FIV Issue #29: Grace Jones x Wolford! Icon, Career + Vanessalealia, TheKrizzl, uvm!

The new FIV Issue #29 is online! In this issue we look at the life of singer and style icon Grace Jones. Learn more about her career and why Grace Jones has already inspired so many people. Also inspiring are our many interviews, including one with Vanessa from GNTM, who is wowing the modeling world with her turquoise hair. Dancer Krizzl tells us how she designed her wedding dress herself and Itsonlyme.Julia shares exciting insights from her life as a food influencer.

Style icon Grace Jones in Wolford

Grace Jones shines again in a collaboration with fashion brand Wolford. She has been a loyal inspiration for Wolford for 30 years, representing the brand with her unique style. The shots combine the timeless and simple image of the brand with Grace’s strong personality.

Insights from Grace Jones’ life and career

In Portrait of Grace Jones’ Life, you’ll learn about the singer’s most significant achievements and what made her one of the most influential artists of her time. She is known for her strong personality, eccentric looks and artistic versatility. Her striking look made her a popular model on catwalks and in fashion campaigns. An overview shows her biggest milestones that she has achieved in her life. Among other things, she was able to prove herself in the music industry, which she conquered in the 80s.

The most important facts about Grace Jones:

  • Music breakthrough with the song “Pull Up to the Bumper”.
  • Played a role in the James Bond film “A View to a Kill” 1985
  • Worked as a model for designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Paul Gautier

Perfectly set in scene: The new line from Wolford

Fragrance Tip! by FIV

Wolford brand is known for its high-quality women’s fashion and accessories. The collaboration with Grace Jones’ personality and the quality of the products has contributed to a unique and distinctive style of the brand.

Breakthrough in music

With her unique voice, loaded with confidence, Grace Jones was also able to establish herself as a singer. In 1981, Jones achieved her breakthrough in the music industry with her album “Nightclubbing”. The song “Pull Up to the Bumper” on it became an international hit and was celebrated in every club. It is a mix of reggae, dub, funk and dance, so there is something for every music fan. Listen to Grace Jones’ biggest hit here.

Exciting Influencer Interviews

In addition to the successful life of Grace Jones, we offer interesting interviews with influencers from various niches in this issue. Look forward to content creators from the modeling world, dance, food and much more.

Vanessalealia about life after GNTM

Since her participation in “Germany’s next Topmodel” 2022, Vanessa has been a successful model and content creator. She is known on social media for her content about modeling, beauty and fashion. Her trademark: The turquoise hair. In the interview, Vanessa gives us insights from the GNTM shoot, her life after the show, her hair care routine and her personal style.

Krizzl about her self made wedding dress

Krizzl is a successful content creator who shares dance content on TikTok and Instagram. She creates her own dance choreographies and dance challenges that inspire her community. She has already collaborated with other famous dancers, such as Ivana Santacruz and Avemoves. But not only dancing is her thing, she also shares a lot of content about beauty, hauls and DIY projects. Which DIY project was the biggest? Her own wedding dress! She actually designed and tailored that herself. In this interview, she talks about her wedding and dress, her dance career, and her positive mindset.

Itsonlyme.Julia about life as a food influencer

If you’re looking for delicious, low-calorie recipes, Julia’s channels are the place to go. She inspires her almost 500,000 followers with her diverse food content. She has already published four cookbooks with healthy recipes and created her own weight loss course “Plan B”. In this interview, Julia tells us how she lost 38kg with Weight Watchers, what her favorite recipes are, and how she deals with downturns.