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Becoming a blogger & influencer is not easy! You need a lot of motivation, patience and a few tips and tricks for the first success in the blog, on Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat! The dream of many young people: The own blog, over 500K on Instagram and earn money with the hobby! Some live the dream as a blogger or Instagram star. However, most people don’t know that there is a lot more work behind it than they might think at first glance. It’s a full-time job and as your follower numbers increase, so does the work. Writing blog posts, taking pictures, putting together outfits, always being available and above all always being online and up-to-date. Every day a new picture, appointments, product placements and a lot of self-promotion is behind the life of a blogger. Nevertheless, this profession is and remains a dream for many, especially young people and of course there is a recipe for success and tips & tricks to achieve this goal. I have researched for you and talked to many influencers and compiled here for you THE recipe for success! If you want to check out the best ones, check out our Influencer & Blogger List! Here we go, the Blogger Guideline:

  1. Earn money from anywhere – part 1
  2. Steps to Successful Blog Building – Part 2
  3. Blogger & Influencer Wiki: From Affiliate to WordPress – Part 3
  4. Making money with companies and brands – part 4

Blogger & Influencer Wiki: Make money from anywhere

Instagram – Social media presence is the be-all and end-all for your success.

Social media is one of the most important things on the road to success – especially Instagram right now. It’s the easiest way to reach a lot of people and at the same time give a very personal and private insight into your life. What to look out for on Instagram :

The profile name – represents you

The name is the first thing that someone will read from your profile and that with which he can search for you. It is important that it is kept as simple as possible, so preferably no consecutive special characters and a simple pronunciation.

Lukinski Villas

Germany - Spain - USA

The biography – Makes the first impression

Your biography is the second thing you can see on your page. It makes sense to write here all the most important information ordered under each other. So for example about what your profile is (fashion, food, …), your age, the city in which you live and possibly a contact.

The feed – gives the whole picture

The feed are the images that you have already posted. Here it is always nice if your feed has a uniform color tone. For example, always use the same filter or a similar location, etc..

The photos – are your flagship

The photos are your poster child. That’s what Instagram is all about. Here it is very important that the pictures are always well exposed, you post varied content and find good captions. It’s always good to involve your followers here.

The activity – brings you the fans

You should not only regularly post photos yourself, but also be on the profiles of others and like / comment. This way you draw attention to yourself and get people to your page. For this you can use the function ‘Discover’, which you can find in your menu bar at the bottom. Here are extra on your Like behavior coordinated images faded in from Channeln you do not yet follow.

The hashtags – help you get attention

These can be used very well to make people aware of your page. It is important that these also fit the image. For example, hashtags like #ootd (outfit of the day) #fashion #outfit and similar are good for fashion pictures. Important, because there are users who specifically search for hashtags and thus come to your pictures and your page.

The regularity – keeps your fans

In my opinion the most important point, because regular posting ranks you up in Instagram, means Instagram notices how often you post / like and comment and draws information from it, how active you are. the more active you are, the more often your pictures could be shown in ‘Discover’ etc..

Of course, other social media platforms are also important. At the moment, Snapchat and Instagram are especially important. Here, the followers get an exclusive insight into your life and can have a part in it. Naturalness is very important here and above all to stay as you are, because that’s what people want to see.

Snapchat – Live, always and everywhere

Using Snapchat connects you a bit further with your followers. Snapchat is more about posting really everyday things and taking your followers along with you on your daily life. You can really post anything here. From your breakfast to a picture of you at the gym to what you watch on TV in the evening. Since it disappears after 24 hours from your story, you do not spam anyone. Small hauls are especially popular here, for example about the package that the postman has just brought, with the latest outfit trends and it-pieces.

Blogging – How the hobby can become a profession

Your own blog. Write how and about what you want and about what interests you. The life as a blogger is also a dream of many. It is also becoming more and more of a trend that well-known Instagrammers also start blogging, because it just complements each other. How to create your own blog and make it known you learn here:

Ask yourself the question: why do you want to blog?

  • Blogging is different than Instagram. It involves a lot more work and you also need some talent and passion in writing to build a successful blog. So the first thing you should ask yourself is why and what do you want to blog about. Your blog first needs a theme. This can be fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, animals or cooking.
  • Having a niche is almost as important as the topic. Do something that the others don’t have yet, individualize your blog and write about what you would want to read in a blog.

And then … How do I start if I want to become a blogger?

