Luna Farina: The Voice Star takes off

Some of you still know her from The Voice Kids or the girls WG – Luna Farina. The likeable Italian inspires us about FIV and her 200.000 followers on Youtube and Instagram not only with her singing, but also with her funny and upbeat way. We accompanied Luna to the Supercandy Cologne and asked her some questions.

Update! Watch her new Music video: Wenn du Lachst (German)

Girls WG, The Voice Kids and Now?

FIV: Hey Luna, thanks for taking the time for us. You’ve been through a lot by the time you’re 16. Girls WG, The Voice Kids and Instagram have also conquered you by storm. So you seem to be investing a lot of time and effort in your career. What is your goal for the future, where would you like to stand?

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Luna: Hey, sure, I’d love to. Yeah, I never thought I’d see so much when I was 16. But here we are. The girls WG was really a fun time and The Voice Kids a great experience. Now I’m focusing on the future. My goal is (Luna laughs) to be on a big stage with thousands of fans and to perform for them.

FIV: If things continue like this, it will soon no longer be just a dream. It is not to be overlooked that by your whole work your Follower numbers constantly grow. But isn’t that incredibly stressful for you, making new updates every day and traveling back and forth all the time?

Luna: On the contrary! I love traveling, photo shoots and meeting all the people. Of course it’s a lot of work, such a shooting can take many hours, but thanks to the great team of CM Models, who strongly support me, everything runs quite smoothly. The fact that I get such a positive feedback overwhelms me again and again. I just do what I love and people seem to like it. That just makes me happy.

Luna Farina at the Supercandy in Cologne-Ehrenfeld

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How important are your instagram followers to you?

FIV: On Instagram alone you already have 116,000 fans – which is a considerable amount. Of course we ask ourselves – How important are your followers to you?

Yeah, it’s awesome, isn’t it? If I imagine that 116,000 people alone follow me on Instagram, it really knocks me out. To come to your question, you are very important to me. It’s important to me to be honest – I don’t like to pretend with other people. Everyone who knows me, knows I am a very open and very honest person and exactly this I want to maintain also opposite my followers. I am incredibly happy about their support and that they are following my path. Love to be in contact with them via Instagram, Facebook or Youtube and really appreciate it. But I never want to lose who I am and just be sweet and funny because others expect me to be. I’m me and I’m supposed to stay that way!

FIV: We’re really glad to hear that you’re so open and honest. What we also noticed is that no matter where you are your father is there and actively supports you, be it filming you for a vlog or taking photos for your instagram and even during the shooting he supports the photographer wherever he can.

Luna: My dad is simply the best! (Luna beams) No matter what I do, he’s 100% behind me and that just does me good. He is not only my dad, but also my great idol and I hope I can become such a great artist like him. He taught me a lot about music, because he also plays a lot of instruments and can sing incredibly well. Without him, I never would’ve gotten this far.

FIV: Such a good father-daughter relationship is rare, but it’s wonderful to hear that you have so much support there and so look up to your father. You don’t only speak German thanks to him, you also speak Italian as well. Which of the two languages do you prefer to sing?

Luna: Uff, that’s a difficult question because the two languages are so incredibly different. If I’m completely honest, I don’t prefer language because it’s an incredibly different experience for both of them. I have a completely different sound in Italian than in German and I really like this diversity in my music. Simply put, I love both languages in their own way!

Luna’s tips: So you become a star

FIV: You’ve already gained a lot of experience through The Voice Kids and your father and some other performances. There are many young girls and also boys, who like you, dream of making it big and have singing as a passion. What advice would you give to those who have just started?

Luna: Practice, practice, practice! So it’s incredibly important to find out what your voice is capable of. For rock, jazz, pop or any other kind of music. And of course, what do you like the most? Find your music style and follow it with passion. Passion is so incredibly important, if you’re only half sweet, nothing good gets around. You have to be totally behind your work.

FIV: Who would you like to cooperate with? Is there an artist, apart from your father, who is special to you?

Clearly Arianna Grande. Arianna just has a unique voice and so much talent, that’s really admirable and I hope to be with her sometime in the studio or on stage. That would be an absolute dream.

FIV: We are looking forward to hearing you and Ariana together. How does that actually look with you and a song lyrics? Do you write them yourself?

Luna: Yes, I always write all my songs alone. I don’t have a fixed routine like that either, so I don’t take “tomorrow I’m writing a song” for granted, but it’s very spontaneous. I sit down at my piano and just start writing. I actually write the best lyrics when I’m a little sad or haven’t had a good day. It may sound strange, but the emotions help me a lot, I’m just in my own world and I write and write. I would also feel very uncomfortable if I had other people write my lyrics, that wouldn’t be my song.

Luna and love

FIV: To get back to some more general things, where do you actually come from and where would you like to live Luna?

Luna: I come from the wonderful Krefeld, but I would love to live in Düsseldorf or Cologne. Where exactly I do not know yet, they are both quite beautiful cities which are very unique. That will become apparent with time, where I will finally end up, but I’m already looking forward to it!

FIV: Then it’s time for us to ask the question that not only interests us, but surely all your fans incredibly – Do you have a boyfriend or is there someone you’re in love with?

Luna: (Luna laughs) No! So far I don’t have a boyfriend and if my father can help it, I guess it will stay that way for now. But it’s not like I’m generally averse to it now. I just haven’t met the right one yet. In addition, at the moment I work a lot and go from shooting to shooting, or work on songs. There’s not really time for dating or anything. So wait and see what time brings. Or after my father – plenty of time.

FIV: Apart from the music – what would you say are other activities or hobbies that you like to pursue?

Luna: I don’t have that much free time, because I travel a lot, but one thing I enjoy a lot is dancing. I’m actually dancing all the time, be it when I’m on set and just waiting or at home to different music. Then, of course, eat. Who can say no to candy? Well, I don’t.

We at FIV would like to thank Luna Farina for the interview and look forward to hearing more from her.

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