Indyamarie Jean – The Loner Who Just Wants to be Happy and Travel

Indyamarie Jean is a Instagram star, model, stylist and accessories designer. She has been hacked once and had to start all over again bur still she has over 650 k followers on Instagram. Thousands of people are waiting for new posts of her day after day. We interviewedthe tattooed loner.

Confidence, Success and Self Love

FIV: With over 600k you are a very successful influencer. When did your career get started and where did you take the confidence and creativity from?

Well firstly I’d like to say that my career and my following are somewhat separate . I’ve had more than 600k before being hacked , so the following is not new to me . I do however believe that I am an influencer in so many young people’s lives . I started modeling around 16 and built my brand from there . I wasn’t always this confident successful model though , it took me years to build that confidence and self love .

FIV: You are not only a blogger but also a jewelry designer. Would you tell us when and how did you start designing jewelry? When did you create your own label?

My accessory line is one of the biggest parts of my whole brand in itself . It was just based off momentum I had from my supporters loving my personal jewelry that I would wear , and I took that positive response and turned it into an entire line .

FIV: How does the implementation of your designs work? Do you do everything yourself or do you get help from a trustworthy team?

At first it was all me , no help , no outside sources , and I was okay with that . However , the more work , the more help I needed . I never wanted to delegate in the past because I don’t trust a lot of people , especially to know how to help me with my brand , but now knowing I need extra help , there are a few individuals behind me , helping me along the way .

FIV: You are always one step ahead when it comes to trends. What is your trend for 2017?

In this upcoming year I’m focusing on pants and shoes . It might sound vague but in time you will notice what I mean . Being a stylist gives me so much room for individuality , i love creating new trends and looks .

FIV: Which jewelry pieces should every woman have in her treasure box? What are your personal must-haves?

Every woman should have at least one favorite ring and one favorite necklace . When you have nothing else to add to an outfit and you can’t figure out what’s missing , I guarantee it’s most likely accessories .

Let the Energy be Natural

FIV: We saw you have a lot of tattoos. When did you start with it and what do they mean?

My first tattoo was when I was 15 years old , it was for my birthday . I’ll admit when I was younger , I may have gotten some tattoos that aren’t as meaningful as my most recents but I love them all . I have quite a few , and they each represent something about my life and my story . Each tattoo is art to me . I draw them all myself .

FIV: As a model and blogger you are always travelling. What are your 3 must-have travelling essentials?

Hand Sanitizer , Head phones and water ! I need to stay clean , hydrated and my mind clear of all noises going around me .

FIV: What was the most beautiful place you ever been to?

I have a lot more traveling to do , but so far it’s Maui . I love the people , the energy is amazing and you can’t beat the views .

FIV: Do you get support from your family and friends with your career?

I’m a loner , including family . Never had a lot of friends , and I grew up without family being around to raise me and help me become an adult . I really do everything on my own , I’m my biggest supporter .

“Luck is not real to me”

FIV: You as a know-Influencer. Do you have a tip for any girls or boys who want to start a successful Blog/Instagram Channel?

Just to be themselves and let the energy be natural . When I was younger and super into followers and trying to get likes , it seemed forced and no one liked that . Just know that if people like you for you , they will follow you through anything .

FIV: What is more important for a popular blog and in general in your view: luck or discipline? Why?

Luck is not real to me , in some aspects . And I don’t believe social media has any discipline at all . I would say the most important thing for any blog or influencers is genuine personality and positivity . You can go so far with those .

FIV: You already achieved a lot. What is your biggest dream for your future?

I want to travel and be happy . I tell everyone this , it’s always the same . I want to see the world because there will be times when we can’t . I want to be so happy that I no longer care about the small things that drive me crazy some days …those are my biggest dreams . Everything else in between that , is just life itself.

Thank you Indya for the nice Interview.

If you want to see more, check out her Instagram: i.ndyamarie_ and her Jewellery line