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Which is the best roof tent? – Tips for the decision

Which is the best roof tent? – When thinking about outdoor expeditions, spontaneous trips and camping, the question comes up more and more often: Which rooftop tent is right for me? The question of the best roof tent must be answered by each camper for himself. But we can tell you how to find out […]

Roof tent 4 people (vacation with children): Camping tips, setup for the car & price

Roof tent 4 people – Plan an unforgettable camping with two children and discover the practical solution of a roof tent for four people. With ample space and comfort, it offers the freedom to enjoy nature to the fullest. Learn how to assemble and set up the roof tent, as well as what accessories you’ll […]

Maximum size of your first apartment: living space for owner-occupiers and capital investors – 4 tips

Size of a property – How big should my first condominium be? Micro-apartment, 2, 3 or even more rooms? This question is answered here by comparing living space for owner-occupancy and investment. In general, the number of square meters and the room layout are particularly important. You can learn everything else here! Living space for […]

Become a Curvy Model! Measurements, weight, height and requirements – tips from a model agency

You want to become a curvy model? Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday, Hayley Hasselhoff or Angelina Kirsch, Curvy Models conquer more and more photo shoots, video shoots and catwalks. But how does one become a booked Curvy Model? Model agency boss Stephan Czaja (CM Models) tells us what the special of Curvy Models enter, because we […]

City tour with a difference: With the folding bike through Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne & Co. – advantages, costs, weight

City tour with the folding bike – Whether in summer or winter, a city tour is a good idea at any time of year. But instead of exploring your favourite city by car or train, you can take advantage of a bike. Even better, with a folding bike, you’ll not only be on your way […]

Coffee machine XXL: grinder, beans & operating system-the best fully automatic coffee machines in the test

Coffee maker: The first thing you do in the morning is go straight to the kitchen and to the coffee maker. So why should you save money on such a product, which is already firmly anchored in the morning routine for so many people? We show you here what a good coffee machine should be […]

Buying Amethyst: Value, Color, Price & Jewelry – Investment Gemstone

Buy Amethyst – The purple variety of quartz is very popular among gemstone lovers and gemstone collectors. The amethyst not only gives a particularly beautiful decoration of the living room, it also has spiritual healing properties and can also be worn as a piece of jewelry on the body. The most beautiful purple amethysts are […]

XP-PEN Artist 22E Pro graphics tablet with display in test: Experiences and advantages

XP-PEN Artist 22E Pro graphics tablet with display – Whether for image editing or graphic design, in many creative jobs and hobbies graphics tablets have become an indispensable part of everyday life. But to make the right choice for your needs is not so easy, because the market is almost oversaturated and to keep a […]

Holiday home: buy or build a dream home by the sea or lake? Advantages, disadvantages & tips

Holiday home – Who does not know it? You have simply fallen in love with a place and would love to spend every free minute there. But workplace and life focus are simply too much anchored in the actual home. In such a situation the option of a holiday home opens up. Whether at the […]

Country house: Build, buy, furnish – your romantic-rustic cottage with garden

Country house – You want to buy a house and dream of an idyllic house in the country? When you think of a country house, the romantic, rustic style immediately comes to mind. Secluded, in the middle of nature with a very individual touch. The English cottage might be particularly romantic and dreamy here. Are […]

Apartment: charming small apartments for singles, students and seniors

Apartment – Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne: Apartments are extremely popular in cities with millions of inhabitants and large cities. Many singles, students, trainees or seniors fall back on this small but fine housing option, whether you only want to rent or also buy an apartment. One-room apartments offer enough space for single people and […]

Get Shirt Printed: Offers, Companies, Prices & Designs – For Men and Women

Shirt printing – Are you looking for a creative and personal gift for friends or family, or a stylish accessory for yourself? Printing your own t-shirts is the new trend of the year. Whether it’s an existing pattern or your own idea, there are many ways to make your favourite garment unique. We all know […]

Shirin David: Instagram & YouTube star, rapper, feminist

Shirin David – Today, probably one of the most successful female musicians in Germany. “Give him”, “Just with you”, one hit after the next, but even before her music career and her album “Supersize”, the extraordinary beauty was known from the net. Extraordinary look, a sexy body and again and again, she reinvents herself. In […]

Pamela Reif: Fitness Model, Author, Germany’s Top Sport & Lifestyle Influencer

Through her own love of sports and the dedication to share this hobby on the Internet, Pamela Reif is one of the hottest fitness models of this generation. The blonde beauty regularly shows almost 6 million fans new recipes, workout ideas, as well as current make-up trends or hair styling. At just 23 years old, […]

Xenia Adonts – The successful Influencerin

On Instagram there are now many successful influencers. Each individual makes something special and on the basis of this special feature an interested community develops, which loves and pursues its favourite Influencer exactly for it. Xenia Adonts also has a very special personality, so she can count a community of 1.2 million followers on her […]

Toni Dreher – GNTM winner of 2018

Soon it will be time again and GNTM will start again! Anyone who regularly follows GNTM knows that this year’s winner was Toni Dreher-Adenuga. After a very exciting season with different characters, the 18 year old won the title. From the beginning, she was considered one of the favorites. Toni’s life: Family, Religion and Model […]