Vacation home Denmark: With family & dog, experience report + vacation home checklist!

Vacation home Denmark – last minute or well prepared, the most important practical tips to find a beautiful vacation home and for beautiful memories, on solo tour, as a couple or with the family! Here you will find peace, sea air, friendly people, wonderful nature and beaches. Directly on the sea of the North Sea, directly on the beach of the Baltic Sea, Denmark, my vacation tips for Denmark in a vacation home!

Vacation home in Denmark: What to look for?

Let’s start with my vacation home checklist! Then to the question: Baltic Sea or North Sea? Finally, my little Denmark review from the summer! Denmark is a charming country known for its stunning nature, friendly inhabitants and cozy vacation homes. If you’re planning to spend a vacation home vacation in Denmark, there are some tips and advice that can help you make your stay memorable. It doesn’t always have to be Airbnb, there are also many good local vacation home portals. When choosing a vacation home in Denmark, consider how many people you need to accommodate and what amenities you want, such as a kitchen, a terrace or a garden. But above all, look for reputable cottage portals and reviews when you book.

Choose the right region

Denmark has many different regions with different characteristics. Consider whether you want to stay on the coast, near cities or in rural areas to choose the region that best suits your vacation goals.

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In addition, 10 tips from me for the most beautiful places in Denmark!

Denmark has a lot of nature and especially more sea!

Booking period: high season and low season

Denmark is especially popular in the summer. If you plan to travel in the high season, you should book your vacation home early to get the best options.

Packing List: Changeable weather on the coast

Remember, the weather in Denmark can be changeable. Make sure you bring appropriate clothing for all weather conditions, including rain jackets and sunscreen.

The current weather in Denmark

Small service from us, this is how the weather is now in Denmark:

Enjoy Danish cuisine: a must!

Sample delicious Danish cuisine, including smørrebrød (sandwiches), fish dishes and sweet treats like Æbleskiver (pancake balls).

Relax and enjoy: your vacation home!

A cottage vacation in Denmark offers the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the simple life. Spend time with your family or friends and leave the stress of everyday life behind.

Vacation home checklist: How to book correctly

Let’s summarize the most important tips for beautiful vacation homes:

Check That’s what it’s about
☑️ Location Desired location near
☑️ Size Suitable for tour group
☑️ Equipment Necessary amenities
☑️ Price On budget
☑️ Availability Suitable travel dates
☑️ Reviews Check guest experience
☑️ Pet friendly Observe pet regulations
☑️ Cancellation conditions Check cancellation options
☑️ Cleaning and hygiene Ensure cleanliness
☑️ Extras Check additional fees

Vacation by the sea: Baltic Sea or North Sea coast?

Directly on the sea, directly on the beach, …

Vacation at the North Sea

The North Sea coast offers a rugged and impressive landscape with wide sandy beaches and high dunes. The North Sea is known for its strong tides and rough sea climate, which makes it a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. The coastal towns on the North Sea are often characterized by traditional fishing villages and historical charm. The opportunity to enjoy fresh fish is a highlight for gourmets.

Vacation on the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea coast, on the other hand, offers a rather mild and calm coastal climate. The Baltic Sea is famous for its shallow sandy beaches and calm, often crystal clear waters. This makes it an ideal place for family vacations and water sports activities such as sailing and swimming. The Baltic coast is rich in historic architecture and offers picturesque coastal towns with a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the diverse regional cuisine here and explore historical sights.

The 10 most popular resorts in Denmark

Besides the capital Copenhagen, the second largest city Aarhus, these are the 3 most popular vacation spots in Denmark that might be perfect for your trip. You want more? Check out here my:

North Jutland: Beach & Danish Culture

The region of North Jutland offers stunning coastal scenery, beautiful beaches and picturesque towns like Skagen. Here tourists can experience the Nordic nature and culture.

Why North Jutland?

  1. Coastal landscape: North Jutland impresses with spectacular coastlines, dunes and beautiful beaches on the North Sea.
  2. Cultural heritage: The region is rich in culture and history, including charming cities like Skagen and Aalborg.
  3. Nature experiences: National parks such as Thy National Park offer unique opportunities for hiking, biking and bird watching.
  4. Relaxation: North Jutland exudes a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for escaping the stress of everyday life and enjoying nature.

Islands like Rømø and Fanø: For Stand Fans

Denmark has many beautiful islands on the North Sea, which are popular with German tourists. Rømø and Fanø are known for their wide sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

Why islands like Rømø and Fanø?

  1. Beaches: These islands are known for their beautiful sandy beaches, ideal for sunbathing and water sports.
  2. Natural paradise: The Wadden Sea surrounds the islands and offers a unique ecosystem and fantastic bird watching opportunities.
  3. Tradition and culture: Rømø and Fanø are also famous for their traditional fishing villages and cultural events.
  4. Peace and quiet: The islands have a relaxed atmosphere and are perfect for vacationers who want to enjoy the silence and vastness of nature.

Skagen: harbor town in Jutland – Denmark Tip #3

Skagen, the charming harbor town on the northern tip of Jutland, is famous for its picturesque beaches and the unique meeting of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. This coastal town has inspired artists from around the world and is home to the Skagen Museum, which houses an impressive art collection. Skagen is the perfect place to experience the beauty of the Danish coast, taste freshly caught fish and walk in the footsteps of famous painters.

Why Skagen?

  1. Skagen is a harbor town on the northern tip of Jutland.
  2. The city is known for its picturesque beaches and the meeting of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.
  3. Here you can visit the Skagen Museum, known for its impressive art collection.
  4. Skagen is a popular place for art lovers and nature lovers alike.

Skagen: The end of Denmark!

Want more Denmark travel tips? Read my full list of them here:

My first vacation home in Denmark: Experiences

Experiences say more than 1,000 words! My highlight was the sea, the fresh air, the dunes and more.

What did I like best?

  • Sea air, the sea right in front of the door, dunes
  • Peace and space, also for my dog (Pomeranian)
  • Swimming pool and sauna in the house
  • Quickly and easily accessible
  • Two floors, space for children and parents

My trip to Denmark and my stay in this vacation home on the Baltic Sea were simply unforgettable. The fresh sea air and the breathtaking sea view I had right outside my door were truly magical. The dunes and the endless walk on the beach made it a perfect place to just unwind.

The peace and quiet and the open space were another highlight. My little dog, a Pomeranian, had as much fun here as I did. He could romp in the dunes and we enjoyed extended walks on the beach.

The cottage itself was excellently equipped. The indoor pool and sauna provided the perfect opportunity to relax. The fact that it was on two floors allowed my children and I to enjoy our privacy.

The location of the house was very convenient, just a short drive from many attractions. And getting there was also a breeze.

Overall it was a perfect vacation and I can’t wait to return here again!

So beautiful! The beach: