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Real Estate Podcast: The 9 best podcasts on Apple, Spotify & Co. – prices, management, investment

The 9 best real estate podcasts in Germany – Want to expand your real estate knowledge and learn about investing, property management and terminology? To go along with the best real estate apps, here’s a selection of the best real estate podcasts that will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips. From investment strategies […]

App for models! “The Model App” free casting tips, small talk + brand quiz.

“The Model App” – Through role models in the USA, Los Angeles, New York, but also Paris, London and Milan, many have the dream of becoming a model. But how do you get started and how do you find a good modeling agency near you? The Model App has it all and more – our […]

Real estate app: Lukinski Immo Tools for house & apartment – Editor’s recommendation

Real Estate App – Buying the first apartment, building the first house, not so easy. Therefore, our recommendation for beginners: The Lukinski Immo Tool App. With the free real estate calculators in the app, you can quickly perform important calculations for your real estate investment, whether you are just starting out and want to find […]

TOPMODEL Game: Bingo Quiz Party Game – FIV App

TOPMODEL Game – Now you can put your top model knowledge to the test and compete against other fashionistas in our brand new bingo game! Mark the words on your card and be the first to shout ‘Bingo! But beware – the other players are just as keen as you are! Test your fashion know-how […]

Who would rather … ?! 🤣 Party game questions free – FIV App

Who would rather … ?! – With the free party game you will find out a lot about your friends. Almost 100 questions are waiting for you and you! Perfect to get to know people but also to get to know them better. We have the very best “Who would rather … ?!” Questions in […]

Never had… ?! 🤣 Party game questions free – FIV App

Never had… ?! – Out with the truth! Learn even more about your friends with the free party game. Over 80 are waiting for you and you! Perfect to meet people but also to get to know them even better. We have the best “Never had…. ?!” Questions from all over the world for you! […]

Self-disclosure for the bank: buying a house & apartment – Sparkasse, Volksbank & Co.

Self-disclosure – You want to buy your first apartment or your first house and the bank wants a self-disclosure from you? Learn here what a self-disclosure is, what it says and download a free template as a PDF with which you can convince your bank! Self-disclosure for banks: Real Estate Financing Whether Deutsche Bank, Volksbank […]

SEO Text Writing: Search Engine Optimization for Google – Earn Money on the Internet (2/2)

Earn money on the Internet? Google is the largest search engine in the world. In Germany, in the USA, but also in other countries, the majority of search queries go through Google, over 90%. Who wants to buy, looks for information on the Internet. A high positioning in the search results is therefore so important […]

Set up WordPress: Download, Installation, Theme & Co – Earn money on the Internet (1/2)

You want to start your own business and still need the right website or your own online shop? Then WordPress is the solution for your sales and marketing! WordPress is free, please thousands of extensions and themes and is relatively quickly installed and set up. Here we have a collection of videos that you can […]

Buying a dog: Puppy moves in! Going for a walk, staying alone & Co. – Your first week

Buying puppies – What accessories do you need for your puppy around leash, bowl, sleeping place and food? Every year millions of little puppies are born and find a new home! Also with us there is now one or two little puppies: Neppa & Peppa. You are thinking about getting a dog? If you have […]

Most popular podcasts: Spotify & iTunes

Podcasts – You just want to relax and listen to an exciting story? Or do you want to educate yourself and learn something new? Whether it’s exciting crime stories, funny comedy, everyday fun or marketing input, podcasts offer it all. We show you the most popular podcasts in Germany and which ones are especially popular […]

Outfits for man & woman – summer trends & expert advice online

Everyone knows it – the days are getting longer, the temperature is rising. Like every year, summer is surprisingly just around the corner and the question of all questions is: What do I wear? What is in? What suits me? We can take all these questions, thoughts and worries away from you now. With this […]

Real Estate Book Top 7: Invest and make money with residential real estate + commercial real estate (list).

Real Estate Investing Books – Invest in real estate and make money with residential real estate and commercial real estate. To make your money work for you, you need passive sources of income. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make a living from your real estate investments? Wouldn’t it be even better if you […]

Monitor calibration – razor-sharp images instead of a “scary subject

Every photographer is confronted with terms such as color management, monitor calibration and color profile at the latest during image processing. These are just three words that cause fear and terror among photographers and make the heart beat faster and the sweat on the (inexperienced) forehead. Actually, the monitor of the computer should already be […]

New apartment? Preparation for the visit and landlord: Questions App – Online & Free

You have a tour coming up soon? What you should pay attention to, we at FIV have put together for you. The most important tips and questions that you have to ask, but also questions that you expect from the landlord! Prepare yourself perfectly for your apartment inspection – for your dream apartment! Here you […]