Bye-bye, winter: 7 tips to make your hair shine again

Bye-bye, winter – Dry air and low temperatures, which usually prevail in the cold season, demand a lot from our hair. That makes it all the more important to care for it properly and give it all the nutrients it needs for healthy growth and a beautiful appearance. We’ll show you how to give your hair a new shine just in time for spring with 7 simple tips.

Why does the cold season particularly affect the hair?

The cold, dry air in winter ensures that the skin and hair are deprived of moisture. This can lead to small cracks and open patches in the skin and structural damage in the hair. Therefore, especially the facial skin and our hair need an extra portion of care when the temperatures outside drop below freezing.

Tips for spring beautiful hair

To ensure that your hair looks beautiful and radiant again in time for spring, one thing above all is important: careful care in winter! If you neglect your hair during the entire cold months and only devote yourself to it again at the beginning of the warm season, it will probably be nothing with the magnificent spring mane.
We have put together 7 tips for you to get your hair ready for spring already in winter.

Snow and cold temperatures put quite a strain on the hair. A head covering can provide short-term relief:

Moisturize hair

The first commandment is to moisturize the hair! After all, this is what they lack the most in winter. In addition to moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a nourishing hair mask should not be missing from your hair care routine. How about a soothing avocado mask for your hair?

Use moisturizing hair masks regularly

Blow dry hair gently

Since your hair already faces more dryness in winter than it would like, you should not expose it to this additionally. In other words, don’t blow dry your hair too hot. This can especially stress dry hair even more. Apply a suitable heat protection and blow-dry with a diffuser on a low setting. Important: You won’t do your hair (or your health) any favors if you completely forgo blow-drying and go out with a damp mane. The cold harms wet hair and in the worst case can cause it to break.

Wash dry hair less often

It may sound strange, but washing your hair takes moisture out of it – and that’s especially unfavorable in the cold, already dry season. That’s why you should avoid washing your hair every now and then, especially if you have dry hair, and use dry shampoo once in a while instead. This way, the hair can naturally regrease and thus form an effective cold protection for hair and scalp.

Use dry shampoo in winter

Do without styling every now and then

Just like shampooing, you should also skip styling every now and then in winter. The less your hair comes into contact with blow dryers, straighteners and the like, the less additional stress is placed on the hair structure. If foregoing styling is not an option for you, then always use the right heat protection. Only then can you care for your hair properly – even in winter.

Use hair oil after washing hair

Oil in the hair and it shines again especially beautiful! After each shampooing, add a few drops of your favorite hair oil to your mane and distribute it from top to bottom – especially the tips are very important here. They quickly become brittle and therefore need an extra portion of love. Tip: If your hair oil is empty and there is no drugstore open far and wide, then you can try it with a few splashes of olive oil.

Alternative to hair oil from the drugstore: olive oil

Wearing headgear: cap, sun hat & Co.

Bright sunshine, bitter cold, snowfall, rain, dryness: our hair has to withstand a lot of environmental influences in winter. Therefore, our tip: If you are out and about in the cold season, put on a cap or other headgear. That way, your hair is well protected and doesn’t get unchecked by everything that’s in the air in winter.

Cut hair regularly: At home & at the hairdresser

If the tips break despite caring treatment, it’s time for a visit to the hairdresser. Here, the broken ends of the hair are cut off and at the same time the entire mane is given more bounce again. Important: If you want to cut your own tips, do not use ordinary household scissors. They are not designed for hair and can damage it during cutting. Get a pair of scissors that are actually designed for hair.

Regularly cut hair ensures healthy tips

What you should definitely not do: Don’ts in winter hair care

Last but not least, we’ve gathered a small list of things that you should definitely not do to your hair in winter.

  1. Never rub the hair dry. This can roughen the cuticle on the surface of the hair, making it dull.
  2. Do not comb the hair before blow-drying. Combing hair when it is wet can severely stress it. Therefore, please blow dry first and then comb.
  3. Do not change shampoo too often. Changing ingredients can harm your hair. Therefore, it is better to choose a product that does not contain sulfates and always use it if possible.
  4. Do not wear a cap on wet hair. As mentioned briefly above, you should never leave the house in winter with damp or even wet hair – and not only for the sake of your health, but also for the sake of your hair. Likewise, you should not simply put a cap on your wet hair and go out that way. This can lead to hair breakage.

Be kind to your hair and they will thank you for it

If you want beautiful hair, you have to take care of it – in summer and winter. If you give your mane an extra dose of care and love, especially during the cold season, it will thank you with a shiny appearance during the cap-free period. So get to the hair and start grooming!