy glacial lakes, marvel at ancient forests and rocks, and maybe even see the northern lights. Camping is a big word for many people. And in any case, this vacation should be well planned. So you can plan or if you just want to get a taste of camping, you will find many great tips for equipment, super beautiful routes and places.

Roof tent recommendation: Camper rated

Want an expert opinion on the roof tent? Here you can find the video of a passionate camper who has discovered the advantages of a roof tent for himself and has many great tips for traveling with a roof tent in store. More tips for campers in Norway can be found here (external): Camping Norway.

Lukinski Villas

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Freedom by car: roof tent camping

You have everything planned for the perfect camping vacation, only the accommodation is missing? How about a roof tent? Roof tents are the new way to camp, because they combine all the advantages of classic tents and caravans. They are just as space-saving as classic tents and since they can be mounted on any car roof, you also have more storage space in the car.

Due to the thoughtful construction of many roof tents, they hold bombproof on the roof even in difficult terrain. So you won’t get hit by flying tarps and tent poles in the car.

Of course, good roof tents are also absolutely rainproof. In bad weather, the dismantling is also super easy. While you do not have to fold so wet and dirty tent tarpaulins, most models for the car roof can be easily folded. This keeps you clean and dry!

Of course, you’ll notice the extra weight on the roof when driving, but it’s much lighter and more terrain resistant than a camper, and you won’t have to awkwardly squeeze the tent into the trunk.

  • Roof tent for the roof of the car
  • Firm grip on difficult terrain
  • Easy dismantling
  • BUT: Weight on the car roof is noticeable
  • FOR: more space in the car

Never heard of a roof tent?

Camping route: mountain, hiking & camping

Once you have familiarized yourself with your roof tent, you are ready to go! A possible route would be from Dovrefjell over the picturesque Geiranger to the breathtaking Jotunheimen.

Experiences hiking: Fishing, Starry Sky & Mountains

The perfect way to prepare for the night after a hike through the overgrown mountainsides is to pitch your tent. You are allowed to do this anywhere in Norway as long as you don’t damage the existing nature. When you have put all the pegs into the soft mossy ground, it is time for a tasty meal from the gas stove. For this it is worth trying fishing in the crystal clear rivers.

With a full stomach, you can then spend the night under the clear starry sky. In the Norwegian wilderness you have no light pollution like in big cities, so you can look at the stars through the skylight of your tent.

Continue through romantic villages of wooden huts, past rushing waterfalls, over slippery rocks, through the stream and up to the top of the mountains to see you meandering through Jotunheimen rivers. Jotunheimen has the highest mountains in Norway and therefore many famous hiking trails.

Quick overview:

  • Camping: allowed everywhere in Norway, as long as nature is not damaged
  • Gas stove for delicious meal & fishing in crystal clear rivers
  • Night under clear starry sky without light pollution
  • Continue through romantic villages & rushing waterfalls
  • Over slippery stones, through stream & on top of mountains
  • Jotunheimen: Highest mountains in Norway & famous hiking trails

Here you can find the route again on the map:

Road trip through Norway: tips, route & places

This vacation show you the two young men in the video and give besides the beautiful nature shots helpful tips about camping in Norway and the route. They are both experienced campers, as they have already set out several times to explore a part of Norway.

Top 10 Places: Senja, Lofoten & Co.

You don’t want to plan a fixed route at all, but rather get to know the top 10 places in Norway?

Then you can check out the list of places below:

Varangerhalvøya – Senja – Lofoten

We start high in the north with Varangerhalvøya, a region with fjord and unique glacier rocks. Also far north is Senja, an island popular for hiking vacations in the high mountains above the sea. If you’re lucky, you can spot whales in the water there. Also by the sea is the Lofoten archipelago, where you can marvel at brilliant northern lights. Or you can walk across the small bridges that connect the inhabited islands. There is also a nice place for a snack in the lovely fishing villages.

This is how picturesque the Lofoten Islands look:

Helgeland – Femundsmarka National Park

Have you ever seen black rocks? You can find them in the Helgeland region a bit further south. Because of its enchanting landscape, it used to play a role in sagas and fairy tales. Nowadays it is a popular place for cycling or kayaking. A little further south is Femundsmarka National Park, a popular destination for camping vacations by the lake. In this there are even reindeer to marvel at.

Cute reindeer:

Loenvatnet – Nærøyfjorden – Valdres

Another insider tip for swimming in crystal clear glacier water is Lake Loenvatnet. Further south, you can continue your tour with Nærøyfjorden. This is a classic fjord on sunlit mountainsides, with a ferry as its attraction. About three hours away to the east, you’ll find the Valdres area. This is worth it for a breathtaking view of a landscape of forested valleys and sparkling lakes.

This is what awaits you in Valdres:

Hardanger – Jettegrytene i Nissedal

Also famous for its unique nature is the Hardanger region. Since a lot of fruit is grown here, springtime conjures up famous fields of flowers on the landscape. In the far south, it’s time for another insider tip: Jettegrytene i Nissedal. This one is worth seeing for the specially shaped rocks in the dried riverbed.

This is the picturesque landscape at Jettegrytene i Nissedal:

All places in the overview

Here you can see all the places again on the map:

  • Senja
  • Varangerhalvøya
  • Femundsmarka
  • Loenvatnet
  • Valdres
  • Hardanger
  • Helgeland
  • Lofoten
  • Nærøyfjorden
  • Jettegrytene i Nissedal

Here is a small example, for your adventure in Norway, from Mo i Rana in the Helgeland region via the municipality of Røros in Femundsmarka National Park to Lake Loenvatnet.

Norway from above: icy world by the sea

Pictures say more than 1,000 words! The most beautiful 10 spots you get here in a video. Recorded during a 3-year trip. On this trip, a photographer traveled through Norway and has therefore compiled everything important in a video. You can watch this video here.

Insider tip: Vassfaret National Park

Here’s another top favorite that didn’t appear on the list before: Vassfaret National Park. This one offers swimming lakes with mountain panorama, high pine forests and fascinating views. It is ideal for wild camping in the great outdoors. How such a vacation could look like and what you can expect between tent, warming campfire and tough fog, you can see in this video.

More camping tips for Norway?

Well, curious or is camping not for you? Here you can find more detailed articles about the perfect vacation in Norway or camping ideas for your unforgettable trip.