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Dress girl Jessy inspires her readers especially with her flair for fashion but also with her delicious recipes. In addition, the blogger also writes about lifestyle, beauty, travel and interior. Jessy stops at nothing. How she turned her hobby into a career and how to get it all under one hat – now in an exclusive interview.

Pescetarians, vegans and vegetarians – There’s something for everyone at Jessy’s.

FIV: Your focus is on fashion but you also blog about beauty, lifestyle, interior, travel and food. In the food category you test many vegetarian and vegan recipes! Since when do you live vegan/vegetarian?

Jessy: I’ve been a pescetarian for 6 years, which means I don’t eat meat but fish. Balanced nutrition plays an important role in my life. I try to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and cook mainly vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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FIV: Off the top of your head, could you tell us a favorite recipe of yours, what’s your favorite thing to make?

Jessy: I love to eat dishes from the oven. Autumn is a great time for such dishes. My current favorite is oven vegetables with pumpkin and honey mustard marinade, which I have already presented on my fashion blog.

FIV: Jessy how do you keep fit? What are your beauty and fitness tricks?

Jessy: Fitness is an important part of my life. It’s an important balance for me that my body really enjoys. My favorite time to go jogging is in the morning hours, when the world is still so beautifully quiet and peaceful. My beauty tip, on the other hand, is quite simple: sleep, preferably 8 hours a night.

“You get what you give when you do what you love”

FIV: I read that fall and winter are your favorite seasons! What is your fashion favorite for the cold days?

Jessy: My must-have for cold days is a thick knit sweater – in my opinion a classic that will never go out of style.

FIV: What people, magazines, blogs or boutiques inspire your look?

Jessy: I’m inspired mostly by the people I meet in everyday life. I love sitting in a café and watching people walk by. Seeing how they are dressed and wearing very unique fashion creations – looks that I haven’t seen before. But Pinterest is also a useful source of inspiration for me when it comes to trends and styling.

FIV: What makes your blog so interesting to your readers?

Jessy: I like to pass this question on to my readers, because only they can really answer it. It’s important to me that my readers feel my passion for blogging. I want to inspire them, entertain them and also make them think.

FIV: What would have been your career alternative if you hadn’t become a blogger?

Jessy: I am a very creative person and would see myself in the artistic field. I would definitely be active in fashion or photography.

FIV: Where do you see yourself in 10 years, will you still be blogging or do you have other goals you are pursuing?

Jessy: Besides my blog, I would like to develop further in the area of moving images. I would like to produce video content on a regular basis and integrate it into my blog. I can also imagine working more actively with companies and supporting them in the area of social media.

FIV: Many of our readers are interested in how you managed to become so successful. Do you have any tips for becoming a successful blogger?

Jessy: I think the most important thing is to keep it fun and always be passionate about what’s important to you. True to the motto “You get what you give when you do what you love”.

Lack of drive, stress and motivation

FIV: The dream of many of our readers: To make a living blogging! You have managed to turn your passion into your profession. On the side, you also support companies in social media, write texts for online magazines and advise companies. Honestly, how do you get all that under one hat?

Jessy: With a lot of diligence and good organization, everything can be done. Besides these two factors, I am also driven by my passion for blogging. I consider it a privilege that I could turn my hobby into a profession, for that I am very grateful.

FIV: Do you have a relaxation trick for stressful situations?

Jessy: Take a deep breath and keep a cool head. When making important decisions, it helps me a lot to sleep on it. The next day the world looks completely different and the problem can be tackled with full force. There is no problem that cannot be solved.

FIV: Like everyone, you probably have days when you are not so motivated. What is your recipe against lack of drive? How do you motivate yourself?

Jessy: Everyone has a low and is unproductive, that’s not bad either. The trick is to trick yourself and turn the tide. One trick that always works for me is to spend 30 minutes on a task, usually you’ve forgotten the time and the task is mastered in no time. If that doesn’t help either, just take a break, read a good book and let your mind wander.

Thank you for the interview.

You can learn more about Jessy on her blog