IKamper roof tent: Relaxed camping in all weathers

iKamper Roof Tent – Discover the freedom of camping with the unique roof tents from iKamper! Founder Soon Park developed the idea during a three-year road trip through North America and designed the first product, the Skycamp, the world’s first hard-shell rooftop tent. The rooftop tents offer a practical solution for camping enthusiasts who want to be flexible and independent on the road, and they allow for a connection with nature and a unique adventure for the whole family. Find out exactly how iKamper offers that here! You can find other brands here: Roof Tent Manufacturer.

Roof tents from iKamper

iKamper is a well-known rooftop tent manufacturer started by founder Soon Park. The idea for iKamper came about during a three-year road trip through North America, when Soon Park was not satisfied with a conventional tent and used a tent trailer instead. Upon his return, he designed iKamper’s first product, the Skycamp, the world’s first hard-shell rooftop tent.

While traveling, Soon Park dreamed of a rooftop tent that would combine the space of a soft-shell tent with the comfort of a hard-shell tent – hassle-free and uncomplicated. With that goal in mind, he founded the iKamper team and pitched his idea on Kickstarter, hoping to raise $100,000 to make it a reality. The response was overwhelming, as iKamper raised an impressive $2.3 million instead of the expected $100,000. Today, iKamper has grown into an international community with thousands of members in 40 countries, all sharing a passion for camping and the freedom of travel.

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That’s how relaxing it is to sleep in an iKamper:

Advantages of roof tents: Sleeping on the car

Roof tents are a practical and popular solution for camping enthusiasts who like to be flexible and independent on the road. These are special tents that are mounted on the roof of a vehicle and thus serve as mobile sleeping accommodation. Tip: iKamper tents have large panoramic windows all around, so you can enjoy nature and the starry sky even late at night.

Quality, Materials & Workmanship: Consider when buying!

Many roof tent manufacturers offer a variety of models and equipment options, so that the right roof tent can be found for different needs and preferences. When buying a roof tent, it is important to pay attention to quality, materials and workmanship to get a sturdy and weatherproof tent that can withstand adventures in the wilderness.

These are characterized by their quality, durability and water resistance, which makes them ideal for outdoor adventures. iKamper roof tents are appreciated for their innovative technology and comfortable design and can accommodate up to four people.

Stay overnight on the road with easy assembly!

Rooftop tents in general allow camping enthusiasts to freely choose their destinations and explore the surroundings during the day to end the day in the evening in a cozy atmosphere. They allow a connection with nature and offer a unique adventure for the whole family. With practical rails on the bottom of the tent, they can be effortlessly attached to already mounted roof racks of the vehicle. However, it is important that the roof load of the car is sufficient to support the roof tent.

Roof Tents Models & Sizes

iKamper offers a diverse range of roof tents that meet different needs. These offer space for two to four people, depending on the model and size. For couples or small families, there are the 2-person rooftop tents as well as the more spacious 3-person rooftop tents like the popular Skycamp model. If you’re traveling with a larger group, iKamper also offers spacious 4-person rooftop tents like the X-cover that provide the comfort and flexibility you need for your camping adventure.

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Manufacturer & supplier comparison

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