DTBD Outdoor rooftop tents: Self-contained outdoors for camping beginners.

DTBD Outdoor Rooftop Tents – When the longing for outdoor adventures calls and you want to fully enjoy the freedom of camping, DTBD rooftop tents could be the answer. From their fascinating origin story to their practical benefits and valuable tips for camping beginners, we’ll take you on a journey through the world of DTBD rooftop tents. Find out why these tents are mounted on the roof of your car, what benefits they offer and how you can best prepare for your next camping adventure. Back to the main page here: Roof Tent Manufacturer.

Innovation through adventure: DTBD roof tents

Rooftop tents have evolved from a simple idea to a popular solution for camping enthusiasts seeking a unique outdoor experience. When asked which rooftop tent to buy? one option is the company DTBD Outdoor (Dare to be Different). Originally inspired by a family camping trip in the Netherlands, DTBD has become a leading European supplier of rooftop tents, creating a passionate community of adventurers in over 15 countries.

You can find the official website here:

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Germany - Spain - USA

Wait, what is a roof tent anyway?

The basic idea behind roof tents is simple yet ingenious: by mounting them on the roof of your vehicle, they provide an elevated sleeping surface that protects against uneven ground, animals and the elements. This creates a convenient way to sleep comfortably while camping or traveling while enjoying the freedom of the outdoors. Setting up a rooftop tent is comparatively straightforward and does not require the time-consuming setup of a traditional tent.

The roof tent quickly in the overview:

  • Installation of roof tents on vehicle roofs
  • Creating a raised sleeping surface
  • Protection from uneven ground, animals & weather conditions
  • Enjoyment of the freedom of nature in comfortable surroundings
  • No time consuming setup like traditional tents

To see how uncomplicated the construction can be, you should watch this video:

Camping for beginners

If you’re embarking on your first camping adventure, a few basic tips can make the difference between an enjoyable experience and a challenge. Here’s some advice that can help you as a camping beginner.

Preparation & trial and error: Practice makes perfect

It’s best to practice pitching your tent before you go on a trip. This will help you avoid frustration and uncertainty when you arrive at the campsite. It also doesn’t hurt to take a look at your rooftop tent’s instruction manual or watch a tutorial beforehand. Additionally, if you’re unsure about what it’s like to sleep in the tent, do a trial overnight in the backyard. This will help you get used to the environment and make sure you have everything you need.

Planning & packing: prepare camping adventure

Of course, now you have to choose a destination. Whether in Germany or in Spain, Italy or Sweden, you should always choose a campsite that suits your needs. Some offer more amenities, such as their own shopping and restaurant offerings, while others are more secluded and close to nature. Then it’s time to pack. Take only the essentials. Think sleeping bag, sleeping pad, weatherproof clothing and food. Above all, pay attention to organization and order.

Cooking in the open air: Equipment & rain protection

Just before the trip, you should also think about what you want to eat. As a camper, you usually eat in nature. Therefore, plan simple meals that are easy to prepare. Avoid perishables and make sure you have all the necessary utensils for cooking, such as a camping stove. Additionally, check the weather forecast before you leave and be prepared for different weather conditions. Rain gear and warm clothing can make all the difference to a successful vacation.

Enjoy adventure: relaxation & joy in nature

Once you arrive at the campsite, you can of course apply what you have practiced before in your garden. On site, also make sure that you don’t leave any trash and that you follow the rules of the campsite. Respect the wildlife and avoid unnecessary noise. Then all you have to do is get involved in the adventure and enjoy your time in nature. Relaxing at the campsite is often the best thing about camping.

Quick overview: 8 tips for camping beginners

So that you don’t lose the overview, here you have all eight tips at a glance:

  1. Learn how to set up the roof tent correctly
  2. Trial overnight stay in the garden
  3. Choose the right campsite
  4. Pack light & space saving
  5. Plan simple & durable meals
  6. Deal with the weather forecast
  7. Respect nature
  8. Enjoy the experience

As a couple or with the family?

With a versatile range of models offering space for 2 to 4 people, DTBD roof tents are ideal for accommodating couples, small families or camping groups with friends. The different dimensions and designs open the possibility for campers to choose the roof tent that best suits their personal needs and preferences.

Whether for an intimate weekend for two or a joint family trip into the wilderness – with the different sizes, even camping beginners will find the ideal roof tent. With these tips, you too can find the right size:

Relaxed camping with the family can be so nice!

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