North Sea holidays: Sights, holiday apartments & houses, camping sites & Co.

Those who want to spend their holidays on the North Sea can look forward to fascinating mudflat walks and exquisite holiday resorts. The next beach is not long in coming. Whether the family goes to the North Frisian Islands, the East Frisian Islands or to the mainland. The German North Sea coast stretches from Emden on the Dutch border to the Danish border on the island of Sylt. The North Sea coast is characterised by the special coastal ecosystem of the Wadden Sea, which always attracts tourists to go on a mudflat hike. A North Sea holiday offers many possibilities for activities. In addition to cycle paths, there are also numerous hiking trails or fishing opportunities that attract tourists. A walk along the beaches and the dikes is pure relaxation, no matter if sun, wind or rain. Get to know the region, feel the vastness of the sea and if that is not enough for you, then you will be in good hands in thermal baths and health centres. Let yourself be pampered by wellness and health centres. Experience your North Sea holiday like never before.

Sightseeings: Hikes, nature & animals and museums at the North Sea

Typical for the North Sea is the mudflat. A mudflat walk, during which numerous animals and plants can be discovered, makes a holiday at the North Sea a very special experience. Popular places in the North Sea coast region include hotels near the sights of the lighthouse, the Budersand Sylt Golf Club and the Klimahaus Bremerhaven. Probably the greatest attraction is the sea – especially the low tide. Because when the water recedes, young and old set off on a mudflat hike. So be sure to pack your rubber boots and when it is warm, you can of course go barefoot. A bath in the North Sea is always refreshing! For many cyclists and hikers spring and autumn is the ideal time to pursue their hobbies. In summer you have the chance to enjoy many summer hours. If you are one of those people who want to learn something on holiday, then the North Sea is just right for you. You will find a considerable number of museums at the North Sea, among the most popular destinations, the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven, East Frisian Tea Museum in Norddeich and the Museum Windstärke 10 – Wreck and Fishing Museum in Cuxhaven. Whether nature or culture, the North Sea coast and its islands offer excursion destinations for every taste.

Land map: North Sea

10 sights: Old buildings and nature

  1. The Wadden Sea
  2. Sylt
  3. St. Peter Ording Strand
  4. crocus blossom Husum
  5. The East Frisian Islands
  6. Seal Station Friedrichskoog
  7. The Halligans
  8. Lighthouse Büsum & museum harbour
  9. German Maritime Museum
  10. Multimar Wattforum Toenning

Accommodation: Cheap holiday apartments &holiday homes &Co

The North Sea is and remains a popular destination for Germans. A private accommodation is the perfect starting point to discover the sights of the region, the unique Wadden Sea and the breathtaking nature. The variety from rustic thatched roofs to Scandinavian wooden houses gives the holiday homes a maritime flair. If you want to take your dog with you, there are many accommodations where your best friend is welcome. The advantage of a holiday home by the North Sea is the peace and quiet and the distance to the neighbours. The best time for a holiday at the North Sea is summer. Autumn and spring is the ideal time for walkers and cyclists to pursue their hobbies.

Holiday flats &holiday homes: comfort, luxury &nature

A holiday apartment at the North Sea is ideal for holidays with children and a large family, but the North Sea is also ideal for a short holiday. If you want to go on holiday with your dog, you will find holiday apartments and holiday homes at the North Sea, which are also suitable for pets. Together with a variety of dog beaches, the North Sea has developed into a popular holiday destination for dog owners. The cheapest season is the winter, at this time it can be quite frosty cold, but snow falls at the North Sea rather rarely. But if you are in a comfortable holiday apartment with a fireplace, it becomes especially romantic and homely on the cold and dark days. One-room holiday flat or several bedrooms, luxurious or rather simple? There is something for everyone.

Holiday with child: Camping – sports, fun, sea

The North Sea is practically at your feet in front of the campsite, the range of leisure activities on the North Sea is incredible. Numerous campsites are lined up like pearls on a necklace along the North Sea coast and almost always have direct access to the sea. The North Sea is the ideal holiday destination for those who love to enjoy the salty sea air while camping. Especially for families, numerous campsites offer an extensive leisure program. Many campsites are open all year round, so you will find a quiet place even in the low season. If you feel like a trip to the city in between, that’s no problem either – regardless of the tides, you can easily reach several shopping towns from here. Camping by the North Sea is a true experience of beauty, hospitality and naturalness. FIV Magazine has selected the 10 best campsites on the North Sea for you:

The Top 10 campsitese at the North Sea:

  1. North Sea Camping Neuharlingersiel
  2. Beach and family camping site Bensersiel
  3. Nordsee-Camp Norddeich GmbH
  4. Camping at the dike North Sea
  5. Camping ground at the North Sea beach
  6. Harlesiel Campsite
  7. Island-Camping-Borkum
  8. Camping site Altfunnixsiel
  9. Camping ground Neuharlingersiel
  10. Amrum Campsite

Weather North Sea: temperature and trend

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Packing list for holidays at the North Sea

To make sure that you can enjoy your North Sea holiday in a relaxed manner, FIV Magazine has put together a checklist to help you plan your holiday. Of course, all the important things are available at the North Sea, but some items that are especially practical when you are on holiday in a holiday apartment at the North Sea can easily be obtained in advance. Gave the key to your neighbour? Packed a cuddly toy? Battery included ?

  • Rubber boots
  • Peaked cap
  • Landing net (voyage of discovery in the tidal flats)
  • Rain jacket/jacket for cool evenings
  • flip-flops
  • Sun Milk/After-Sun
  • Theodor Storm’s “The Rider of the White Horse” novel
  • Bathing shorts/swimsuit/bikini/bathing shoes
  • Sunshade/sun hat/sunglasses
  • sand toys (when on holiday with a child)
  • Children’s toys
  • Booking and travel documents
  • cash
  • Flashlight

Questions and answers

Is the North Sea in Germany?

The North Sea (obsolete West Sea, German Sea) is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a shelf sea and lies in northwestern Europe.

What countries is the North Sea in?

Unfortunately countries border the North Sea: France, Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

How long is the German North Sea coast?

The length of the German North Sea coast is about 1300 km. The west coast of Schleswig-Holstein, about 550 km long, is characterized by diked coastal marshes and the Wadden Sea.