Dennis Koenig in an interview: His life as a content creator, fascination with horror and his private side

Interview with Dennis König – After Dennis is already active on TikTok and gained a good reach, the content creator in the Corona pandemic also started his YouTube career with his horror content. Unafraid to engage with his community, it also became one of his sources of inspiration. All horror fans, whether in the form of movies or video games, are in great hands with him.

Professionally in horror, privately full of cheerfulness

In the interview with our magazine, he talks about his childhood “crimes,” how he came to this particular fascination with horror, his inspiration and motivation with the great aspect of community, as well as his interests that extend beyond horror and his social media presence. Behind the creepy lover is a world explorer.

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Formative times: Fascination Horror

FIV: First of all we would like to thank you again for taking the time for this interview. Who knows your content, you love horror and deal with it every day, so we have a question: Were you also as a child horror-enthusiastic and why?

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Dennis: In fact, the fascination with the subject of horror started with me at about 13 years. A buddy of mine had an extremely large number of horror films, which he always secretly lent me. We talked about the films during the school break and also liked to meet in the afternoon to secretly watch horror films.

FIV: That sounds exciting, so you used to be a little rebel. Do you remember which horror movie you saw for the first time in your life?

Dennis: That’s a good question because I can still remember it like it was yesterday. The first horror movie and therefore the first connection to horror I had was in elementary school, I was in fourth grade and a classmate of mine asked me if I wanted to come over to her house in the afternoon to watch a movie. Her parents weren’t around and we watched the movie “The Ring” which her dad kept on the movie shelf. Little fun fact, I couldn’t sleep for days and was scared every time the phone rang because in the movie a ghost girl always calls you and says you only have 7 days to live.

Top 3 Horror Movies

FIV: I can understand that you were a bit scared after that, but for a good horror movie it’s just the way it should be. So here’s the next question for you: which horror movies are in your top 3?

Dennis: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Strangers.

Distraction and other interests

FIV: Since you come into contact with horror themes so often, do you also deal with horror themes in your free time or do you take a break from that and deal with other things and themes?

Dennis: I watch a lot of horror movies in my private life and I like to deal with horror topics, but I love to go out, take pictures, travel and see more of the world, which is why I created my Instagram channel where I document my travels. Funny contrast, I know. I also love hiking and being active in sports (bouldering, boxing & fitness training).

FIV: Horror is very much integrated into your everyday life, do you ever have to come down from that and if so, what brings you down?

Dennis: Video games, getting out into nature and traveling.

Content on the social media channels

FIV: You have a large community on TikTok and YouTube and regularly provide your community with horror content. What inspires your content?

Dennis: It’s hard to say, but the topic of horror is a hobby or subject area that has always interested me privately, which is why the inspiration comes from it. But I would also say that my community is a very big inspiration for me.

Gaming with the community

FIV: At least you have a good relationship with your community, it’s obvious that you also play horror games with them, so it’s really nice to hear, especially for your community, that they are part of your inspiration. Coming back to gaming, what exactly is your favorite game and why does it captivate you so much?

Dennis: Definitely the horror game “Visage”, which sends you into an abandoned horror house where you have to find out what happened to the house owners. I don’t think I’ve ever had such panic and fear over a game, which you could see very clearly in the videos. The game really made you feel like you were part of it, it felt like I was in that house of horrors myself. The story as well as the atmosphere was better than any horror movie.

After TikTok comes YouTube

FIV: That sounds incredibly exciting. But you also need a lot of time and maybe motivation. You started producing horror content with TikTok, what else inspired and motivated you to make YouTube videos?

Dennis: The pandemic had just started, which is why I couldn’t go back to my job as a product photographer at the time. So I had time and above all the desire to try something new. The videos were extremely well received on TikTok. The only problem was, at that time you could only upload videos with a maximum length of one minute. At that time, many people wrote in the comments things like: It would be mega cool if you start with YouTube and upload longer videos. At first I was unsure but one afternoon something told me to set up my camera and record the first video. The motivation and inspiration came mostly from the TikTok community. I just wanted to offer better quality and especially longer videos, so I started with YouTube at the same time as TikTok.

Dennis private page

FIV: Once again, you can see what the pandemic can bring out of people. I mean, it certainly happened to many people in such a way that they discovered new sides to themselves and new opportunities to develop, no matter how bad the time may be. I’m very happy for you that the time also had positive effects on you. But last but not least, I would like to know what kind of person you are in private. How would your friends describe you?

Dennis: I think my friends would describe me as being crazy, strong-willed, humorous, funny, and a talker. I always have something to talk about and always have two shoulders to cry on if someone is not doing well.

FIV: You are a very likeable person. Thank you again for your time and the great interview. Hopefully you had as much fun as I did. I wish you a lot of success.

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