Which is the best roof tent? – Tips for the decision

Which is the best roof tent? – When thinking about outdoor expeditions, spontaneous trips and camping, the question comes up more and more often: Which rooftop tent is right for me? The question of the best roof tent must be answered by each camper for himself. But we can tell you how to find out and which one is our favorite. From the optimal size and equipment to the question of hard shell or fabric roof, stability and practical attachment of add-on tents and awnings – all these aspects play a role in the search for the perfect companion for your trips into nature.

Suitable roof tent: travel time, size & regions – checklist

Depending on how long you are on the road, how many people you are traveling with and which regions you are visiting, one or the other roof tent model may be more worthwhile. Of course, there are roof tents from different manufacturers in different sizes and different equipment. If you are traveling as a couple with your partner, you won’t need quite as much space and can choose a smaller model accordingly.

You should keep this in mind when buying:

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  • How big should the tent be to accommodate all family members?
  • Hard shell: yes or no?
  • Is the roof tent stable, robust and durable?
  • Do I need partitions / separate chambers?
  • Does the roof tent have integrated mattress and ladder?
  • Do I need an additional inner tent, mosquito net, protective cover & Co.
  • Do I want a matching add-on tent or awning?

Camping for two or with the family

With the whole family you need a little more sleeping and living space and in the best case partitions or individual rooms for a little more privacy. Especially for very long trips, a robust and stable hard-shell roof tent is recommended, whereby you should definitely make sure that the most important features are already available.

Here you can find our tips for roof tent size:

Our favorite: Adventure roof tent

With a few simple steps, the Campwerk Adventure roof tent transforms into a cozy living space with versatile possibilities. This makes it perfect for spontaneous weekend trips, where the focus is on fun and relaxation. The sleeping area is equipped with a high-quality mattress and is accessible via a ladder. And when you’re lying in the roof tent, you can catch a glimpse of the starry sky through an impressive panorama window – although it was hardly noticeable before on the car while driving.

You can read more about Campwerk roof tents here:

Roof tent manufacturer: Our recommendation

To give you an overview of all the options out there, we have listed many other providers here:

Roof tent comparison: find the right one!

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