SEO Text Writing: Search Engine Optimization for Google – Earn Money on the Internet (2/2)

Earn money on the Internet? Google is the largest search engine in the world. In Germany, in the USA, but also in other countries, the majority of search queries go through Google, over 90%. Who wants to buy, looks for information on the Internet. A high positioning in the search results is therefore so important if you want to become self-employed. This is how you reach new prospects, potential customers and actual buyers. To give you a little insight into the big world of search engine optimization, we have collected videos from SEO expert Stephan Czaja. His businesses reach millions of people a year, from Los Angeles to Hamburg to Shanghai. These videos from the original article WordPress and SEO Tips show you how to specify SEO as a good content marketer. With these SEO tips and strategies, you can have 100,000 visitors a month, with no additional advertising costs, just from people searching organically.

Website?! WordPress, Shopify & Co. – Before the SEO

The principle of search engine optimization doesn’t just work with WordPress. You can use the same methodology for more complex systems like Magento, as well as simple DIY website builders like Shopify.

In the example you can see the work in WordPress. If you haven’t read Part 1: Installing WordPress yet, or if you’re not familiar with WordPress, then you should definitely read the first part again to understand how the content management system works.

Here once again is the big goal:

With these SEO tips and strategies you can have 100,000 visitors a month! Without additional advertising costs, only through organic search of people and good content.

Creating SEO texts: Structure is the key

Before you dive deep into the matter of search engine optimization, you need to deal with the basics of SEO texts. In this video you will learn how to create basic well-structured texts in WordPress. These texts have the goal to contain all relevant information about a certain keyword. In addition, you have to make sure that a red thread is spun, so to speak the storytelling.

Depending on the text, the structure differs. Your goal is to understand how to build fundamentally good text structures, even without software for keyword analysis. You will learn how to use software, using and Xovi as examples, in the following videos.

Explainer video: Create SEO texts

You’ll learn these steps in the video:

  • Create post
  • Headlines
  • Heel length
  • Text length
  • Key points
  • Introduction
  • Category
  • Tags
  • Media Library

How long does an SEO text have to be?

Who creates his first SEO text, often faces the question, how many words must have a good text? The word count cannot be defined exactly and across the board. Depending on how big the competition is and what content they have produced so far in their search engine optimization, your texts must adapt flexibly.

Basically, whoever has the most wins!

But the important thing is that quality always comes before quantity.

In this video you learn to analyze the competition without the use of paid software. The big advantage is that you can also give a spontaneous assessment at meetings. All you need is your smartphone and

Explainer video: Length of your texts

Learn in this video:

  • Competition analysis with
  • Comparison and assessment

SEO Text Optimization with

After you have already learned how to build good SEO texts in principle, you will now additionally get to know the use of tools. With these tools you can significantly improve your text structure. In the video series you will first learn to work with Google.

Google gives you opportunities that no marketing manager has had before!

You get free market analysis from millions of people. What are you looking for? Again, you can do totally free analysis without buying extra software. You can learn how effectively you can improve your text with it in this video.

Explainer video: SEO Text Optimization with

The individual steps of the video at a glance:

  • Structure and Keyword Optimization
  • Search box from
  • Use frequent search queries
  • Integration in SEO text structure

SEO text optimization with Xovi (Sistrix, etc.)

So far you have learned a lot, the basic structure of SEO texts, the right word count for your texts but also the use of as a free market analysis tool.

Once you have reached a certain size or are already aiming for a certain size in advance, it is also worth taking a look at keyword analysis software. This includes, for example, providers such as Xovi and Sistrix. In the video example you will get to know the software Xovi and the keyword analysis of the software.

The keyword analysis takes a look at the search queries of in the past 30 days. So you can see in which quantities, which search queries were made. This allows you to estimate which keyboard or which keyboard combination is retrieved most often. Accordingly, you can strategically align your SEO planning.

PS: I don’t use any single paid software! My tip: Google Search, Google Search Results (search bar, suggested keywords) + Keyword Shitter.

As you can imagine, it’s usually worth tackling the big keywords. After all, this is where the big money lies in the end. However, if you have a small company or a young start-up, so-called longtails are worthwhile. Longtails are the strings of words.

An exact, precise keyword would be “real estate agent” and a possible longtail “condominium sell real estate agent Hamburg”. It is usually easier to achieve high rankings in the long tail because there is less competition here.

Explainer video: SEO Text Optimization with Xovi

Here you learn the text structure optimization with keyword analysis:

  • Structure and Keyword Optimization
  • Keyword analysis by search volume
  • Integration in SEO text structure
  • Keyword relevance (frequent up)

Spider Web Structure: Great SEO Pages

Spider web structure is a synonym for working in multiple layers. In this explainer video, you’ll learn how to strategically plan a major SEO project. Simply put, it’s about building a strong home page. In the next step you need level 2, the most important keywords. If you were a fashion online store, then your home page would be optimized for “fashion online store”, the second level would be fashion brands such as Givenchy, Prada or as in the example Louis Vuitton.

In level 3 you were then more satellite pages on, for your second level. This would be e.g. “Louis Vuitton fashion show”, “Louis Vuitton bag” or “Louis Vuitton store”.

Of course, you could continue after this level, e.g. you could optimize Louis Vuitton bags and serve individual models with additional articles. So you could also strengthen your third level, the “Louis Vuitton bag” through its subordinate satellite pages.

So you build up your SEO construct piece by piece and like a spider web it expands in different directions.

  • Spiderweb
  • Create main page
  • Internal linking


  1. Level: Home page
  2. Level: Keywords
  3. Level: Longtail
  4. Level: Ultra Longtail; useful for online shops and individual products

Explainer video: Spider web structure

Satellite pages: Supporter for your keywords

In the last video you learned how to build your own SEO structure, the so-called spider web. In this video you will learn how to build subordinate satellite pages. In this video you will learn the basics. In the SEO Masterclass you will find many trainings, e.g. on job traffic, car tax, travel reports, much more.

Satellite pages support the respective higher level through content and links. If you have a large article on the topic of “Louis Vuitton”, for example, you can increase its ranking through a larger number of subordinate articles. To do this, you create individual pages that serve the long tail. Should a longtail could be e.g. the “Louis Vuitton handbag” but in another level lower, a specific handbag model of Louis Vuitton.

All pages are linked to each other. The superordinate pages refer to the respective subordinate pages, as long as there are not more than 20,30. All subordinate pages link to their parent page.

This increases the content flow, which means the number of pages that a visitor looks at on average, but also the dwell time, which means the time that a user spends on your online project. The higher these key figures are, the better your page will be in PageRank. So it rises in the ranking.

Explainer video: Satellite Pages

Here you’ll learn:

  • Level 1 – Fashion brands (main page)
  • Level 2 – Individual brands – Louis Vuitton (contribution)
  • Level 3 – Individual Brands Detail – Louis Vuitton Videos (Support Post)

WordPress to SEO Setup: Learn in 6 Parts

You want to start your own business and still need the right website or your own online shop? Then WordPress is the solution for your sales and marketing! WordPress is free, please thousands of extensions and themes and is relatively quickly installed and set up. Here we have a collection of videos that you can use to install your WordPress quickly and easily yourself. These videos from the series WordPress and SEO Tips, from the Lukinski SEO and Marketing Masterclass, show you everything important: From WordPress download to themes and of course the most important settings for SEO, the search engine optimization (for Google, Bing & Co).

  • WordPress to SEO set up

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