Ishtar Isik: An Influencer Who Even Justin Bieber Likes

Ischtar Isik: The 22 year old is a German beauty and lifestyle vlogger and one of the most successful influencers in Germany. In her youth, Ischtar didn’t have it easy and had to deal with many problems. But her passion for fashion and her career as an influencer brought back her zest for life and her boyfriend Tommy makes her happiness perfect.

YouTuber Ishtar Sara Isik was born on 11/01/1996 at 0:05 am. She has an older half-brother, an older sister and a brother who is two years younger. The Christian grew up together with her siblings with her parents, who come from Iraq, in Germany and now lives in Berlin.

Bullying leads to YouTube

After Ishtar left elementary school and moved to high school, she began to see her classmates as more beautiful and better. There was no trace of her self-confidence anymore. She withdrew more and more and had only a few friends she could count on, but never liked to talk about her problems.

During this difficult time she discovered YouTube for herself. She enjoyed watching videos and thanks to the encouragement and motivation of a friend, Ischtar opened her YouTube channel on 11.01.2011, which immediately changed her life for the better.


The 22-year-old mainly makes videos about fashion, beauty and lifestyle on her main channel “Ischtar Isik”, which now has more than 1.1 million subscribers. She shares all her secret tips and tricks but also produces many videos like tag videos, challenges or routine videos. FMAs and vlogs can be found mainly on her secondary channel IshtarsLife with 371 thousand subscribers.


Just like on YouTube, the young influencer also shines on her Instagram account with 1.1 million subscribers. She lets her fans share her everyday life, exudes joie de vivre and serves as a role model for many girls. Ischtar does not pretend and is simply herself.

Fragrance Tip! by FIV


The influencer can be found on Snapchat as “ischtarsaraisik”. She uses the instant messenger to keep her fans up to date every hour or even every minute. What is she doing ? What is she eating ? What’s on her calendar for next week ? This and much more is what Ishtar shares with her fans via Snapchat Story.


On Twitter, the pretty brunette is followed by 451 thousand fans. And the young influencer can proudly say that Justin Bieber is one of her Twitter followers !

Virgin at 21 ! How does boyfriend Tommy react ?

The YouTuber already admitted at the beginning of her career that she believes in the great love and prefers to take her time with love. Last year, she released the video “21 and still a virgin ?”. She expresses her honest opinion on the subject and responds to viewer questions. It is nothing to be ashamed of, emphasizes Ischtar.

Over a year ago, Ishtar announced her relationship with Tommy. She told him about her virginity only after she realized that he was really serious about her. For her boyfriend it was no problem at all, he reacted totally understanding.

The Influencer Outed Herself

Here you can also watch the previously themed video with over 1 million views.

Ishtar on cloud nine

Her fans immediately notice how happy Influencer Ishtar is in her first relationship when they see joint videos with Ishtar and her boyfriend Tommy.

Study or YouTube ?

After graduating from high school, Ischtar concentrated fully on her influencer career. She was so successful that she was able to turn her hobby into a profession. But now she wants to start a professional training and decided to study, which will start in this year’s winter semester. The 22 year old decided to study Fashion Management at HAM. Ischtar would like to continue her previous profession as well as possible alongside her studies.

An influencer like Ishtar

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