Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger Raffaela Blasko

Through her Instagram account, Raffaela Blasko can share everything with her followers. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle – with this colorful mix and daily updates she already inspires over 100,000 fans on Instagram and over 20,000 on YouTube. We talked to her about her career, highlights and her success on Instagram.

Raffaela Between One Direction And Prison Break Stars

FIV: Raffaela, before we really start can you briefly introduce yourself?

Raffaela: Of course, my name is raffaela and I am 25 years old. Meanwhile 3 years ago I moved from Munich to Berlin.

FIV: How and when did it come about that you said to yourself “I blog”?

Raffaela: I think, as with many other bloggers, it happened that way. At least for me there was no specific time. But when I talk to someone about my hobby, I usually say ‘I have an Instagram profile, I like to post pictures there’.

FIV: What advice would you give to up-and-coming bloggers? How do you stand out from the crowd?

Raffaela: Definitely post pictures regularly, good picture quality and above all try to be yourself. Let your viewers participate in your life, so you seem more authentic and get a more personal connection to your subscribers.

FIV: What do you think is the highlight of your blogging career so far?

Raffaela: The short London trip was really special for me. At a release party with Lottie Tomlinson, her brother Louis from One Direction and an actress from Prison Break. That was really exciting. Of course my very first event I was invited to was also a highlight for me.

Learned from YouTubers and now successful yourself

FIV: Can you share with our readers your 3 beauty essentials that you wouldn’t go a day without?

Raffaela: My Elisabeth Arden eight our creme, the best skincare product I know. Parfumes – I love good scents and in winter tempos and hand cream.

FIV: Were fashion and beauty already an issue in your childhood?

Raffaela: Oh yes, I have already tried a lot of different styles. From turquoise hair to pink eye shadow, everything was there.

FIV: You are always styled top on your Instagram post. Is this your everyday look or could you tell us how you style yourself on normal days?

Raffaela: I hardly style myself in everyday life. I sleep in the morning before I have to go to work rather a little longer. Mondays to Thursdays there is only concealer and clothes that are as warm as possible.

FIV: In your posts on Instagram and YouTube you mostly present make-up looks to your followers! Do you have a classical training as a make-up artist or how did you get started?

Raffaela: No, I haven’t done any training in this area but it was always a little dream of mine. I learned it actually only through the great girls on YouTube and a lot of practice.

Through Instagram Raffaela can meet many great, strong women

FIV: Events, travel, you’ve been on the road a lot lately! I’m sure you meet a lot of interesting people. Can you tell us who you’ve met lately that you were most impressed with and why?

Raffaela: Actually, I am impressed by many people in my circle of friends. Since I live in Berlin and also through Instagram I got to know such great and strong women.

FIV: What role do social media platforms play in your life? Could you imagine a life without Instagram and Co. Instagram and co. are really flooded with fashion, beauty, lifestyle, blogs and co. these days. What advice would you give our readers? How do you manage to assert yourself?

Raffaela: Well, I love to discover new and inspiring people in a network, so a world without Instagram and co. would be strange but possible (but of course only if it has to be). The most important thing is to stick with it and not lose the fun. People notice when you put effort & love into your work and especially when you are honest.

FIV: How private is your blog? What belongs on the internet for you and what doesn’t?

Raffaela: Well, I think everyone has to decide for themselves how they present themselves on the internet and what they reveal about themselves. I am actually very open, but that’s also because I always get great feedback from my subscribers.

FIV: What makes you happy?

Raffaela: I am happy when I fulfill my expectations and especially when I have the people around me who make me happy.

FIV: What are your plans for 2017? Is there anything your numerous followers can look forward to in particular?

Raffaela: Actually, I let everything come to me but I am very much looking forward to what is coming in the near future. But in 2017 I would like to give the people of course again something back from what I get from you every day.

Thank you Raffaela for the lovely interview.

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