Music, veganism and body care: Sweet Leolixl in an interview!

You know her from Musically, Instagram and Youtube. She regularly uploads videos, mostly singing and playing the ukulele. Since when she plays the ukulele, why she is no longer a vegan and other planned projects for the future she shares with us in the interview.

“Humorous, energetic and absent-minded”: Leolixl.

FIV: Hello dear, one knows you mainly through Musically, there you already have over 400 000 followers! But probably not all of my readers will know you yet. Introduce yourself! What do you like to do in your free time and how would your friends describe you?

Leo: Hello Natasha! My name is Leo and I do a lot of creative things in my free time. I like to make music, I play the ukulele and sing to it. I also love to paint and take photos and videos for my social media platforms. My friends describe me most as “humorous”, “energetic” and “scattered”. I’m a bit chaotic, but I’m always in a good mood!

FIV: You regularly upload videos to your Musically account and reach an insane amount of people with them. How did your parents react when they found out that so many people watch your videos and that you are so successful with it?

Leo: My parents have seen my videos and the development of my range from the beginning. I always showed them my videos because I was very proud when I did well. When my success with the videos grew they were happy with me! I still show them my videos today. And they are totally behind me in that.

Leo and her love for the ukulele

FIV: On Youtube you show that you can not only move to music, but that you can also make great music yourself! Since when do you play the ukulele and can you play other instruments?

Leo: I have been playing the ukulele for about 4-5 years now, before that I had already learned to play the guitar and electric guitar for a few years, which is why I could easily teach myself to play the ukulele.
I spontaneously wished for a ukulele for Christmas and fell in love with the instrument.

Songwriter, Cover Artist and more

FIV: Do you prefer to cover or do you like to write/compose songs yourself? Can we expect an own single or maybe even a whole album soon?

Leo: I love covering songs, I listen to music all day long and if I like a song I can’t help but play it myself. But playing my own song is not comparable to that! I wrote my first song when I had my first heartbreak, and since then lines fly into my head when something is bothering me.
At the moment I’m working with the producer team “Achtabahn” on my first single, so a big dream comes true for me!!! And I really hope that it will go on!

8 months vegan – dangerous for health?

“It taught me a lot, and I eat much more consciously even now after that.”

FIV: In my research I came across a photo of you standing sadly in front of a pile of delicious cheese. The caption reads ‘vegan’. Since when have you been vegan and what made you go vegan?

Leo: That’s a great question! Unfortunately, I am no longer a vegan due to health reasons, but it was still a really great experience.
I started last year with the Lent to give up all animal products and then I did it consistently for 8 months.
I had thought about it for a long time before and had also informed myself well. Then I just started spontaneously.

My tip on this is: change the subject, because the discussions end up getting you in a bad mood at most.

FIV: Especially when traveling, it must be especially difficult to completely do without animal products. Do you have certain tips that you can give new vegans on the way what makes it easier for them and not always have to encounter a discussion?

Leo: The photo was actually taken on a trip, and especially the trips and events were difficult to master vegan. There is often a vegetarian alternative, vegan rather rarely. Often I did not eat for hours, which was not a good solution, especially at stressful events. In retrospect, I should have made exceptions, because health should not suffer! Nevertheless, it was an incredibly great experience to live vegan. It gives you a great feeling when you prove that you have the self-discipline to make it without animal products.

I became more involved with food and products than I had been before. I started to turn over every package and read the ingredients. This taught me a lot and even now I eat much more consciously.

But the discussions probably knows everyone who is vegan or vegetarian. If you mention that you eat vegan, many people start to justify why they do not do it. Sentences like “I couldn’t do that” and “whether you are vegan or not doesn’t change anything” can be heard regularly. My tip is: change the subject, because the discussions end at most with you getting in a bad mood.

Leo about beauty, style and music

FIV: In the cold season, many people have problems with dry skin and brittle hair. You certainly use other, vegan products that others don’t necessarily know yet. What are your must-haves for the winter?

Leo: I can’t recommend a specific product, I use different products all the time and like to test out new things. One tip I can give: “less is more!” You shouldn’t put 5 different care products in your hair, it’s especially not good for your scalp and leads to over-care. You can also just put some normal olive or coconut oil in your hair and let it work for a few hours, especially in winter it protects your hair a bit from the cold. And it also helps a lot to shower only every other day instead of every day. Thus, you give the skin a little time to regulate itself.

FIV: You have a super casual style that is always skillfully combined. What is your perfect look for the coming spring? What is your favorite piece that makes up your perfect outfit?

Leo: When it comes to clothes, it’s important to me that I feel comfortable in them. Only if you feel comfortable in your clothes, you can look good in them! I often wear comfortable, oversized clothes. My favorite piece for spring is a big, airy cardigan that protects me from the cold but is not too heavy and thick at the same time.

FIV: Will your Youtube channel stay focused on your music or do you plan to upload personal videos and challenges on your channel in the future?

Leo: I definitely want to keep uploading music, but I also like to upload other videos. I’ll decide depending on what I feel like doing. But I already know that I want to answer some questions in a video soon and then maybe a vlog if there is something interesting to show.

Leo’s Bucket List – Charts and Independence

FIV: And last but not least: Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve and where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Leo: I already have plans and goals that I would like to achieve. But I try not to force those goals, but rather roughly follow them, because sometimes things in life change and you have to adapt to them, and I don’t want my goals to get in the way. I obviously want to move out of home and stand on my own two feet for now, and I hope to expand music and social media as I do so. I definitely don’t want to stop doing that! Nevertheless, I’m just finishing my A-levels and would like to go to university, but if it doesn’t work out, I still have other options.

On my bucket list, at least, are things like:

  • Landing in the charts
  • Own a washing machine
  • Eating a whole carton of ice cream by yourself

I think I’ll get something out of this!

FIV thanks Leolixl for the nice interview.

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