  • Here, too, the name is the be-all and end-all. The name represents you to the outside and should have something to do with the theme of the blog. Here, too, the simpler the better.
  • You will need to find a host, which is a program that will build your website. The most professional is WordPress, but you will need some know-how. Other sites are for example ‘Blogger’ or ‘Blogwalk’. Here it is not bad to get help, because the design of your website represents you as much as your name and a badly built website can hurt you more than you think. There are also websites like that can help you with this.
  • Equitment is also very important. Here, of course, it depends on the theme of your blog, but there should be pictures in every blog that you should have made. A camera is therefore a very important topic. Here especially at the beginning do not invest too much. But ATTENTION !!! Never integrate images into your website that you have not made yourself, for example, from Google, etc., because there beckon image rights and terms and conditions, because of which you could be sued quickly.
  • Quality is also important. Not only your pictures, but your whole appearance. If your site looks professional, it will be taken seriously and you get the attention you deserve.

How do I become known and maybe an influencer one day?

  • Use social media. As described above, Instagram will bring you traffic, followers and fans that you can draw to your blog from there! Again, comment, like and maybe join forces with other start-up bloggers by promoting each other.
  • If you have a certain number of posts, pictures and readers, you can write to PR agencies and companies and ask for product placements. Often you get something for free and include it in your article in return. After a while, you will get paid for such placements, but especially in the beginning you will have to do a lot ‘for the sake of it’ (not forgetting that you can keep things, so it’s not entirely for the sake of it).
  • Use keywords to rank your page on Google. For this, it makes sense to see what is most googled for your topic and to include these keywords in your posts.

In short, you should start blogging because you enjoy writing and not primarily to make money. The most important thing for you is the blog name, the design and the topic of your blog. Push yourself on social media and on the web and nothing will stand in the way of your career as a successful blogger.


6 Steps to Successful Blog Building – Part 2

In an age where internet and social media are becoming more and more important, there are also more and more people who want to start sharing their passion for fashion, food, fitness, decoration etc. with the world. But does sharing your passion directly mean being a blogger?
And how does this blogging actually work? Here you will find everything about becoming a blogger!

Burn for what you do! Blogging means passion

If you’ve ever thought about starting blogging, you should know that it’s more work than many people think. Being a blogger doesn’t mean going straight to fancy events and getting everything sent to you for free. A blog lives from its regularity and that means: You have obligations. But to keep it fun, it’s so important to be on fire for what you’re writing about. You need a passion to have fun as a blogger. There is no point in starting just because of sponsorships and money.

Build a community – get followers and readers

In the rarest cases, bloggers become famous overnight. What is behind it is a lot of work and energy – but also regular uploading of images and posts. It’s important that you don’t lose the fun of writing and photographing. Probably one of the best known tips is to get the time right. A photo can get a totally different reach depending on what time it is posted. Obviously, times when lots of people see your picture are better for getting more followers. But also be active yourself and show interest in other people’s posts! Maybe one or two people will come across your profile through one of your comments and follow you. If you have posted a new post, promote it on Instagram, Facebook, Google+ or other social media channels. That way you’ll get more traffic to your blog.

Blog settings and search engine optimization (SEO)

To gain readers via Google and other search engines, your SEO settings are particularly important. Title your pages correctly and use keywords in your posts under which you want to be found on Google & Co. For example, if your blog is about food, use keywords like food, cooking, recipe or similar. Furthermore, you can organize your posts into categories. This not only makes it easier for your readers to find your posts again, but also Google to recognize what your post is about.

Collaborations with companies / Become an influencer

Once you have gradually built up your community, there are opportunities to promote and advertise products for companies as an influencer. Most of the time you are allowed to
In return, you keep the product, occasionally and depending on the number of subscribers you are also paid to advertise. If you’re more interested in the topic of influencers, check out the post ‘Becoming an Influencer – Working with Companies as a Blogger’.

Time management for fans and content is everything as a blogger

Last but not least, a point that is often underestimated. Not every blogger blogs full-time. In order not to neglect his followers and readers in addition to studies, school and work, is a
good time management is very important. It’s best to always plan a week ahead. What do you want to write about? Do you have pictures that you can post? Make your personal plan!

Get started with your own blog on Instagram & Co!

More important than long thinking and planning is doing! Only those who report daily from their own motivation and always come up with new, creative content bind their fans. All beginnings are difficult, but the more followers you have, the faster it goes. Let’s say you have 10 fans. 10 fans see your post in the morning. 1 out of 10 people recommends you to others and thus you gain 1 more fan. Once you gather 10,000 followers, 100 fans recommend you to their friends after one post. With 100,000 followers, that’s 1,000 people per post. Sticking with it is everything. Now, get to work on your blog!

