Patrick in interview: Travel, dreams and his own book

Interview with Patrick – In the interview with Patrick we talk about his life and his profession, or rather his vocation. Where he is, is also his community. He takes them with him around the world whenever he works or goes on vacation. But not only on his social media channels or in his blog you can find out everything, on the side he even wrote a book. It shows that you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself and have fun doing what you do. That’s exactly what he wants to give you, among other things, here on the way.

World changer as a pilot with influence

In our interview, Patrick takes us on the journey of his life. He shows us the feeling of freedom in his demanding profession, which turned out to be more of a calling before him. The journey continues to his absolute favorite destinations, which seem to be dreamlike from the air as well as from the ground. When you are constantly on the road you know at some point what you must not forget, Patrick reveals his must-haves. If you’ve ever wondered what pilots dream about, you’ve come to the right place. It’s not the sun, moon and stars, no, it’s even bigger and higher. Patrick wants to make our planet a better place, that won’t change no matter how many celebrity contacts he has and no matter how prominent he may be.

Around the world as a pilot

FIV: First of all, we would like to thank you again for taking the time for this interview. You create content in which your followers can accompany you as a pilot in your life. That seems to go down very well and when you look at your posts, life as a pilot also looks very appealing. What do you like best about your job?

Patrick: What I like best about my job is that being a pilot is more of a calling and I don’t see it as a job to fly airplanes through the air. There is also no real daily routine. Every day is different. Different flight routes, new conditions at the airport, different weather conditions, 1000 factors that can be different on that day than the day before. It’s always a challenge. In addition, you have to constantly stay up to date with procedures and the technology of the aircraft to be best prepared for each flight. That’s what makes the pilot job so exciting.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Then there’s the fact that you still get paid for fantastic views from the cockpit. Flying gives me a feeling of freedom. Detached from the earth even a plane with over 800km / h to steer is a wonderful feeling. From above, the world always looks so peaceful and even more beautiful than from the ground. This inspires me again and again!

Favorite destination as a pilot and traveler

FIV: Your job takes you around the world a lot, of course. What has been your favorite travel destination so far and where have you always wanted to go? Would you like to tell us why?

Patrick: That’s really one of the absolute plus points of the pilot job. You get to know the world at work. Of course, it depends a lot on the airline’s operations. Do you always fly back to your base or do you stay overnight in another place. Especially as a private jet pilot, I usually stayed with the rich and beautiful until the next flight. There was always enough time to explore the city and the surroundings.

One of my favorite travel destinations is Cape Town. I have not yet landed there myself, but I have been there many times for vacation. The energy, the atmosphere and the landscape is just breathtaking! I could also imagine living there for a longer time.

I myself would definitely like to land at the Princess Juliana Airport in the Caribbean. Everyone knows the videos of the approaching planes that streak just above the heads of the beach visitors, because the runway is located directly after the beach. It looks so spectacular that I really want to experience it for myself. Once from the cockpit and then down on the beach.

Patrick does not travel without it

FIV: The way you tell it sounds so wonderful that you want to jet off right now for your next vacation or pilot training. But traveling requires a lot of things. What are your top 5 essentials without which you would never travel?

Patrick: Of course, the passport is top 1. Nothing works without it and it must always be there! After that comes the bathing suit. It’s always with me, no matter where the trip goes. Plans can change quickly and suddenly I end up in the south on a beach. As a back up I always have enough cash with me to be independent. This I have then but not in my wallet, but hidden in my luggage. I also always have a music box for good sound in the hotel room.

Entering the social media world

FIV: Not every pilot came up with the idea of sharing their life and work with the world on social media channels, how did you come up with this idea?

Patrick: Originally I had the following idea: I wanted to show my family and friends what my everyday life as a pilot is like. I wanted to give them an insight into what my life as a private jet pilot is like. Such a flight costs several 10,000 euros and I myself could not take guests on a flight.

That’s how it started and then more and more strangers followed me who found this exclusive insight into the cockpit exciting. PilotPatrick came into being more by chance than anything else.

Motivation in the vocation itself

FIV: How exciting. Then that was definitely a happy coincidence. Did someone inspire or motivate you?

Patrick: Even today I am motivated to share the beauty of flying and traveling with such a large number of followers. Because I know that I am very privileged by my job and not everyone has the opportunity to travel so much. In my younger years, I have already seen more of the world than some people do in their entire lives. Additionally, I am motivated by being an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Being publicly outed, I advocate for more diversity in aviation and especially in the cockpit. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of catching up to do there. I am inspired by life itself, the people I am close to and also by my followers, whom I call Aviators.

Make celebrity acquaintances

FIV: Some people do travel, including celebrities, of course. Have you met any interesting people while working? Do you have any specific examples?

Patrick: You could refer to my book. “Pilot Patrick: My glamorous-unglamorous life as a jet-set pilot” There I wrote about celebrities on board and some anecdotes that I was allowed to experience as a pilot.

Pilot and content creator at the same time

FIV: Being a pilot is a demanding job, in combination with content creation it’s impressive how you manage it all. Are you always learning something new in your job, and what exactly would that be?

Patrick: As I mentioned above, I never stop learning in my job! Not even in content creation. I can only give advice to anyone who wants to be successful on social media: Be unique in what you do. Set trends yourself and don’t just follow them. Hit the zeitgeist! This is more difficult than you think!

Dreams as big as the wide world

FIV: That’s a great message. Finally, we would like to know, independent of your work, what is your big dream in life?

Patrick: Like all of us, I have many dreams and wishes. I dream that I will stay healthy for a long time and that I can make a small contribution to making aviation more colorful and that I will do my part to protect the planet and Mother Nature. I know that I don’t necessarily have the most environmentally friendly job for this, but I make sure that I compensate at least a small part in my private life. For example, I’ve been a vegetarian for a year now. I’m no longer dreaming of my personal dream, I’m already living it. If you can dream it you can do it.

FIV: Then we thank you again for your time for the nice interview with us. We wish you all the best for the future.

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