DIY care products – making natural creams, shampoos and skin care products yourself

Care products – usually with chemical ingredients or organic, but often expensive and sometimes accompanied by allergic reactions. However, in addition to this choice, today one still has the option of producing them oneself, because one can pay specific attention to the contents used and a natural product is produced in a simple way.

Face and body care – biological, chemical and expensive

Nowadays you can find care products from head to toe, creams, soaps and peelings for everything, but they are not always organic and made from natural products, but also from many chemical ingredients. You should pay special attention to this, because depending on the product and its contents allergic reactions are caused, but don’t worry, not every product has an allergic effect. Nevertheless, it is recommended to use organic and natural care products, although these are usually very expensive, although this again speaks for their high-quality production and care. Besides these two possibilities of care products there is a third way, namely the own production. There are several aspects in favour of this way, because depending on the product it is very cheap, easy and you have control over the ingredients, so you know which ones you are allergic to.

Hair care natural, vegan and simple

Above all, hair care is simple and plant-based and not just cosmetics. Although hair care can usually be used without any problems, it is recommended to use your own care for special hair, such as very dry or brittle hair. In the video you can see how to use rye flour, cider vinegar and coconut oil as well as starch in a different way.

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Moisturizing and natural face care

Especially facial care is often self-produced, as it is often difficult for sensitive skin to find the right cream. But not only creams but also body butter and face sprays can be produced in a natural way, mainly from vegetable oils, aloe vera or shea butter. So watch the video and find the right cream for your skin.

Homemade simple lip care

Although make-up does not really count as a care product, there are numerous videos and instructions for natural, pleasant and simple make-up. Here you will find instructions for your own self made make-up, including a lip balm, a colourful mascara and also nail polish can be made without chemicals.