Blogger Wiki: Content to Target Audience – Part 3

In the Blogger Wiki we have collected all the important terms for bloggers and influencers. You are new to the blogging business and are confronted with new terms every day that don’t mean anything to you? Here you will find all the important blogger terms at a glance! From A for affiliate links to Z for target group. If you want to make money as a blogger, you need to be able to market yourself. As the agency Social Media One describes in their post about becoming an influencer, self-marketing is what makes you great in the first place. Monetization always plays a big role in this, by having enough passive income you can fully focus on blogging and become even better! Now we come to the most important terms for bloggers and influencers. All collected, at a glance:

A – Affiliate links for your blog

These are links with which you can earn money. If one of your readers orders something through this link, you get a commission. The affiliate link is easily integrated into your blog with a small HTML code. You can also place a link in your profile on Instagram. In your posts you then “point to the link in the bio”. The links are usually very long. With a link shortener (like you can shorten the affiliate link so that it looks nicer. Here you can find several interesting ways to advertise on your blog:

  • Amazon Partner Network
  • Xanox
  • Uvm.

B – Blog post

These are the posts you publish on your blog under your name as the author. You have countless possibilities for your blog. There are many free systems on which you can easily create your own blog with menus and galleries.

C – Content

This is what the content of your blog is called. The goal of every blogger should be to bring good content, i.e. texts that help or inspire others. Content is very important, because with good content you can also become interesting for companies as an influencer. Through well-written, detailed content, readers stay longer on your blog. This brings you high up in search engines like Google and Bing, as users consider your content worth reading. The more interaction a user has on your blog, the better it is! Eventually, companies and brands will take notice of you. That’s why content is so worthwhile.

D – Dofollow

When advertisers or PR agencies contact you and ask for guest articles on your blog, it’s always about dofollow backlinks. When you link to another site, search engines like Google recognize that. So the page goes up in positioning because it’s considered more important. It’s like a well-known person at a party, when they enter the room, the first people point them out. As a result, others will also pay attention to them – so their “reputation” increases. The opposite of dofollow is nofollow, you can find the description a bit further down in the Blogger Wiki.

E – Events

Every blogger wants to be invited to events. That’s what you call events where you can participate for free (mostly fashion shows, product launches or the like) and from a certain reach you even get paid to appear. If you as a blogger or influencer actively approach companies, you have a much better chance to get invitations for events.

G – Guest contribution

These are posts that other bloggers write on your blog or you write on their blog. This is often used for promotion among each other. Other readers become aware of you. At some point, companies will also ask you if they can place guest posts on your blog, for example for new products. You are always concerned with 1) the backlink [do follow] and 2) your reach. You can often ignore the first requests as a blogger and influencer, as it’s usually online casinos or sportsbooks that ask you for links first. In return, they usually offer you 100 euros. You shouldn’t do this too often as the outbound links will downgrade your page value. Better wait for jewellery manufacturers if you are a fashion blogger! Then you have good content and good links for your readers.

H – Haul

This is the name given to the introduction and presentation of purchased things such as cosmetics, clothes or other things. If you show your newly acquired things on your blog, it’s called a Haul. Especially this kind of presentation attracts many companies and brands who want to work with influencers and bloggers. Here you can also package perfect products in your videos.

I – Legal notice

If you want to include affiliate links in your blog or work together with companies, an imprint is always necessary in Germany! So if your blog is in German or on a .de domain, you should think about an imprint right at the beginning.

K – Collaboration

This is a collaboration with a company that sends you products to report about them on your blog or similar. Most co-creations start very small for bloggers at the beginning, for example you get samples from a PR agency. You then write about them, take photos or a video (keyword, haul). Many collaborations are overt, but some are covert. These are then called “product placement”.

L – Location

This is the name of the place where you take your photos, the place or the environment. The location is very diverse, from the living room in the Youtube video to the constantly changing location of Instagrammers.

M – Metadata

Not only backlinks, but also metadata are very important if you want to be ranked well in search engines. Especially if you are a blogger working with wordpress, it helps you a lot if you use keywords for example. This will create new categories in your blog, which in turn will be noticed by the search engines. Thus, your ranking increases, your number of visitors and potential advertisers become aware of you, as an influencer, easier.

