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TOPMODEL Game – Now you can put your top model knowledge to the test and compete against other fashionistas in our brand new bingo game! Mark the words on your card and be the first to shout ‘Bingo! But beware – the other players are just as keen as you are! Test your fashion know-how now in our exciting bingo game and become a true top model.

Top Model Game

Your free party game! We had to build this little mini game for you and your friends into the FIV app! After a Topmodel evening we came up with the little GNTM Bingo idea for our app. Forget Excel, forget pen and paper, play the Topmodel Game now for free in the FIV App!

  • Free game in the app and online
  • Collect 4 terms that fall in the show for a bingo!

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  • Top Model Game!

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Play now! Topmodel Game – Preview

Game tutorial

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Topmodel game: tutorial

Here is a small game tutorial for the Topmodel Bingo game in the FIV app:

  1. Start the Topmodel Bingo game in the FIV app.
  2. The app automatically generates a game card for you with a selection of 16 randomly chosen top model terms.
  3. The game begins and the terms are called at random.
  4. Mark the called terms on your game card by clicking on the corresponding boxes.
  5. Once you have marked four terms in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row, shout “Bingo!” and win the game!
  6. When another player shouts “Bingo!” the game ends and the winner is announced.
  7. If no one calls out “Bingo!” after 25 terms have been called out, the game ends and the player with the most marked squares wins.
  8. Challenge your friends and compete with other fashionistas to see who has the top model knowledge to win!

Topmodel game: Features

Functions / Advantages Description
Bingo game Test your top model knowledge and play against other fashionistas in our exciting bingo game!
Randomly generated terms Each round, the terms are randomly selected from a list of 21 top model terms.
Automatic generation of playing cards Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to create your own game card – the FIV app will automatically generate a game card for you!
Interactive game board Mark the terms on your map by clicking on the corresponding fields and follow the game progress in real time.
User friendly interface Our game is easy to use and features an attractive design that perfectly fits your top model lifestyle.
Entertaining pastime Whether you’re competing with friends or just need a break from the daily grind, our Top Model Bingo game provides hours of entertainment fun!

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