Rooftop tent providers: Campwerk, iKamper and Tuff Trek – Which is the right one?

Roof Tent Suppliers – Roof tents are the ultimate companion for adventurous camping, but with so many manufacturers and different models – such as roof tents for two people – the question can arise: Which roof tent should I buy? In this context, three well-known suppliers are particularly worth mentioning: Campwerk, iKamper and Tuff Trek. These manufacturers are an absolute must for any camping enthusiast looking for high-quality and versatile roof tent solutions. Here we introduce you to the roof tent brands in more detail.

Roof tent manufacturer: which supplier?

Here are 3 popular manufacturers, you can find more in the list (link below).

Campwerk: roof tents, tent trailers & accessories

From roof tents to tent trailers and customized accessory solutions, Campwerk offers outstanding quality and expertise. As the leading roof tent manufacturer in Germany, the brand has built a trusted reputation and is appreciated by camping enthusiasts.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

You can get to know this provider here:

IKamper: freedom, flexibility & closeness to nature combined

Immerse yourself in the freedom of camping through the unique roof tents from iKamper! These innovative roof tents offer a practical solution for camping enthusiasts looking for a flexible and free trip. They allow a deep connection with nature and create an incomparable adventure for the whole family.

You’ll learn everything you need to know here:

Tuff Trek:

In addition to an impressive range of roof tent models for outdoor enthusiasts, the British company Tuff Trek also offers a workshop for installation and customization. This allows customers to purchase the parts from them and have them installed directly, while they can simply enjoy their vehicle.

You can read more about the brand here:

Provider List: Our recommendation

In general, roof tents are characterized by a remarkable price-performance ratio, uncomplicated assembly and flexible travel options. At the same time, the variants of the various producers differ in terms of design, execution, equipment, cost and dimensions of the roof tents.

To help you decide despite these differences, we’ve put together 13 of the most popular ones:

Roof tent store: Good prices, fast delivery

Of course, you have to buy the roof tents somewhere. Here you will find an overview of some stores where you can buy roof tents and matching accessories.

Roof tent comparison: Our recommendations

Looking for the right roof tent or strong accessories and equipment for the camping site? Here you will find our shopping recommendations:

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