N – Nofollow links

There are two types of links, that are the Nofollow links and Dofollow links. With nofollow links the search engine does not ‘follow’ the link and it is not ‘evaluated’. So if you make a link exchange at the beginning, make sure that it doesn’t say “nofollow” in the HTML. Then the link doesn’t bring you much. At the same time, the principle is important for you as an advertising partner for companies. For example, if you place articles in your blog, you put a “dofollow” link there. This way you make search engines aware of the value of the link for this thematic content and your advertising partner will increase the rating of his website (online shop, etc.).

P – PR Agencies

There are agencies whose job it is to pass on orders from companies to bloggers. These are called PR agencies. If you want to earn money with your writing, this is a good possibility. However, you should always make sure that your reach is high enough, because there are extremely many influencers. It’s important that you offer the agencies real fans who like to interact with your content a lot.


Feed This is an easy way to give your readers the chance to get an email notification when you post something new on your blog.


These are the settings that are especially important for your blog and your posts. Through SEO you give Google the chance to ‘see’ you and to value the importance of your posts. The better keywords you use, the higher you will appear on Google. Lists, such as our Blogger Wiki, also help with this.

T – Theme

This is the name of a color scheme that runs through your blog or images. If you were to see all of your images next to each other in a coherent theme, they would fit together.

V – Views & Visits

That’s what they call the views on your blog.

W – Wiki

Wikis are also a wonderful way for bloggers to illuminate a topic in a collected yet detailed way for the readers. Everyone knows Wikipedia, here you can find a lot of information, neatly sorted and linked. That is the goal of wikis! PS: Wikis also help you as a blogger in the ranking.

Y – Youtube

Youtube has rapidly become the video network of our world. Thousands of hours of video material are uploaded every day. Youtube is one of the networks that has made bloggers commercially successful. Good video bloggers (vloggers) gather millions of fans and followers who regularly watch their videos. As a result, many Youtubers have become powerful influencers.

Z – Target group

When you start your blog, it’s best to think about your target audience. Do you want to target people who speak the same language as you? Do you want to reach people internationally? How old do you want your readers to be on average? Does it even matter? This way you can target your blog even more precisely.

Making money with companies and brands – part 4

To work with companies, to be an influencer or brand ambassador. That’s what many bloggers wish for. You are not a blogger yet and would like to know how to become one? Then read our blogger guide now. However, are you already busy blogging and are now asking yourself, “How do collaborations work and how many followers or blog readers do you need? How do I make money?” then I have a few tips for you here!

Collaboration with companies and businesses as a blogger & influencer

Number of followers and first collaborations with companies

You can’t say across the board how many followers you need to work with companies. Mostly it depends on how big the company is that you want to work with. Small boutiques or online shops are often looking for small bloggers. There, it’s also enough if you have just under 800-1000 followers on your social media channels. If you’re lucky, you can also start collaborating with big companies early on. This also depends on your profile, among other things. If the company likes your choice of colors and how you shoot your photos, they may contact you.

Nothing comes from nothing – bloggers have to be active themselves

As nice as it would be, emails from companies that want to work with you don’t come every day. You need to be proactive yourself, especially in the early days! Find companies that have about as many followers as you do. Maybe twice as many. Write yourself a concept email and reach out to them! As I said before, collaborations don’t just fly into the room. I dare you. There’s no point in waiting for companies to get back to you. YOU ARE THE INFLUENCER. And you can’t get more than no.

Your blog concept / different ways of marketing yourself

Especially important when writing to companies is the concept. In the email, briefly describe who you are, where you come from and why YOU are the perfect influencer for the company. Additionally, you should know that there are different types of collaborations. Often they are one-time collaborations where you are sent a product that you promote (on your blog or on your social media channels). Maybe the company likes the “promotion” you end up doing for them and another collaboration happens. Another possibility, however, is a contract. For example, it states that you get a piece of the new jewelry/fashion or fitness collection every month and you have to write about it. Don’t be afraid to ask which of these two options is right for the company!

Creative Content – Product is there, what now? Text, photo, video… Marketing

The package has arrived, you’re excited about your new product, but what happens now? The collaboration included certain requirements. For example, if you’re going to post a photo on Instagram, it needs to be shot now. Personally, I wouldn’t take more than two days with this. This way the company sees your trustworthiness and may work with you again in the future. If the picture is posted, I would send the associated link also again by email to the company. That way your post doesn’t get lost either and they have direct confirmation that you’ve met their criteria.

As you can see, there is more work behind it than is often assumed. However, if you want to work as an influencer, this work is not missing. And in the end, it’s worth it for you and the company. Because you have a new dress, a new shaker or the latest chain – and the company gets a lot of promotion with little advertising effort. So, let’s go!

Thanks so much for the tips! Authors: Fashion Blogger Vanessa Worth